Silvia Groß

Dipl. Math. / Research associate, Max-Planck-Institut

“Why EGroupware?

  1. We use various Unix and Windows systems. Therefore only one calendar came into question, which can be used from a server with any internet browser.
  2. As a research institution that is financed by public funds, OpenSource Software plays a major role.
  3. Since we are setting up a large-scale research experiment, it is necessary that the most diverse groups work closely together and can coordinate dates promptly. We see this problem best solved with EGroupware.
  4. The use of standards and various synchronization possibilities with other calendars (Outlook, Thunderbird Lightning) spoke for the use of EGroupware.”

Silvia Groß – Dipl. Math. / Research associate, Max-Planck-Institut


The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) is one of the largest centres for fusion research in Europe. Wendelstein 7-X, the world’s largest fusion experiment of its kind, is currently being built at the research facility in Greifswald in collaboration with European industry. The aim of the research is to reconstruct the sun’s energy production on earth by generating energy from the fusion of atomic nuclei.

Wendelstein 7-X will be a key experiment in international fusion research, as it is intended to demonstrate the power plant suitability of this special type of plant from 2014. At the heart of the facility are fifty non-planar and twenty planar superconducting magnetic coils that generate a magnetic field to confine the hydrogen plasma, which is heated to 100 million °C. All main components for the experiment have already been manufactured and delivered and assembly on the five modules is underway. Over 400 employees are currently working at the IPP Greifswald to complete the assembly of the complex Wendelstein 7-X facility by 2014.