Lutz Seidel

Systemadministrator, esa Elektroschaltanlagen GmbH

“After thorough research and extensive testing, we decided on the EPL. The software is the basis of our complete daily business and covers our needs very well at an excellent price-performance ratio. Due to the outsourced hosting, a professional data backup and a protected internet access are guaranteed.

EPL is a very flexible software with a wide range of options, which is immediately available via the Internet without the need for a client or the installation of additional applications. It runs on various operating systems and browsers and also on mobile devices. The location-independent usage option saves time and money and creates freedom. Since all users access the same database, professional work is possible. A practical example of this is the use of the group calendar, which enables quick and uncomplicated appointment finding and prevents appointment overlaps.

Other modules used:

  • email
  • Clendar
  • Tasks
  • Project management
  • Addresses

The support from the friendly team is professional. In case of need, very fast and competent solutions are delivered.”

Lutz Seidel, System Administrator, esa Elektroschaltanlagen GmbH

esa Elektroschaltanlagen GmbH:

The esa Elektroschaltanlagen GmbH, with its locations in Braunschweig and Magdeburg, has been active as a system provider in process automation and switchgear construction for over three decades. 2/3 of our 130 employees are integrated in the use of the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL), which has been used in our company since 2010. We specialize in the construction of switch cabinets and robot programming, develop automation designs and visualization solutions and lay cables in the industrial sector.