EGroupware Anwendertage 2017

EGroupware user days on 23th and 24th of June 2017 in Mainz

Many thanks to all participants!

We would like to thank all our customers, users and partners who participated in Mainz from June 23 to 24. Thanks also for the many positive feedback on the event.

We were particularly pleased about the committed participation in the workshops and the lively exchange of information between the participants. New contacts were made and the knowledge about EGroupware was expanded.

We are looking forward to next time! Your EGroupware Team

Lectures and workshops

We have published some workshops for you, so that you can go through them – also for those who couldn’t be there!

Here you will also find the videos of the workshops “Install EGroupware perfect” part 1 and part 2 with detailed instructions (screencast) and the reseller workshop.

We are looking forward to next time! Your EGroupware Team


EGroupware yesterday, today and in the future

In the first lecture Ralf Becker, managing director of EGroupware GmbH talks about the project EGroupware.

What has happened in recent months with regard to software development and company structure? What happens next and what are the current topics around EGroupware? In the opening lecture 2017, Ralf Becker gives an overview of the history and future of EGroupware.


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Impressions of the EGroupware user days 2017

Here are the first impressions of June 23th and 24th, 2017 in Mainz. The individual workshops took place in two parallel lecture rooms. The coworking space was available to all participants during the breaks. There was plenty of time for networking, exchange and questions to employees and partners.

  • EGroupware Developer Hadi Nategh
  • Ludger Schmitz Open IT Presse
  • EGroupware Keynote 2017
  • Coworking Space in Mainz
  • Meeting Agenda Coworking
  • Groupware users and Ralf Becker
  • Maik Huettner und Stefan Werfling im Coworking Space
  • Birgit Becker im Gespräch mit Anwendern
  • Entwickler Hadi Nategh im Workshop
  • Birgit Becker zur EGroupware 17.1
  • Birgit Becker zur EGroupware 17.1
  • Catering Tag 2: Die Olive Mainz
  • Workflow und Wawi: Huettner und Werfling
  • EGroupware Anwendertage - Herzlich Willkommen
  • Ralf Becker - EGroupware Roadmap
  • Get togheter im Coworking Space M1

EGroupware 17.1 –  perspective on the new version

Lecture by Birgit Becker, Managing Director of EGroupware GmbH

New features include the EGroupware login page, S/MIME encryption, new notifications, easier handling of duplicates in the address book and the ability to edit documents together.

In addition, Ralf Becker will talk about the improved spam and virus protection with SpamTitan in the opening lecture.


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Adapting EGroupware without programming

Part 1

Workshop with Birgit Becker, Managing Director of EGroupware GmbH

How can I optimally adapt EGroupware to the needs of my company? How do I change the login page from version 17.1? Where do I determine my own translations? Birgit Becker shows important tips and tricks.

>> More about online Groupware


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Adapting EGroupware without programming

Part 2

How do simple changes to eTemplates or user-defined InfoLog types work? Using the example of a customer instance, we will show how we can implement precisely tailored settings for company processes.

Please contact us for more detailed Informations and questions about settings!


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EGroupware Reseller: Workshop

How do I become a reseller? What are the conditions? How does the Digistore Affiliate Program work?

Ingo Kreißelmeyer and Stefan Becker discuss the various options with resellers and interested parties at the user days 2017.

>> More about the EGroupware reseller program


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Encryption PGP vs. S/MIME: Workshop

What are the differences between PGP and S/MIME encryption methods? How do they work? Hadi Nategh and Ralf Becker explained the functional mechanisms of the protocols to the users. In the slides from the workshop you can read it in peace and quiet.

>> Download PDF “PGP vs. S/MIME”


EGroupware user days 2017: Fotos of the event


Location of the event in Mainz

Coworking M1 Mainz - Logo

Coworking M1

Anni-Eisler-Lehmann-Str. 3

55122 Mainz

5 to 10 minutes from the Trainstation

Entrance opposite Mombacher Straße

Coworking M1 Mainz - Fassade

Coworking Space M1

With the Coworking Space in Mainz we have found a great place for the EGroupware user Days 2017. A large conference room and smaller rooms are available for EGroupware workshops.

A professional team in the open kitchen takes care of the physical well-being of the visitors. Lunch, coffee breaks and drinks are included in the price for both days. Fresh fruit, coffee, tea and cold drinks are available for both days.

Only the dinner on the first day (in the “Pappelhaus” in Mainz-Kastell) is provided by the visitors themselves.

  • Coworking M1 Mainz - Impression
  • Coworking M1 Mainz - Konferenzraum 2
  • Coworking M1 Mainz - Open Space
  • Coworking M1 Mainz - Konferenzraum
  • Coworking M1 Mainz
  • fe6d8b_f8a1bb9f80c448dda17732d1e9a526db~mv2
  • fe6d8b_e2de5e20daf14da29ec8d8e1d0419bf7~mv2

The topics in detail:

Topics Day 1

Greeting, keynote note “EGroupware yesterday, today and in the future”

EGroupware Cloud or own installation?
(Speakers: Ralf Becker und Hadi Nategh)
* Benefits of the Cloud vs. own installation
* Security aspects and data protectionSicherheitsaspekte
* Technical implementation and current development

EGroupware Version 17.1 – what’s new?
(Speaker: Birgit Becker/Ralf Becker)
* Collaborative editing
* S/MIME encryption
* Further improvements

The EGroupware partners and the new Community Manager introduce themselves

(With the EGroupware partners and Stefan Unverricht)
* Get to know the partners of EGroupware GmbH and the new EGroupware Community Manager Stefan Unverricht.

Roadmap – Diskussion und Feedback
(Speaker: Birgit Becker/Ralf Becker)
* Presentation of the Roadmap of EGroupware
* Commitment to the Community and EPL Version
* Open discussion: What do you want as a user for the future?



Topics Day 2

Adapting EGroupware optimally without programming

(Speaker: Birgit Becker)

*  How do I adapt EGroupware exactly to my processes?
* Customize Look and Feel: Logo, colors, home page
* Insert your own fields and descriptions in the user interface
* Practical examples

CE or EPL – Differences, advantages

(Speaker: Birgit Becker/Ralf Becker)
* Presentation of the EPL features
* How does support work?
* Switching between both versions
* How can I support the further development of EGroupware?

EGroupware Reseller
(Workshop with Ingo Kreißelmeyer und Stefan Becker)
* How do I become a reseller?
* What are the terms?
* Digistore Partner Program
* Exchange with existing resellers

EGroupware on the road: Sync vs. Mobile Access 
(Workshop with Hadi Nategh)
* Comparison of technical possibilities: Advantages and disadvantages of the
* ActiveSync, CalDAV/CardDAV, mobile Access
* Which devices support which protocol?
* Mobile Management with eSyncPro

EGroupware applications eWorkflow + eWawi

(Workshop with EGroupware Partner Hüttner&Werfling)
* eWorkflow: Automate your processes
* eWawi: Writing offers, orders and invoices
* Application examples from EGroupware customers

Serial letters, mailings and reports
(Workshop with Birgit Becker)
* Create your own templates for printouts, reports and e-mails
* Which file formats and placeholders are supported?
* Presentation of concrete application examples

Encryption: PGP vs. S/MIME

(Workshop with Hadi Nategh and Ralf Becker)
* Integration in EGroupware
* When do I use which protocol?
* Preparation and requirements

Install EGroupware perfectly – automatically up-to-date and secure
(Workshop with Ralf Becker)
* Installation, version update and migration to other servers
* Integration/management of the mail server and support LDAP, AD, Univention
* Performance optimization – special features of large installations