EGroupware 16.1. Release Candidate 3

Stylite AG is happy to announce the third and probably last 16.1 release candidate.

It contains following changes and fixes to 16.1 RC2:

* eSync: several fixes to improve syncing with Outlook and avoid running out of memory
* MySQL/Ubuntu 16.04: switch off sql_mode ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY enabled in MySQL 5.7+
* Mobile: fix error popup when changing application on mobile device in minimal 16.1 install
* eSync/Calendar: reading events in chunks of 100, to keep memory down for huge calendars
* Mail: Fix mail unsubscribe does not refresh mail tree anymore
* CalDAV/InfoLog: do not export stardate > duedate, as some clients (e.g. CalDAV Sync for Android) have problems with it
* eSync/InfoLog: do not export stardate > duedate, as it crashes Outlook
* ImportExport: fix PHP Fatal in import wizard in minimal install
* Projectmanager: booking new timesheets on project did not update total in project sums

It contains the following changes and fixes to 16.1RC1:
* eSync: you need to recreate exchange accounts on your devices, Z-Push SQL state backend is used now
* eSync: Z-Push 2.3 allows to sync Outlook 2013 & 2016
* Mail/Api: replace deprecated Mcrypt PHP extension with OpenSSL,
use AES128 with pbkdf2 stretching of passwords
* PGP: renamed (hidden) backup-file in users home-directory to .PGP-Key-Backup
* InfoLog: change description to longtext (4GB) to not overflow
on long comments or PGP encrypted files
* Addressbook/Mail: fix PHP Fatal error when clicking on “add new contact” icon in mail
* Resources: fix PHP Fatal call to undefined method Api\Accounts::get_list() when editing ACL
* Mail: fix PHP Fatal error when saving Sieve scripts
* ImportExport: scheduled im/exports fail with PHP Fatal error
* Filemanager/Projectmanager: fix broken layout when showing
/apps/projectmanager e.g. opening Filemanager from PM
* Setup: some authentication types e.g. Cas were not shown in setup
* API: async service failed to run on a default install (no phpgwapi)
* Admin: fix async service testjob to run on a default install (no phpgwapi)
* Mail: fix PHP Fatal when switching identities

EGroupware Version 16.1 contains many new features and improvements. Just to name a few:

* Calendar: complete rewrite of the user interface for improved functionality, drag&drop, context menu
* Mobile: new mobile phone and tablet user interface, offering a compact display for mobile phones
* Desktop: new brighter desktop template, lots of work on usability and look & feel
* Mail/InfoLog: PGP end-to-end encryption using the Mailvelope plugin (InfoLog requires EPL subscription)
* ActiveSync: update to Z-Push 2.3 fixing several Android problems

Please note the changed minimum requirement of PHP 5.4+, recommended 5.6 or 7.0. It means you need at least a Debian7, Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 7 (6 with IUS repo) or openSUSE 13.1 or SLE 12. Recommendation is of course always to use a current distribution, e.g. Ubuntu 16.04 or RHEL/CentOS 7 with PHP 7.

Recommended installation packages are available in a separate server:eGroupware:trunk repository on

EGroupware sources are managed on Github since a couple of weeks:
This page also contains installation instructions for the installation via git with myrepos tool and archives.

Alternatively to a test installation of 16.1 on an own server, EGroupware is available as a free 30-days-trial in the Stylite computing center.

We´re looking forward to your feedback!
The final release is currently planned for Friday, 1st of July 2016.

Ralf Becker
Director Software Development