Unique EGroupware Standards

Interlinking of data

EGroupware is highly integrative and offers at any level the possibility of linking information to any other information item across the applications.

Individual configuration

The combination of application preferences, alternative configurations, information tagging by categories and custom information types/fields offers plenty of opportunities to design your collaboration platform.

Access rights and group management

A sophisticated access control management gives all freedom to organize teams and users. Setting up user and group access rights on application level ensures to share only information you want to share.

Data exchange and Syncronisation

EGroupware offers versatile interfaces and methods to exchange data. Data synchronization to mobile devices and notebooks, online connection to file server, import and export of data as well as advanced print solutions are supporting organizations optimally.

International features

EGroupware’s time zone management as well as the multilingual user interface provides a powerful solution for international teams.

Safe and secure

EGroupware ensures data integrity by general deletion prevention in the main applications, file versioning, historical data logging as well as an advanced user password management and password encryption on the highest state of the art standards.