Frank Pruskil

Managing Director (Dipl.Volkswirt), Qcons GmbH

“EGroupware offers worldwide data availability with very high flexibility and transparency and covers the tools required by Qcons for the entire business process with only one provider.

EGroupware can also be used on mobile devices regardless of location. The integration of new employees into the software tool is very uncomplicated, relevant information is immediately available and every user has access to the same data, as the data is stored at only one central location in the system. Not insignificant for our decision to use this software solution was the German server location.

Used Tool’s :

  • Group calendar function
  • Email
  • File manager
  • Infolog
  • WIKI
  • Address book
  • Ticket or tracking system

Support and hosting of the software is carried out professionally by the EGroupware team, which gives us more freedom. The need for technical support is also excellently covered.”

Frank Pruskil, Managing Director (Dipl.Volkswirt), Qcons GmbH

Qcons GmbH

About us: The business areas of Qcons GmbH are manifold. The spectrum includes the communication of highly complex consulting services regarding early warning of market changes, the rental of stylish holiday apartments in Berlin, the trade with high quality organic spices and software development. At present we have integrated 15 users into the EGroupware.