Download EGroupware community edition

Before Installing EGroupware, read

Current release: 1.8.006 security and maintenance release

  • Debian/Ubuntu packages from openSUSE buildservice: Debian 6 (Squeeze) / 7 (Wheezy), Ubuntu 10.04-13.04 please create a repository file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/egroupware.sources.list with following content:
    deb ./
    (For Ubuntu replace Debian_7.0 with xUbuntu_13.04, xUbuntu_12.10 or xUbuntu_12.04)To import the repository key for Debian/Ubuntu run (rpm based distros ask you, if they should import the key permanent): 
    wget -O - | apt-key add -
  • Many free operating system already come with EGroupware packages. Have a look in your package manager, to easily install EGroupware. Please check the version, it might be outdated.

EGroupware Community Version: GNU General Public License

EGroupware is licensed under the GNU General Public License v.2.0 (GPL2). This means in short terms:
  • EGroupware is available and usable free of charge
  • You are allowed to modify it, as long as your modifications are published under the same terms (GPL)
  • Legally binding is of cause only the full text available via the link!