EGroupware administration and management of all access rights

With the Admin module, you set the authorisation of your users for the respective applications (e.g. calendar, contacts,…) and manage users incl. email accounts. Customise EGroupware to your needs by means of user-defined fields, logo and your own start page.

Settings and configurations

The most important settings or configurations for your EGroupware application can be found in this module. This also includes the adaptation of the layout (colours, logo, etc) to the CI of your organisation.

Our tutorials and webinars help you to define the most important parameters.

Users and groups

You can set access rights at group and user level. Create your own user groups according to your organisation chart and assign your employees. At group level, define who has access to the respective application – for example, email, calendar, tasks or projects. In addition, define who is allowed to read, edit or delete which data within the module.

Authentication and infrastructure connection

EGroupware offers various options for user authentication or connection to existing infrastructure such as Active Directory, LDAP, mail server or Univention. User and group administration can be outsourced to external systems and thus does not have to be maintained twice. Access rights are controlled in EGroupware.

Interfaces and integrations

EGroupware offers additional interfaces via Schibboleth, Single-Sign-On, OpenID-Connect or LTI. On the one hand, you can make EGroupware applications such as smallPART (video-based learning) available in your learning platform (Moodle, OpenOlat …). On the other hand, you can authenticate and integrate external applications such as Guacamole, a website or another wiki into EGroupware via OpenID-Connect. Rocket.Chat is also integrated in this way.

Email accounts management

In der EGroupware Cloud und im Univention Coperate Server (UCS) haben wir das für Sie schon so für Sie implementiert. Oder Sie nutzen unsere EGroupware Mail Server Packages (Dovecot) mit Speicherung im SQL. Legen Sie einfach einen neuen Benutzer in der Administration an und sofort verfügt der neue Benutzer über sein persönliches EMail-Konto. Auch die Einstellungen von Email-Aliasen, Weiterleitungen, Speicherplatzgröße und weitere Zugriffsrechte sind jederzeit möglich.

Email server integration

In EGroupware, email accounts can be integrated in different ways. On the one hand, you can add an external IMAP account at any time in the EGroupware email module.  Through the connection to external authentication systems, it is also possible to control your email server within the EGroupware administration.

Security through two-factor authentication

As an administrator, you can configure or enforce two-factor authentication. As part of the EPL functions, an IP range can also be specified, which acts as a second factor in the company network, for example. WebAuthn as a second factor can be used very easily via a key (Yubikey), a fingerprint sensor on the mobile phone or desktop (Windows Hello, Mac authentication).

Documentation of changes (GDPR)

All administrative changes are automatically recorded. Part of the EPL functions here is the additional option to document on whose behalf (e.g. Head of Marketing) and for what reason (e.g. employee changes department) the change was made. In the event of an audit, this information can be retrieved.

Configuration and settings

Adapt EGroupware to your individual customer needs via the configuration of the applications. In addition, administrators can force settings for all employees per application or set a suitable default setting. If necessary, a user can change these default settings individually.

Different types of categories

In EGroupware, different types of categories can be created to get a better overview and additional filter criteria. You can create superglobal categories (valid for all modules), global categories (only one module) and personal categories (per user and module). This distinction makes it possible, for example, to use different categories in address management than in the calendar.

Define own fields and templates

You can define your own fields, statuses or types in many applications and thus easily adapt EGroupware to your needs. In addition, the appearance of the dialogues and lists can also be changed via the widget-based template system of EGroupware – see also Adapt EGroupware without programming. We would be happy to advise or support you in this.

Addressbook configuration

In the addressbook configuration, you can, for example, enter a limit for data records to be exported, configure route planning or telephony integration for outgoing connections to any VOIP system.

Phone integration with Placetel

Connect your contacts or your customer management (CRM) directly with your telephone system.

  • The basic functions for telephony integration are also available in the CE version and can also be configured for other telephone systems. Of course, the telephone system must support this and you must define all the details of the interface.
  • For the Placetel telephone system there is a special configuration where you only enter your API from Placetel and generate a token for the signature header. Conversely, for Placetel you enter the “URL of your API endpoint (webhook for incoming calls)” displayed in EGroupware and the token under Integration -> Notify-Api.
  • The function in EGroupware can be found in Administration -> Applications -> EPL Functions -> Application Configuration.

With the integration the CRM view of the contact opens automatically for incoming and outgoing phone calls. Further integration, e.g. display of telephone lists, will follow.

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Mika Alexander Hoppe
SISU security.service Sicherheitsdienst

After detailed comparisons on various Internet portals, the EPL stood out as an excellent, modern and highly developed software with an attractive design, as a perfect all-round solution. The active…
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Franz Fender
Managing Director of Photo studios „Franz Fender Fotograf“

The cost factor, the possibility of being able to work mobile and location-independent while on the road and personal contact, including good support, played a major role for me in…
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