Video-based learning with smallPART

smallPART is an application where you can learn directly “in the video”. Pupils or students can ask questions or give feedback directly in the video. Markings in the image are also possible without any effort.

Use recordings from online lessons for structured video-based learning.

Video-based learning with smallPART


selfdirected media assisted learning lectures & Process Analysis Reflection Tool

Self-directed media-based learning presentations & reflection tool for process analysis

It is very easy to use: create the course, insert the video and describe the task. The learners in the course see the video and the task.
They comment with one click in the running video with colour code green, red, white. The teachers see all comments and can answer and approve them.

In contrast to conventional learning platforms, learning takes place directly with – in the video and not only in the form of a text analysis of the video.

There are many possible applications for learning and teaching with smallPART.

Cooperation between working groups at the University of Tübingen and the TU Kaiserslautern

With the application smallPART, EGroupware receives an extension for video-supported learning & teaching. The tool was developed in a cooperation between working groups at the University of Tübingen and the TU Kaiserslautern. The further development and integration into EGroupware is part of a current collaboration between the TU Kaiserslautern (Prof. Dr. Christoph Thyssen and Arash Tolou) and EGroupware.  The aim is to create a scientifically based learning platform in EGroupware.

Didactic development of smallPART

The further development of smallPART is accompanied by subject didactics through the cooperation with the TU Kaiserslautern. After each learning cycle with the participants of the TU Kaiserslautern and other users, the tool is analysed and further developed according to the feedback regarding usability and learning effectiveness.

Application scenario 1: Interactive lecture or introduction video

  • Learners ask questions at video moments in the form of comments marked in red
  • Teachers edit & reply to the comments and then set them to green
  • Teachers decide whether comments are visible to all, for example to use the learning experiences of others.

Advantage: Simple operation and good overview so that open questions can be found and answered quickly


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Application scenario 2: Analysis of processes, e.g. work in the laboratory, equipment operation or driving school situation ...

  • Videography of processes and procedures
  • Supplementing the video via teaching comments at specific times
  • Integration of questions / observation tasks on video situations and / or depositing of markers in the “picture” to highlight picture areas
  • Learners respond via comments, re-tweets or mark relevant elements in the video, e.g. sources of danger, people or operating elements

Benefit: Automation and process analysis with easy learning & feedback

Would you like to test smallPART?

The easiest way to test smallPART is to use one of our test environments:

Alternatively, you can install EGroupware as a basis and authentication for smallPART and test it on your own server.


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Integrating smallPART into learning platforms via LTI

smallPART requires an installation of EGroupware as a basis, since authentication and database tables are created with it. However, participants can also use smallPART exclusively in the learning platform of their choice, provided that courses can be published there via LTI. LTI is the typical exchange format for courses on learning platforms and is supported by Moodle and OpenOlat, for example. In the video on the left side you can see how the LTI link is generated and then included in OpenOlat.

The link here below leads to an example of a course at the OpelOlat of the TU Kaiserslautern (you can simply log in as a guest without registration).

smallPART Webinar Recording

  • What is behind smallPART?
  • Easy operation for teachers and learners
  • Application examples


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Why is learning with videos increasingly important?

Learning videos are becoming more and more popular. Both among students and among teachers and lecturers.

  • Video learning is easier to consume than reading long explanations
  • Different format for taking in information and a successful change from normal lessons
  • Complex topics can be simply prepared and explained
  • Learning with smallPART is interactive, appeals to multiple senses and uses feedback

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