Alexander Neofitidis

System Administrator Henze-Glas GmbH Hörden in the Harz

“Due to a complete failure of the previously used software and the 100% data loss, we were forced to look for a new software solution on the market. An important criterion for us in our decision was the stability of the system and a personal contact person.

Internet research has shown that EGroupware offers an outstandingly innovative software with extensive functions at a very good price-performance ratio. Not least because of the competent advice from Mr. Becker we decided for this solution.

The permanent further development of the software ensures constant adaptation to changing market conditions and the needs of the customer. By outsourcing our server we save a lot of time and enjoy the professional service of data hosting and data backup. The intuitively programmed software is partly used on mobile devices, which gives us flexibility and more room for new tasks. The rights of each user are exactly definable and the use is independent of the respective operating system.

Used modules:

  • Mail
  • Group calendar: appointments/ birthdays
  • Project Manager: Purchasing – Sales / Info on ISO standards / PR
  • File manager: data archiving in pdf format / deposit of AGB’s
  • Infolog: Analysis of the construction site status, communication of the employees to the current project

The support from the competent team is excellent. Short ways, quick answers! Our personal contact person, Mr. Becker, always ensures competent, fast delivery of solutions.”

Alexander Neofitidis, System Administrator Henze-Glas GmbH Hörden in the Harz

Henze-Glas GmbH

The company, founded in 1965 by Dietmar Henze, offers the following services as a flat glass producer: Insulation, repair and new glazing, glass roofs of conservatories, leaded glazing, exclusive glass furniture, all-glass showers and sandblasting work.

We have 60 employees, 15 of whom are licensed to use the EGroupware Enterprise Line, which has been in use since 2010.