Control workflows with Infolog

The task module helps you organise your tasks. You can delegate tasks to your colleagues and set due dates.

Get notified about updates from your teammates and always stay up to date.

Task and project management

From the creation of simple to-do lists to complex task management, Infolog offers you many possibilities. Organise processes via subtasks or projects to make your teamwork as efficient as possible. Of course, files can also be linked to tasks or projects to store information in the right context.

Advantage Adaptability

Compared to other task systems, the Infolog module includes significantly more options for customisation to individual needs and processes in the company. This includes the creation of own data fields, task types, categories and templates.

Access rights and filters

The Infolog task module offers you a variety of configuration and setting options. You can define the rights who can read, edit, delegate or delete a task.

Own task types and data fields

Identify company processes and implement them in your own Infolog types, status and data fields. If required, you can also additionally encrypt the contents. The adaptability creates added value for your company.

Reports and Office connection

You can create your own templates or reports and further edit them in the integrated Collabora Online Office.

PUSH notification

Via PUSH notifications, you receive all changes directly without having to update them. In this way, you can see directly that a colleague has posted a task or that the request has already been answered.

Automatic notification to project participants

If you involve external parties in your task management, they may only be allowed to read certain information, but not to change it.  Those involved can be constantly informed about the current status of the tasks automatically.

Save email as infolog

Convert an email into an Infolog entry. The contact is automatically linked to the Infolog and all attachments, including the original email, are saved. In addition, the entry can also be linked to the associated project or assigned to another contact. If the task is not yet completed, simply delegate it to the responsible colleagues or employees and set a due date if necessary.

Keeping an eye on CRM and emails

If emails are consistently converted into infologs, there is no need for tedious searching or forwarding. You have everything in view in the CRM view of the organisation and can thus also reply directly to an email that was sent a long time ago, since the original email is available in the infolog. It makes no difference whether this email was received by you or a colleague.

Synchronisation of tasks

Are your employees often on the road for customers? With the mobile view of EGroupware, you can conveniently receive or delegate your tasks from your smartphone or tablet while on the road. To have the tasks available even without internet access, they can be synchronised with the smartphone.

Data import and export

As an import/export interface, data exchange in various formats is possible, which can also import time-controlled data from an external system such as an enterprise resource planning system or service management tool. In addition, it is possible to synchronise the data via CalDAV or ActiveSync.

Customer testimonials

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Frank Michel
Michel Ingenieure GmbH

With the EGroupware EPL we have a software solution with which we can send emails, process addresses, carry out administrative tasks and organize information and data regardless of…
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Sven Lattermann

We have been using the EGroupware Cloud Service since 2009, initially we only used the address management. But soon we discovered the powerful functions of the Infolog, management…
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