Keeping an eye on service cases

With the ticket system, EGroupware offers you a flexible module for recording internal or external support cases. You can convert emails into a ticket with one click or you can use automation functions for this. In addition, you can also use it as a service module or forum replacement.

Advantages of the ticket system

If you are missing transparency in your current workflow, EGroupware will significantly improve your service, event and task management. The ticket system can be tailored exactly to your needs via your own subject areas, categories, fields, status and escalations.

Service cases & automatic escalation processes

You can analyse and delegate all service incidents, check the completion status and use escalation processes at any time. Handle customer enquiries directly with our ticket system or use it as an internal helpdesk. This is how EGroupware becomes your comprehensive service portal.

Communicate effectively - set priorities

Prioritise incoming service requests and tasks with the ticket system and clearly classify incidents into service and task classes. You can also monitor an email inbox and thus automatically assign incoming emails to tickets or create new service cases.

Automatic delegation to responsible persons

Automatically assign tickets to a team or a person. With the help of the rights assignment in EGroupware, you can determine exactly which employees are allowed to create, read or change tickets.

Share information with the team

Use the ticket system to track and shape the discussion process. Add comments or files in a structured way and exchange relevant information with the team. You always stay informed about changes in the ticket, as required by email or the internal notification system.

Interactivity in EGroupware

The integration with other modules allows you to link tickets with the wiki or the knowledge base.

In addition, you can quickly and easily create tasks or time records linked to a ticket. You can convert emails into a ticket with one click or use automation functions for this.

Quality assurance through workflow management

The individually definable workflow management of the ticket system supports you in improving your service processes even further. Define which of the following activities are automatically triggered by EGroupware: Notifications, alerts, change of categories, responsibilities and priorities.

Complete reporting

Get an overview of your service and task management with sophisticated reports and analyse your service performance over time. For this purpose, the EGroupware ticket system provides you with graphical evaluations with bar and pie charts, and you can also export data (e.g. as an Excel table).

In Kombination mit dem integrierten Kanban-Board

In combination with the integrated Kanban board, tickets as well as tasks, contacts, files and all other data objects from EGroupware can be organised in boards. Objects can be transferred to the board via DnD or newly created in the board.

New tickets can also be added automatically. For example, tickets can be added to certain boards depending on conditions and further changes (e.g. responsibilities) can be made to the ticket.

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Kanban Board

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Mika Alexander Hoppe
SISU security.service Sicherheitsdienst

After detailed comparisons on various Internet portals, the EPL stood out as an excellent, modern and highly developed software with an attractive design, as a perfect all-round solution. The active…
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Franz Fender
Managing Director of Photo studios „Franz Fender Fotograf“

The cost factor, the possibility of being able to work mobile and location-independent while on the road and personal contact, including good support, played a major role for me in…
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