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IT infrastructure integration

Especially for schools, educational institutions and research facilities, easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure is extremely important.

The great advantage of EGroupware is the simple integration into existing systems such as LDAP or Active Directory. This makes administration easier, as it is possible to build on the existing rights management. Alternatively, EGroupware can also be used in the German cloud. Enjoy the advantages of EGroupware, which does not require installation on a PC.

All you need is a browser to access your emails, calendar, tasks and resource management. EGroupware offers you an extensive possibility of appointment and file management.

Video-based learning with VIDOTEACH

VIDOTEACH is an application where you learn directly in the video. Pupils or students can ask questions or give feedback in videos or comment on content. Markings in the image are also easily possible.

Use recordings from online lessons for structured video-based learning.

More about VIDOTEACH

Rooms, Cars & Equipment Hire

With the Resources module from EGroupware, you can very easily plan the rental of laboratory equipment, vehicles or even meeting rooms. 

Many universities can use EGroupware to provide their students with an electronic allocation plan of resources. This simplifies the organisation and makes cumbersome notices or outdated lists unnecessary. In the process, students or lecturers can directly see when certain rooms and equipment are booked or available. This facilitates administration and organisation at educational institutions.

Students or pupils can, if desired and approved, request the resources directly or book them themselves. Depending on the workflow, a final release by a person responsible for these resources is also possible.

File exchange in work groups

EGroupware enables file exchange in working groups and projects – distribution of working materials. The file manager for lecturers and students a platform for exchanging documents.

Especially in the days of Corona, distributing work materials and collecting homework was a big issue. This can also be easily solved with EGroupware.

EGroupware manages all these documents transparently via the integrated file manager. Every member of your work group thus always has access to the current data. You can also give participants outside EGroupware access to these files via sharing link: reading, writing or opening with Collabora Online.

Digitisation in educational institutions

Watch this short video to see how EGroupware can help you organise in schools and educational institutions:

  • Provision of communication tools such as email, calendar and address management
  • personal calendar and calendar for the respective classes
  • Time management and time recording of student assistants
  • Homework planning
  • Absence calendar, substitution planning
  • Connecting teachers and learners/students
  • Providing learning materials
  • NEW: Video-based learning/teaching with work assignments and comments in the video display

Home Office Schools & Educational Institutions Webinar Recording

Take a look at the functions of EGroupware for the current situation in the home office in the webinar recording. There we show live how it works in practice. In addition, questions about handling and the technical possibilities will be answered.

If you have any further questions about the use or functionality of EGroupware, simply contact us.

Customer testimonials

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle
CeMOS Center for Mass Spectrometry and Optical...

The community version has been in successful use within my working group for many years. The main features are the calendar and address functions and the knowledge database. The use…
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Silvia Groß
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Institut Greifswald

We use various Unix and Windows systems. Therefore only one calendar came into question, which can be used from a server with any internet browser. – As a research institution…
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Gerlind Bruschek
Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

Geographical independence and yet networked working is enormously important for our university, as we are spread over two locations. We need a smoothly functioning and easy-to-use software solution. For these…
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