Calendar management with EGroupware

With appointment management, you optimise the cooperation of your team, wherever you are. You have an overview of all appointments at all times. EGroupware creates transparency and an overview for you and your colleagues. With one click you initialise video conferences via Jitsi or BigBlueButton.

Appointments in the team

Keep track of your team’s schedules with EGroupware’s calendar functions. For example, view the calendar of your work group or find the right time for a meeting with your colleagues.

Views as favourites

You can save views that you need more often as favourites, which contain all selected filters, users and views of the calendar. This allows you to quickly switch between your own calendar in the weekly view and the team’s holiday planner, for example.

Easily invite colleagues to your meeting

Invite employees or business partners to a meeting, search for alternative appointments or automatically notify them about appointment changes by email.

Start a meeting as a video conference

Check the box for video conferencing directly when editing an appointment and EGroupware creates the corresponding conference room via Jitsi or BigBlueButton. Invitations to external users and alerts contain the link to the conference. Internally, you simply call up the video conference from the calendar.

Move appointments via Drag & Drop

Move appointments between different calendars via drag-and-drop. You want to assign the appointment with the new photographer to your colleague? Simply move it to his calendar!

Calendar permissions

Allow one or more colleagues to view or manage your calendar. You decide who has access to your calendar and who does not. So time and resources can be used most effectively.

Synchronise your calendar

Of course, you can synchronise your calendar with your smartphone or with the desktop applications of Mac, Windows 10 or Outlook.

Customer testimonials

Andreas Lehmann
The hydrogen and fuel cell center ZBT

The decision was made to use the EPL because it is almost identical to our in-house predecessor software, which was no longer up to our requirements. The migration of the…
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Harald Gössinger
Tonstudio Blautone Kathriner Gmbh

After extensive testing of the software from various providers, we decided on the EPL. It offers an enormously good price-performance ratio and is very stable. External employees can be integrated…
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Andreas Meier
Stadt Detmold - School Information Technology

The EGroupware is a great medium for the smooth flow of information and communication. Based on the software, you can work independently of time and space. The functions can be…
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