EGroupware Placetel Telefonie Integration

CTI Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), is a key component for any customer service. With EGroupware you get perfect integration with the Placetel Cloud Telephone System. A connection to Asterisk-based telephone systems or AGFEO is also possible.

With one click you create a call to a colleague or customer. Incoming and outgoing calls open the CRM view with all customer transactions – whether ticket or task management. All calls are displayed in a call list with duration and contact link or directly in your calendar. Listen to your answering machine in EGroupware or initiate the callback with one click. The status bar shows directly whether a colleague is currently on the phone.

Simply click to call from the CRM system

With just one click you can dial your customers or partners directly from the EGroupware customer database. As soon as the interface to Placetel is set up, there is a link on the telephone number. With just one click you dial the customer without having to tediously write down and type in the phone number. It doesn’t matter whether they prefer to call via a headset or your normal phone.

Receive immediate insight into the current processes for incoming telephone calls

When you receive an incoming call, the CRM view in EGroupware opens with the caller’s contact details and the active tasks. This gives you an immediate overview of who is calling and what the call might be about. This creates a higher customer loyalty through well-informed employees. From the CRM view, you can also directly create a sales campaign or an offer and email it to the customer.
EGroupware Placetel Telefonie

Telephony integration with Placetel

Connect your contacts or your customer management (CRM) directly with your telephone system.

  • The basic functionalities for outgoing calls are also available in the CE version. With the telephony integration of the EPL functions, you can also configure and connect other telephone systems. The telephone system must of course support this and you must define all the details of the interface.
  • For the Phone system from Placetel there is a special configuration where you only need to enter your credentials of the Placetel main account and EGroupware inserts automatically all necessary URLs and Tokens. Addtionally users get migrated from EGroupware to Placetel with one click.
  • The function or configuration in EGroupware can be found in Administration -> Applications -> EPL Functions -> CTI Integration

With the integration, the CRM view of the contact opens automatically for incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can see the calls in the calendar or as a call list with all options to follow up the day, e.g. hours documentation.

Call lists perfectly integrated

The call list clearly displays all calls (internal, outgoing, incoming). If you are part of a “call group”, e.g. the switchboard, you automatically see all calls to the central call number. Administrators have access to call lists of all users, further access rights can be controlled as usual via the groups. Assigned contacts are displayed directly and open the CRM view with one click. Unknown numbers can be called back with a simple click. If someone has left a message on the answering machine, this is also displayed directly and the message can be played in EGroupware.

The EGroupware status bar shows you whether your colleague is currently on the phone or free.

Using call lists effectively

Use the call list or calendar for documentation:

  • Simply set calls that you do not want to see in the calendar to deleted
  • You see a missed call or a message from the answering machine, you check the machine with one click and call back directly
  • You create timesheet documentation from the call and link it to your client or project
  • You still need a quotation for the customer, here you are also in the CRM view with one click, create or send a quotation and document it directly again for your colleagues
  • Depending on the working method and agreement with the colleagues, you can also simply delete missed calls on shared numbers

Asterisk telephone system integration

In addition to the deep integration of Placetel PBXs, Asterisk-based PBXs can also be connected to EGroupware via the CTI interface.

The Asterisk integration uses the ARI (Asterisk REST API) to communicate with the Asterisk server and receive call events, display an automatic CRM view and record calls. Our documentation in the wiki shows in detail what you need to configure for the Asterisk integration.

AGFEO telephone systems integration

In addition to the deep integration of IP-based telephone systems, classic telephone systems such as AGFEO can also be connected to EGroupware via the CTI interface.
Read in the blog article how the integration of AGFEO telephones can be carried out in detail. Calls can be made directly from the EGroupware user interface via the click dial function.

Integration of other telephone systems

Besides Placetel, other telephone systems can also be connected to EGroupware, but this requires more factors to be set up on the part of EGroupware and the telephone system, such as for the identification of CTI states.

You want to connect your telephone system with EGroupware?
Simply contact us to find out whether an integration of the telephone system is possible. Against support budget we support you with the integration, so the list of integrations can also grow.

The screenshots below show the configuration for other telephone systems.

EGroupware Webinars for CTI Integration with Placetel (German language only)

There have been 2 Webinars in German language about CTI Telefony integration with Placetel. The videos of both webinars are displayed below.

We also planning for an English webinar for the most important EGroupware 21.1 features including CTI integration with Placetel.
The webinar will be held on June 10th 2021 at 15.00 (CEST), you can register here.

Telephone Integration in EGroupware (CTI Integration) using the Example of Placetel

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FollowUp Workshop – Placetel Configuration & Setup in EGroupware

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