EGroupware at the OpenRheinRuhr 2017 in Oberhausen

Dear EGroupware users,

we are represented at the OpenRheinRuhr on 4 and 5 November 2017 at the Rheinisches Industriemuseum in Oberhausen with our Community Manager and a lecture.

Visit the exhibition, listen to the lecture, meet our Community Manager Stefan Unverricht (both days present) and make new contacts!

The lecture will take place on Sunday, November 5th at 14:40.

EGroupware GmbH is the sponsor of this event. We have a limited contingent of free tickets available for our customers and prospective customers, with a limited number of free tickets. You can also request several tickets to bring other visitors.

Send uns a email with the subject “OpenRheinRuhr” to, so that we can send you the free tickets.

We look forward to meeting you in Oberhausen on 4 or 5 November 2017!