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Viale IV Novembre, 85/31
31100 Treviso

Tel: +39 0422 545487
Email: info(at)

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Since 1994 has been working in the consulting, sale and rental of hardware and software, as well as the complete support of the entire IT sector of companies.

Barthelmeß EDV-Service GmbH

Huchenfelder Hauptstraße 110
75181 Pforzheim

Tel: +49 (7231) 978516
Email: info(at)

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The aim of Barthelmeß EDV-Service GmbH is to offer your company competent support in all information technology areas.

From consulting and planning to the implementation of your IT projects, Barthelmeß EDV-Service GmbH is your one-stop partner.

opendynamic GmbH & Co. KG

Besselstr. 9
68219 Mannheim

Tel: +49-621-180612-0
Email: info(at)

Direttore generale: Sig. Siniša Batista

About opendynamic

Opendynamic specializes in ERP systems, but combines them with EGroupware. They offer you solutions that are based on your actual needs. Thus, opendynamic ensures that you can achieve a significant reduction in IT costs while increasing productivity and work efficiency. In doing so, we focus on the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

GRÜN raw GmbH

Am Burgholz 33-35
52372 Kreuzau-Stockheim

Tel: +49(0)2421 9555 0
EMail: info(at)

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To be a trustworthy and reliable partner for the customer in all questions of electronic data processing. Our range of services has been changing for almost five decades in line with the demands of our customers and the markets.
What remains unchanged is that you can count on us day and night, then as now.

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There are many advantages for EGroupware resellers. Use the direct and close connection to the makers of EGroupware. You can sell EGroupware in the cloud as well as in the own installation (EPL). Here you will find a selection of EGroupware resellers with whom we work together.

Would you also like to become an EGroupware reseller? We look forward to hearing from you.


Diventa un rivenditore EGroupware

EGroupware Reseller Workshop

Come posso diventare un rivenditore? Quali sono le condizioni?
Come funziona il programma di affiliazione Digistore?
Ingo Kreißelmeyer e Stefan Becker parlano ai rivenditori e alle parti interessate all'”Anwendertagen” di Magonza delle diverse opzioni. (Il webinar è solo in tedesco)

Siamo felici di fornire ai rivenditori e ai partner materiale su EGroupware. Se hai altre domande sul programma per rivenditori, visita il nostro sito
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