Manage projects and tasks

The EGroupware project management module supports you and your partners in the planning and implementation of projects.

The agile rights management can be optimally adapted to customer requirements. With the help of template projects, the creation of new projects is faster and easier.

Overview of your projects

With the project manager, you can define project hierarchies and schedule employees. All project participants are continuously informed about the current status. You can use the administration to set general access rights or assign project-related roles to employees (e.g. coordinator, employee, external).

Determine projects, roles and budgets

Plan your budgets or visualise the project progress with the Gantt Chart. Depending on your needs, you can define in the project whether you only want to record the status, times or also budgets. Structure typical projects once as templates with sub-projects, tasks, project participants and, if necessary, budgets. With these templates, you create current projects and access the previously created project structure.

Link files to projects

With the integration into the EGroupware file manager, you can easily link attachments from the file management or from the email module to your project. The filing of emails in a project makes information immediately available to all participants. You thus use the project manager as a central source of information for your digital office.

Share project files

EGroupware facilitates cooperation with colleagues and external partners. For large files or for regular exchange, you can create your own exchange directory via a sharing link. External files can also be uploaded here, so that all documents and data are directly assigned to the project.

Document & visualise project progress

The project manager makes documentation easier for you. Create a time sheet directly from the project or from a task you have delegated to the responsible employees.

Gantt chart and reporting of the projects

For an overview, use both project and element lists with all details, the graphic Gantt charts or your own reports. The reports can contain all the information from the project or even a list of assets.

You can also use the Gantt Chart as a planning aid to edit your tasks and their respective status. Moving individual tasks is much easier in the Gantt Chart with a view of the whole project.

Creation of project templates

In practice, projects can often be structured very similarly. Then you benefit from the possibility to create your own project templates with sub-projects, file directories and tasks. Budgets and time schedules can be taken into account.

Extended role-based rights system

With the role-based rights system, you can easily assign your own roles for all projects or just for a specific project. This allows you to define who is allowed to see, edit or even delete parts of a larger project.

Customer testimonials

Andreas Meier
Stadt Detmold - School Information Technology

The EGroupware is a great medium for the smooth flow of information and communication. Based on the software, you can work independently of time and space. The functions can be…
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Mika Alexander Hoppe
SISU security.service Sicherheitsdienst

After detailed comparisons on various Internet portals, the EPL stood out as an excellent, modern and highly developed software with an attractive design, as a perfect all-round solution. The active…
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Franz Fender
Managing Director of Photo studios „Franz Fender Fotograf“

The cost factor, the possibility of being able to work mobile and location-independent while on the road and personal contact, including good support, played a major role for me in…
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