S/MIME – Encryption with EGroupware startig with Version 17.1


Encryption with EGroupware: S/MIME as an alternative to PGP

Dear EGroupware users,

data security is becoming more and more important to most of the companies – especially to those who handle sensitive customer data.
Starting with EGroupware Version 17.1, that will soon be published, we’ll offer encryption with S/MIME as an alternative to PGP.

On Tuesday, 12th of September 2017 we offer a free webinar about the encryption with S/MIME.

The webinar will  start at 16.00 pm (CEST), please log in to our webinar room in time.

>> Enter the Webinar Room here

Date: Tuesday, 12th of September 2017
Time: 16.00 pm

– How do I create my own key?
– How to save the public keys of my contacts?
– How to sign or encrypt e-mails?
– I want to take part in the testing phase – how can I test the S/MIME encryption with EGroupware?
– General questions concerning encryption methods

(The webinar will mainly be in German, but as one of our developers will be speaking English anyway, please don’t hesitate to participate and ask any kind of questions. We’ll be happy to translate and answer in English.)

If you’re interested in the encryption with S/MIME and like to take part in our testing phase, please contact us: info (at) egroupware.org. We’d be happy to provide an EGroupware testing instance to you!


Workshop at the EGroupware user convention 2017:

At the EGroupware user convention in Mainz, one of our workshop topics was “Encryption: PGP vs. S/MIME”. In case you’re interested in different encryption methods, you can access the >> presentation slides here.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Kind regards,

Your EGroupware Team