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EGroupware Community

The Community Edition “CE” is Open Source Groupware

The EGroupware Community Edition offers a variety of applications, functions and features.
The collaboration software is free of charge and can easily be installed on a Linux system.

EGroupware Community Support

EGroupware Forum - Users helping Users

  • Community support is a great opportunity for all users of the free EGroupware CE.
  • Support is provided exclusively by dedicated EGroupware users on a voluntary basis.
  • Please also get involved in the relevant EGroupware forums and remember that you are being supported by users in their spare time without payment.
  • Please search the forums to see if your concern has already been addressed and a solution is available.

EGroupware Forum

Open Source

Great Development

helping each other

Community Manager Stefan Unverricht

  • takes care of the EGroupware Forum for us and offers support there
  • represents the interests of community users in the EGroupware GmbH
  • passes ideas for improvement of users on to our developers
  • picks up bugs from the community and communicates them to the developers
  • takes care of the community translators
  • visits different German OSS events – with speeches or/and a stand:

FrOSCon: https://www.froscon.de/

Kielux: https://kielux.de/

OpenRheinRuhr: https://openrheinruhr.de/

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage: https://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de

Tux-Tage: https://www.tux-tage.de

Grazer Linuxtage: https://www.linuxtage.at

An overview of the presentations (videos/slides):
Forum – Overview lectures

You can reach Stefan directly by email (German/English): su@egroupware.org

Community Download Area

  • EGroupware-Logo

    EGroupware Flyer

  • EGroupware-Logo

    EGroupware Poster

  • EGroupware-Logo

    EGroupware Own Applications

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    Collabora Online in EGroupware Flyer

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    Jitsi in EGroupware Flyer

  • Rocket.Chat Logo

    Rocket.Chat in EGroupware Flyer

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    Guacamole in EGroupware Flyer

Modifiable files (flyer and poster) can be ordered from our community manager for your personal use. Please write a short email to su@egroupware.org.

Technical Information

GNU General Public License

The EGroupware Community Version is licensed under the GNU General Public License v.2.0 (GPL2):

This means in short terms:

  • The EGroupware Community Version is available and usable free of charge.
  • Users are allowed to modify the software code, as long as the modifications are published under the same terms (GPL).

Questions about EGroupware?