Release Announcement EGroupware 19.1

We would like to inform you that the 3rd release candidate of EGroupware 19.1 is available and that the release will be published next week. Start working with the new version prior to the actual release and thereby help us to find the last bugs of 19.1! Especially tests for updates on different platforms and with different application scenarios are interesting.

Installation packages for EGroupware 19.1 are now available. You’ll find an installation instruction on >> GitHub.

Please note that installations of the Community Edition which are set to “autoupdate” (depending on the distribution), with release date 13.08.2019 will be possibly (immediately) updated to the new release! If you do not want the changeover until a later date, you should deactivate “autoupdate”. More detailed information on whether your distribution will be changed over automatically or whether the update to the new version must be initiated manually can be found shortly in our installation instructions and the release notes.
Customers of the EGroupware Enterprise Line “EPL” will NOT be directly and automatically changed over, as in previous years. The announcement for the update to EGroupware 19.1 will be made via customer information within the next few weeks. If you are using EGroupware in the cloud and are interested in a direct update, simply contact us and we will update you to the new version in advance.

Please send your feedback and eventual bug reportings to the support center (for customers of the EPL) or post them in the EGroupware Forum (for users of the Community Edition). EGroupware Forum:  >>

In case you want to have a look at our german webinar about EGroupware 19.1, you’ll find it here: >> 19.1 Webinar

We’re looking forward to your participation and a successful beta testing phase!

>>  EGroupware 19.1 at a Glance

EGroupware 19.1 – what’s new?

  • GDPR – easy to implement: Professional data protection in the address book
  • Admin support for GDPR: Documentation & reporting of all administrative changes
  • Two-Factor-Authentication: Activate it for additional data security
  • New Messenger in EGroupware: Integration of Rocket.Chat
  • Status App: New Application
  • General Improvements: Optimised user interface and new features in all apps

Innovations EGroupware 19.1 in detail

DSGVO easy to implement – professional data protection in the address book:
With the new “Policy Application” in EGroupware, you can define rules for your individual address books from 19.1 onwards. Which fields have to be filled in? Who in the company may access them? Who is allowed to see the private telephone numbers of the contacts? When should addresses be deleted automatically in order to comply with the DSGVO deadlines? The new policies regulate all this.
Practical: The rules can be printed and stored directly in the directory of processing activities (procedure directory).

Admin support for DSGVO: Documentation & tracking of all administrative changes:
From version 19.1 onwards, you can track all administrative changes precisely in the admin tool.
For example: An employee changes departments and therefore gets access to other data? Why did a change take place and who initiated it? In the new, comprehensive “Admin Documentation” this is recorded in detail.

Enable two-factor authentication for added data security:
By default, two-factor authentication is optionally enabled in 19.1. As an administrator, however, you can also activate or deactivate this as mandatory (not recommended).
NEW: Allow users to set a “remind me” token. The browser cookie is offered by default as another factor in the Community and EPL version. So you don’t always have to enter the password as the 2nd factor on your own well secured laptop – password and token are considered to be 2 factors.
Further options for EPL customers are planned here, for example the activation of two-factor authentication outside the home network or outside normal business hours.

Integration messenger and status application:
With Rocket.Chat you can chat safely and easily with your colleagues and partners within EGroupware. It enables team chats, screen transmission and video chats as well as the exchange of files. is – like EGroupware – open source software and the leading alternative to proprietary chat tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat or Stride.
With the “Status-App” you can quickly see who of your colleagues is online – in EGroupware or Rocket.Chat. With just one click you can start chats with colleagues or write e-mails to them. The integration of further applications is planned – for example starting a phone call with a colleague or displaying the most important contacts, tasks, tickets and their changes.

Optimized user interface:
Starting with version 19.1 the EGroupware apps have their own color code. Colored icons and page menus facilitate orientation and show directly in which app you are. Of course, it is still possible to use a monochrome view. Compared to EGroupware 17.1, the user interface is clearer and more transparent. Version 19.1 also supports the use of avatars (users can assign a photo or graphic to their profile). The new editor (TinyMCE) provides increased security (through full support of the “Content Security Policy”) and also offers users technical and optical improvements.

New functions in many applications:

  • Ticket system (edit comments and add files to comments)
  • File manager (direct Collabora sharing link, file paths are directly clickable)
  • Mail app (change the subject of incoming e-mails, e.g. for scanned documents or electronic faxes)
  • Calendar (new quick insert dialog for appointments)

If you have any kind of questions concerning EGroupware 19.1, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards

Eva Wertheimer
EGroupware GmbH