Solutions for different industries

For companies

EGroupware offers an online calendar for the organisation of appointments, contact management with CRM, task management, as well as an online file manager, which is rounded off by project management.

The groupware networks all information on an online company platform. The solution runs independently of operating systems on any desktop browser and in the mobile version also on smartphones.

Home office functions in particular are becoming increasingly important for companies.

Online Office Solution: Mail

schools & educational institutions

Especially for schools and educational institutions the easy integration of EGroupware into existing systems is very important.

Therefore EGroupware supports many formats and possibilities of integration. The most important applications for schools is the planning of appointments and the distribution of information and files.

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For universities & colleges

For universities and educational institutions, the flexible integration with existing systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, mail servers and UCS is an important factor.

Users benefit greatly from the calendar, resource planning for lab devices, file management, address management and helpdesk system.

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For clubs and associations

Benefit from the shared calendar and have an overview of your colleagues’ appointments and free times.

Access a shared address book and file management where physical distance no longer matters.

You can exchange files of any size or work together on documents in real time.


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