Final release candidate for 14.2 and new tutorial administration basics

I’m happy to announce availability of administration basics tutorial:

and our last release candidate containing following fixes and improvements:

3. release candidate for upcoming 14.2 release
All apps: Activate cross-browser autocomplete
All apps: printing of lists improved a lot, asks now how many lines to print
Backup: backing up bool columns now for all databases as 1 or 0, but understanding PostgreSQL “t” or “f” too
Mail: fix not working BCC addresses
Mail: fixed exception when opening vacation notice or sieve-rules for an account with a changed standard identity or later created account
InfoLog: allow type specific index templates (named infolog.index.rows.$type)
Calendar/CalDAV: fixed not synced recurrences, because invitation was to a group only or first recurrence was an exception
Calendar/CalDAV: fixed synced events still contained deleted exceptions
Calendar: fix not working tooltip (showing html tags) in year-view
Calendar: fixed deleting exceptions while editing a series
Knowledgebase: use activate_links to make sure links open in new windows
Admin: fix not working setting of ACL for account-selection “select-box with primary group and search”, data from contains no selection
Admin: Fix edit groups dialog resize problem
Filemanager/Expose view: enhancements
Mail/IE: fixed compose popup did not open again after it was closed eg. mail was send
Mail/Sieve: check capability if VACATION is supported by SIEVE Server before trying to set an serverside vacation absent notice
Sieve: coping with a dbmail bug in some versions of the Server. Server using formal syntax being reserved for client->server communication
Installation packages are available via OpenBuildService server:eGroupWare:trunk project, see our download page:


Please help testing the release candidate and give us feedback via our Facebook page:

Happy testing