New Version: EGroupware 23.1

Technology Change: Web Components and Lit

EGroupware 23.1 comes with a completely re-engineered code base. Especially the functions and features implemented in JavaScript have been modernized.

The changes in the background, which are invisible for users, enable more user-friendliness. The layout of the dialogs has improved and clearer structures make it easier to work with the software solution. The font size can be adjusted, an important step in terms of accessibility. With this option, we are also preparing support for screen readers, which is planned for the next release.

Our developers have also cleaned up the icons and widgets and provided a better overview. As of 23.1, many icons are available in SVG format for better readability.

Working Time Recording and Timer for Projects

With the working time recording, EGroupware offers from version 23.1 an integrated tool that records the working time in the background with one click. Users can start their working time directly when logging in and pause or end it just as easily via a dialog. EGroupware thus provides a feature that implements the working time recording with minimal effort, which has been mandatory for employers since September 2022.
The same applies to the project timer. With this, for example, support times can be recorded and managed. If you offer telephone support services, the time recording integrated in EGroupware facilitates the billing and the management of your customers’ support budgets. The project-related timer can also be started from the ticket system or the project manager, for example, as it is linked to other EGroupware applications.

Innovations in the Mail App

The tidy, three-column view of the new version makes the mail client of EGroupware 23.1 clearer. Contact with optional photo, subject and date of mails can be entered more quickly. The new mail address widget offers many helpful functionalities: The user creates contacts with a click on the plus symbol next to the corresponding address. The data from the e-mail is automatically transferred. If the contact already exists in the address book, EGroupware displays the avatar or photo. Clicking on this opens the CRM view. Clicking on the name opens a new compose window or adds the email address to the already open window.

Also new in the Mail app: Office files received as attachments can now be opened, read and edited in the browser with a single click using Collabora. This eliminates the need for prior downloading. This saves time and ensures greater security, since the integrated Online Office does not run macros by default and these can also contain malware.

OAuth Authentication for Office365 and Gmail Accounts

EGroupware 23.1 allows the setup and authentication via OAuth for Microsoft or Google mail accounts via the wizard. This means that the password is no longer stored in EGroupware, but you authenticate directly against O365 or Gmail. An extension to other mail servers, e.g. in the EGroupware Cloud, is also planned here.

OAuth - Authentication

File Manager Optimizations: User Quota and Push Notifications

Filemanager Quota in EGroupware

An important feature here is a quota, which allows administrators in the file manager to control the storage space for individual accounts and groups. Limiting the storage is an interesting option especially for large installations with many user accounts.

Another new feature is push notifications in the file manager. As of 23.1, the file manager informs you immediately when other users upload new files, which saves reloading and gives you a better overview.

New Functionalities in various Applications

Drag & drop is now possible in the mobile view, which simplifies the management of entries on the tablet in the integrated Kanban Board, for example.

Also practical: Import dialogs allow the owner to define during the import, for example, to which calendar or which address book should be imported.

Starting with the new version, users can activate a Kanban column in all applications. Thus, it is directly visible to which Kanban board a ticket, project, contact or task belongs to.

Kanban Board in Adress Book

Improved User Selection and Performance for large Installations

EGroupware 23.1 facilitates the user selection by a unified and smart search function. This is especially helpful in large environments with many addresses. Whether a mail is written to different contacts or an appointment with many participants has to be created – wherever multiple contacts are selected, this now works faster. The new version allows selection by directly clicking on several suggestions from the results list and conveniently compiles the desired contacts from different search terms.

The user search is much more efficient in 23.1, because not all users are loaded from LDAP/AD anymore. EGroupware reads the avatars in a request and only if there are really pictures, they are reloaded from the server. If the search provides more than 50 hits, EGroupware shows this and asks to limit the search.

New Features for Admins

The new version updates changes in the admin area thanks to PUSH notifications.

In addition, the EGroupware setup offers a new sync option for user accounts and groups between the database and LDAP or Active Directory (AD). This allows searches to be performed on the database faster than LDAP & AD themselves do. The option makes it possible to display users and contacts together in the address book and to use distribution lists or user-defined fields.

With the addition of “ldap_” EGroupware can retrieve (or manage) complex information from LDAP/AD and make it visible to user accounts in the EGroupware address book. This way, the software matches suitable LDAP/AD attributes. This development was initiated by a university that centrally manages users with multiple locations (different addresses, phone numbers, availabilites…) and wants to display this information in EGroupware.

Import from ADS/LDAP into the EGroupware database