Andreas Lehmann

Network Administrator, ZBT GmbH

“As an application-oriented, independent subsidiary of the University of Duisburg, the ZBT supports the development of the fuel cell industry with the aim of achieving the market entry of fuel cells. We have been using the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL) in our company since 2005. All 80 employees as well as 20 other colleagues of the University of Duisburg are integrated as users, especially the latter work exclusively with the calendar module.

The decision was made to use the EPL because it is almost identical to our in-house predecessor software, which was no longer up to our requirements. The migration of the data was very easy, which made our work much easier. Upgrades and the hosting of the data is done by the EGroupware team, as the server was outsourced. This saves us time and effort, as well as the employment of IT specialists in-house. The EPL is a very flexible software, which can be configured individually to the needs and permissions of each user. It can be used from any location, is extremely stable and all users work on the same database.

We are very happy that we were able to put Rocket.Chat into operation at short notice during the Corona crisis. This is a great help for our institute to set up home workstations at short notice!

We are very satisfied with the support we rarely need. With good accessibility, the friendly EPL support team provides fast, competent help in case of malfunctions.”

Andreas Lehmann, Network Administrator, ZBT GmbH

The hydrogen and fuel cell center ZBT

ZBT is one of the leading research institutes in Europe for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and a sought-after R&D partner in both European and national cutting-edge research as well as in industrial projects focusing on automotive applications and stationary power generation.