EGroupware 14.2 provides Dropbox alternative

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With the new version of EGroupware also large files can be exchanged without size limits in mail traffic. A newly developed template simplifies the work on mobile devices. User may select their most desired information on a dashboard.

Kirchheimbolanden, 12/02/2015 – Attachments accompany a lot of emails and are a common nuisance for users and administrators. Again and again, administrators must apply or make exceptions to file size limits in the systems. Version 14.2 of EGroupware allows a particularly often desired new function. Users can easily share large files for external employees or business partners with a mouse click, even if they have no EGroupware account. You get a file made available as a link (for example, from the bottom of the receiver sight link to illustrations).

There are three alternatives to mail attachment: Firstly as „Download link“, where the recipient receives a link through which he can download a copy of the file. The second option is a “read-only share” – a link that can be tracked over to a folder or a document. The third option is the link “writable share”, which allows the receiver to directly edit a document locally and to make it available again via upload. All three variants are available with the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL) subscription, including the optional assignment of password and temporal limitation of rights.

These link options circumvent the size limitations of most mail servers for attachments. It does not require the receivers as EGroupware users. So far, people often have to leave their groupware to copy data via FTP or other products on an exchange platform. This takes time, resulting in loss of control over the data and passes by the admins. Shared files and directories are clearly visible for the users of EGroupware in the File Manager. Shares can be deleted with a single click and are thus immediately unusable.

“We believe that more and more file sharing is important in the professional and personal communication. EGroupware offers features that were previously reserved for cloud services like Dropbox“, explains Ralf Becker, founder and coordinator of the open source project EGroupware. “Our way to make large files easily available without having to create new users, makes it possible to provide information for project partners and customers. At the same time EGroupware users retains control of their files. ”

EGroupware has also received a new template for the mobile application. The template automatically adapts to the respective smaller screen sizes, recommended screens being from the 7-inch format. The template adapts both horizontally and vertically, and the menu moves to offer the largest possible area for the desired application.

Users access the various information of a Groupware with varying intensity. Therefore, they can supplement their 14.2 groupware workspace with a personalized “dashboard” in EGroupware: This includes, for example, the favorite calendar overview, key contacts, tickets, sticky notes, etc.