Smart Online Office

Connect your team
Manage tasks and contacts
Preserve your digital sovereignty at any time

Smart Online Office

Connect your team

Manage tasks and contacts

Preserve your digital sovereignty at any time


The powerful Open Source Groupware

EGroupware is the online office for maximum digital sovereignty. Secure thanks to open source and “Made in Germany”. Development, hosting and support take place in Germany. Support is available in several languages.

EGroupware Version 23.1

  • Technology Change: Web Components and Lit
  • Working Time Recording and Timer for Projects
  • Innovations in the Mail App
  • OAuth Authentication for Office365 and Gmail Accounts
  • New Features for Administrators
  • Performance Improved for large Installations
  • New Functionalities
  • File Manager Optimizations: User Quota and Push Notifications

What is EGroupware?

EGroupware – smart online office

EGroupware offers an online calendar for appointment management, contact management with CRM, tasks, emails and project management, as well as an online file server. These basic functions are supplemented by the integration of chat, video conferencing and remote desktop modules to create a sophisticated home office solution.

The groupware networks all information on an online company platform that runs in any desktop browser, independent of the operating system. In its mobile version, it also runs nicely on smartphones and tablets.

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Why EGroupware?

  • Open Source
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful support
  • Full data control – GDPR compliant!
  • Cloud & On-premise
  • Flexible customisable
  • Top customer reviews
  • Scalable – even for large installations

Scalable Online Office

EGroupware is equally suitable for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), city administrations or even universities, education and research institutions. You recieve an open source software with an agile software development – focused on customer requirements and supplemented by developments of the community.

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