Use Rocket.Chat now

With Rocket.Chat you can communicate faster and more efficiently in a team.

The chat application makes it possible to communicate with several participants in a team chat, as well as with your colleagues in a private chat.

The exchange of files or audio/video conferences in real time facilitates team communication. The conversation is transmitted encrypted and the software can either be installed on your server or you can use the EGroupware server from the German data center. You always have control over your data.

How does Rocket.Chat work? is an open source solution that was integrated into EGroupware. So the installation and use of a team chat is now possible from within EGroupware. You can release the software for the corresponding users or groups via the administration. Then create different team chats within

If you are not logged in to EGroupware at the moment, you will be informed by email about a new chat. It is also possible to install the application additionally on your PC or mobile phone. This way you will never miss an important chat again. on the smartphone

Chat on the way…

The advantage of the Mobile App is that you can take your communication centre with you wherever you go. Even independent of EGroupware you always stay informed about current projects and can make video calls.

You can download the client for the different platforms directly from the Rocket.Chat website. There you will find more information about Rocket.Chat.

Rocket.Chat Mobileapp

Chat directly from the Status App

See directly who is currently “available” in EGroupware. With a right click on the picture of the participant you can send him/her a chat message directly.

To start a conversation with your colleagues, you can either access the module directly or even easier by right-clicking on the Status App and addressing the participants directly. Every participant can set his or her own availability backlog.

Webinar recording for video conferencing

See the features of Rocket.Chat and Jitsi in EGroupware easily in the webinar recording. There we show live how you can plan or set up video calls. In addition, questions about handling and technical possibilities will be answered.

If you have further questions about the use or the functionality of EGroupware, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Sorry, the webinar is only in German language yet, but there will be a english webinar coming in the next weeks.


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Start with EGroupware now!

EGroupware is available as a cloud solution in our German data center or as an installation package for Linux environments on the local network.

Individual server implementations for Linux environments are available on base of EGroupware‘s installation packages. Installation instructions for UCS can be found in the Univention section.

With the Jitsi videoconference integration of the groupware you offer your team an optimal communication tool. Try EGroupware’s  Home-Office features as well as email, group calendar and project management modules now for free!