2. RC for EGroupware 14.2 released

We decided to have an other final release candidate, because of many noteworthy improvements since first release candidate:

  • FileManager: click on image opens expose view incl. gallery and slide-show
  • FileManager: enhance sharing to keep session of already logged in user, when he clicks on a share
  • Mail/SMTP: fixed not working sending of mails, if secure connection setting was different from IMAP server “could not connect to SMTP server”
  • Mail/Sieve: fixed not running/set async vacation notice
  • Mail/Sieve: remove prefix (of mail account) for sieve save into folder
  • All applications: Fix unintentional dragging happens while user try to do scrolling over a dragging item in FF (e.g. scrolling over an scrollable InfoLog entry)
  • Backup: fixed broken backup of tables without an auto index
  • WebDAV: fixed not working range requests causing e.g. direct playing of video files to fail
  • Calendar: speed improvements for huge calendar databases
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed not synced events constructed from exceptions
  • ProjectManager: fix SQL error “unknown column pe_ in order clause”
  • Setup: allow to use Composer (https://getcomposer.org/) to manager requirements (instead of PEAR)
  • no longer requiring php(5)-pear, but new egroupware-epl-vendor package containing all dependencies

Last one is an important change, if you choose to install from archives: there is no longer a need to install PEAR and Horde packages we depend on!

Installation packages are available via OpenBuildService server: eGroupWare:trunk project, see our download page:


Please help testing the release candidate and give us feedback via our Facebook page:


Release date has been moved by one week to January 29th 2015.
Happy testing 🙂


Ralf Becker
Director Software Development, Stylite AG