Dr.-Ing. Axel Weckschmied

Ingenieurbüro  Dr.-Ing. Axel Weckschmied

“I have been using the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL), which covers 90% of my daily business, since 2006 and work closely with the Rostock-based company “Videoredakteur” via EPL.

Of all open source systems, the intuitive EPL is the ideal software on the market for my needs. It requires little installation effort and runs independently of data centers via the Internet.

In the system, the special authorizations of each user can be precisely defined, working on the same, up-to-date database. The use of the group calendar makes it easy and quick to make appointments together. The data can be archived in a logical arrangement and thus easily retrieved.

Hosting means a huge relief, creates flexibility and saves time, in which I can concentrate on my core business. The synchronization of data with mobile devices enables me to work very effectively.
Genutze Module:

  • Group Calendar
  • File manager
  • Project Manager
  • InfoLog
  • Email
  • Timesheet
  • Bookmark
  • Knowledge base

Support: Personal support is provided and in the few cases of need, a competent solution was delivered just 15 minutes later.”

Dr. Axel Weckschmied, Ingenieurbüro  Dr.-Ing. Axel Weckschmied

Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Axel Weckschmied

The 2 main business areas of my engineering office are software engineering (open source, lifecycle management, analysis, design, modelling, architecture, implementation, project management) and the HEXAPILOTS® area, which deals with services related to multicopters.