Johannes Gorschlüter

Owner Promedica Plus Münster

“We have decided to use EGroupware for several reasons:

  1. EGroupware is 100% adaptable to the usage needs of our company – it brings structure and overview to corporate communication and all company processes!
  2. EGroupware allows you to work independently of time and space – this creates flexibility and saves time!
  3. EGroupware contains an extremely professional calendar solution – this means: no more appointment overlapping, because all authorised users have the same information at their disposal!
  4. EGroupware is extremely user-friendly – on mobile devices all appointments and contact data are always easily available.
    With EGroupware a 100% data security is guaranteed.

We really appreciate the excellent support and the good accessibility of the friendly, competent team.”

Johannes Gorschlüter, Owner Promedica Plus Münster

Promedica Plus Münster

Promedica Plus Münster places committed, qualified caregivers from Eastern Europe for reliable round-the-clock care at home. With EGroupware we handle our entire customer management, including the data administration of our caregivers and all the care services we offer for senior citizens.