EGroupware 14.2 Beta released

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of new 14.2 beta.

14.2 adds three – in our opinion – most wanted features:

1. Dropbox like sharing of files

EGroupware users often have the need to exchange files with people outside there own EGroupware.

With file sharing we have now a simple solution exactly for that problem.

Select one or more files or directories in Filemanager, right-click and choose Mail files as:

Attachment (old way, works reliably only for a couple of MB total file-size)
Download link: creates a copy of current version of files and mails a link allowing to download them
Readable share: mails a link allowing to download at that time current version of files
Writable share: mails a link allowing to download or update current version of files
Last option is only available in EPL subscription together with an optional expiration date or password.

The links require no further authentication, sharing your EGroupware credentials or create recipients as EGroupware users.

That new facility can also be used from Mail compose to work around attachment size limitation imposed by mail servers.

A list of shared files in Filemanager menu allows to delete a share and therefore renders a sharing link immediately unusable.

2. Home app is back in form of a customizable dashboard

Dashboard was designed as a new form to organize your work:

have a couple of key customers to need to contact daily, just drag them to dashboard to always have them available
that calendar favorite showing the week of you and your co-worker, just add it to dashboard to have it always in view
same is true for all favorites they can be added by right click on dashboard: Add >> app-name >> Favorite >> select one
select a couple of entries from any app and drag them to dashboard
of course you can also add a simple note / post-it to your dashboard
EGroupware news have been ported to eTemplate2 and are therefore available too

3. Tablet support for EGroupware

EGroupware detects now tablets and other mobile devices and switched automatically to our new “mobile” theme.

Mobile theme rearranges user interface for the small screen on your device. It also adds touch support to:

select or deselect rows via right or left swipe
tab (long click) opens context menu with all available options
menu can be hidden to maximize space available for your content (state is remembers on a per app basis)
rotating the device moves menu from left side for landscape to top for portrait orientation to make most of available space
Edit dialogs and the like open full screen as you expect it from a mobile app. They always return to list they are opened from.

Mobile theme keeps all client side data available when changing view, to minimize traffic with server, like Pixelegg or Stylite template does already. You can also select it explicit as theme for small screens.

14.2 beta is immediate available from our download page, or as package for most Linux distributions:

Have fun trying it out and tell us what you think about it through our Facebook page: