Michael Engelhardt

Managing Director of IGU Tragwerksplanung

“The decision for the EPL was based on a study published by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which was a very good decision-making aid.

All the systems and data we need and use are networked with each other, which enables a flawless, professional workflow. This saves us time, the costs for the software are moderate and we achieve a high degree of flexibility by working independently of location. We use almost all modules from the extensive range of functions of EPL. Thus the software represents the absolute basis for our daily business.

We are very satisfied with the support. With good accessibility, competent solutions are delivered very promptly if required. The excellent cooperation of the team in the form of a ticket system contributes significantly to this.”

Michael Engelhardt, Managing Director of IGU Tragwerksplanung

IGU Tragwerksplanung

IGU Tragwerksplanung provides static and structural design in the areas of solid construction, timber construction, steel construction, bridge renovation, glass design, building physics and prepares expert opinions. 80% of the employees are integrated into the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL) and have been using the system since early 2012.