Document times for tasks, tickets or projects

From simple time recording to booking complex hour quotas within projects, the timesheet module offers you many options for time recording. Complex filter options and reporting allow further processing, e.g. as an attachment to invoices.

Document working hours

Your employees and colleagues can thus record the hours they have worked on the delegated tasks and projects. This provides transparency and at the same time a performance record for the client. A simple export of the timesheets into different file formats is possible at any time.

Broad search and filter options

The documented hours can be filtered and exported according to clients, projects, employees, tasks or time periods. Frequently used filter combinations can be saved as favourites and are then available with one click.

Task and project-related time documentation

Record the hours worked on a project or a task with the timesheet module.  EGroupware can compare target and actual times. This facilitates the overview and is also suitable for a later post-calculation of the projects.

Record additional information

Benefit from easy recording and documentation of working hours for internal projects or for your customers. Record additional information in user-defined fields or with a status, for example, billed or paid. Changes to times or other timesheet information are recorded in the system and are only available to responsible employees.

Reporting of the time documentation

Create your own reporting as a PDF file with your logo and the listing of the respective hours as an attachment to your invoice.

From now on, labour-intensive processing of a timesheet is a thing of the past. Use the timesheet overview with the filters as a basis. Use the saved information via template documents and process them directly with Collabora Online.

Template documents with placeholders

Create your own template with company logo in Collabora Online and provide it with placeholders. The placeholders are automatically replaced by inserting them into your document with the fields from EGroupware.

You can find examples of templates or reports in the file manager of EGroupware, as well as a list of all placeholders in the side menu of the application. Edit the examples according to your wishes and insert all information relevant to you as placeholders.

Who has access to the timesheet?

Role-based rights management allows you to define who is allowed to create and edit timesheets. Read and write rights can be adapted very precisely to your company or organisation.

Team management keeps the overview

Depending on the requirements, certain employees can only view their own hours worked, and the team leader, for example, can view all the hours worked by your team and possibly make changes. After a settlement has been made, the right to make changes can be restricted via a status.

Record working times from on the road

Are your employees often on the road in the field? With the mobile view of EGroupware, you can conveniently receive or delegate your tasks on the go with your smartphone or tablet. You can also book times from the road.

Synchronisation and data reconciliation

As an import/export interface, an exchange in CSV format is possible, which can also import time-controlled data from an external system such as an enterprise resource planning system or service management tool.

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Stadt Detmold - School Information Technology

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SISU security.service Sicherheitsdienst

After detailed comparisons on various Internet portals, the EPL stood out as an excellent, modern and highly developed software with an attractive design, as a perfect all-round solution. The active…
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Franz Fender
Managing Director of Photo studios „Franz Fender Fotograf“

The cost factor, the possibility of being able to work mobile and location-independent while on the road and personal contact, including good support, played a major role for me in…
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