First Release Candidate for EGroupware Version 17.1


 Dear community members, developers and EGroupware users,

EGroupware GmbH is happy to announce the first 17.1 release candidate.

EGroupware Version 17.1 contains many new features and improvements. Just to name a few:

* Collabora: integration of Collabora Libre Office Online allowing to edit office document in browser
* Collabora: collaborative editing
* Collabora: free of charge trial via EGroupware GmbH Collabora server farm
* All apps: merge print now also opens merged documents in Collabora app
* All apps: new notification system showing notifications in, by default hidden, sidebar
* Mail: server-side S/Mime support (does not require browser plugins)
* Mail: SpamTitan integration: white- and black-listing of addresses, ham/spam marking of mails
* Mail: improved privacy allowing to not automatic load external images
* ProjectManager: role-based notifications
* Admin: new group-list and export of all ACL rights
* many improvements in all apps

Please note the changed minimum requirement of PHP 5.6+, recommended PHP 7.
It means you need at least a Debian 8/9, Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL/CentOS 6/7 or a current distribution of openSUSE or SLES with PHP 7.

Recommended installation packages are available in a separate server:eGroupware:trunk repository on 

EGroupware sources are managed on Github:

Above page also contains installation instructions for the installation via git with myrepos tool and archives.

As an alternative to test an on-premises installation of version 17.1, EGroupware is available as a trial in the EGroupware data center.

Please help testing the release candidate.

We´re looking forward to your feedback on our Facebook page:

Happy testing 🙂

Ralf Becker

EGroupware Forum
Ralf Becker, Geschäftsführer und Leiter Software Entwicklung