EGroupware Support


Birgit Becker, Support/Consulting


Ingo Kreißelmeyer, Support

Use cases for EGroupware support, workshops or projects

  1. First setup of EGroupware in a startup workshop.
  2. Implementation of communication concepts related to user and group rights management as well as software preferences and configurations of modules.
  3. Initial or advanced training for EGroupware users and administrators.
  4. Customization of EGroupware user interface templates in the modules.
  5. Technical support and services on client computers and server systems, such as data migration, updating or trouble shooting.

Terms and conditions

  • Target group: decision-makers, administrators, key users
  • Service provision: on base of prepaid time contingents.
  • Place of provision: EGroupware headquarter or by desktop sharing/telephone conference. On premise services plus travel expenses.
  • Support time contingents are valid within two years after purchase. Unused time contingents are not refunded after.

Please talk to our team about your requirements before purchasing a support time package. Support time packages can be ordered as well for the free EGroupware Community Edition after prior consultation. Therefor we charge twice the basic price.

Download implementation guideline (pdf)
Basic price: 120,00 EUR / hour plus German VAT