Video conferencing - sponsorship expired

To address the Corona crisis and to support home offices, IONOS CLOUD had sponsored a public Jitsi server in Frankfurt together with EGroupware GmbH. The sponsorship lasted for 3 months and expired at the end of June 2020.

We would like to thank IONOS CLOUD for their kindness and, as always, smooth cooperation .

Since the EGroupware Maintenance Releases (19.1.20200409), video conferences can be easily set up directly from EGroupware between EGroupware users and contacts in the address book. With the EGroupware Maintenance Release (19.1.20200629) we have entered the public Jitsi server of the Jitsi project instead of the Jitsi server sponsored by IONOS CLOUD for all instances in the self-installation.

In EGroupware Cloud Hosting, our own Jitsi server is still available. With this service, we are making a contribution to overcoming the Corona crisis and would like to help many people in the home office to make their everyday working life easier.

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