Solutions for different industries

For companies

EGroupware offers an online calendar for the organisation of appointments, contact management with CRM, task management, as well as an online file manager, which is rounded off by project management.

The groupware networks all information on an online company platform. The solution runs independently of operating systems on any desktop browser and in the mobile version also on smartphones.

Home office functions in particular are becoming increasingly important for companies.


schools & educational institutions

Especially for schools and educational institutions the easy integration of EGroupware into existing systems is very important.

Therefore EGroupware supports many formats and possibilities of integration. The most important applications for schools is the planning of appointments and the distribution of information and files.

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For universities & colleges

Für Hochschulen und Bildungseinrichtungen ist die Flexible Integration in bestehenden Systeme wie LDAP, Active Directory, Mailserver und UCS ein wichtiger Faktor.

Die Anwender profitieren von einem großen Vorteil durch den Kalender, die Ressourcenplanung für Labor Geräte, die Dateiverwaltung, Adressverwaltung und dem Helpdesksystem.

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For clubs and associations

Benefit from the shared calendar and have an overview of your colleagues’ appointments and free times.

Access a shared address book and file management where physical distance no longer matters.

You can exchange files of any size or work together on documents in real time.


Clients & Testimonials

Andreas Lehmann
The hydrogen and fuel cell center ZBT

The decision was made to use the EPL because it is almost identical to our in-house predecessor software, which was no longer up to our requirements. The migration of the…
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Harald Gössinger
Tonstudio Blautone Kathriner Gmbh

After extensive testing of the software from various providers, we decided on the EPL. It offers an enormously good price-performance ratio and is very stable. External employees can be integrated…
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Andreas Meier
Stadt Detmold - School Information Technology

The EGroupware is a great medium for the smooth flow of information and communication. Based on the software, you can work independently of time and space. The functions can be…
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