Why EGroupware Cloud

What are the advantages of the EGroupware Cloud

We take care of all the technical details for you so that you can fully concentrate on your business and the benefits of EGroupware.

We take care of the installation, updates, availability and backups for you.  This means that you are in exactly the right place in our German cloud and will be pleased with the great added value that results for you.

If you have any questions about our hosting, just contact us.


Where is my data stored

With the EGroupware Cloud, all data is stored exclusively on German servers. Access to your EGroupware Cloud data instance is always via an encrypted connection (https). In addition, you receive a further security advantage through two-factor authentication (2FA). We place a high value on data security.

Your EGroupware data is stored in the data centres of IONOS. With more than eight million customers, IONOS is the leading European provider of hosting services, cloud services and cloud infrastructure.

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Save your time

With EGroupware in the cloud you save time and costs for the management of an installation in your own house and need much less infrastructure. We take over updates and ensure a smooth process.

EGroupware keeps all data basically in 2 data centres and availability zones.

The data backup takes place in 3 areas: EGroupware database, files and emails (if EGroupware email service is used). We create so-called snapshots of all data: at least 7 daily snapshots and additionally 12 weekly snapshots

If you need to restore a specific data status, please contact us. On the basis of support contingents, we will gladly restore your data backup. For example, from emails or files that have been accidentally deleted.

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For whom is the EGroupware Cloud suitable?

The EGroupware Cloud is suitable for companies of various sizes, educational institutions, schools as well as clubs and associations.

If you value fast support and a reliable contact person, hosting is the right choice for you.

If you need technical integrations into your own infrastructure such as Active Directory or LDAP, then the on-premise installation is the better way for you. We are happy to support you in this. Just get in touch with us.


Customer testimonials

Andreas Meier
Stadt Detmold - School Information Technology

The EGroupware is a great medium for the smooth flow of information and communication. Based on the software, you can work independently of time and space. The functions can be…
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Mika Alexander Hoppe
SISU security.service Sicherheitsdienst

After detailed comparisons on various Internet portals, the EPL stood out as an excellent, modern and highly developed software with an attractive design, as a perfect all-round solution. The active…
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Franz Fender
Managing Director of Photo studios „Franz Fender Fotograf“

The cost factor, the possibility of being able to work mobile and location-independent while on the road and personal contact, including good support, played a major role for me in…
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