EGroupware 17.1 Business Competence

The integration of Collabora Online Office completes EGroupware to a flexible enterprise software:

Your users open and edit Office documents such as texts, tables or presentations directly in EGroupware. A ticket system, project management, CRM functionalities and the integrated file server go far beyond pure groupware functionality.

Thanks to the new notification function, you are always kept up to date on the most important changes made by your colleagues.

Simple marking as spam or whitelisting for e-mail addresses directly from the e-mail processing dialogue. Secure e-mail traffic through PGP and S/Mime encryption.

EGroupware Kalender Collaborative Software

EGroupware 17.1 Collabora Office


Documents are edited exclusively in the browser (Firefox or Chrome). The installation of a local office programme is no longer necessary.

The possibility to edit different texts or tables together in real time is a real enrichment for EGroupware users.

You collect your data in EGroupware, use template documents with placeholders and then insert the contents into your documents. Further processing or saving as a PDF is again done directly in the Online Office.

Optic & Usability

The notification function of EGroupware version 17.1 has been completely revised. The notifications are clearly displayed at the top right – so all important changes are always in view.

The new login page with customisation options for administrators is modern and increases identification with your company.

The dialogues for selecting files or images have also been revised and adapted to the lighter design.


E-Mail – S/Mime – SpamTitan

In version 17.1, EGroupware now also offers S/Mime encryption in addition to PGP encryption of mails. Keys are stored in EGroupware – public key in the address book, private key in the user’s mail profile.

Integration of SpamTitan in EGroupware. EGroupware hosting customers can blacklist or whitelist email addresses and mark mails as spam or ham directly from the email module. Thus the filter learns and reduces the number of unwanted mails.

Even if your e-mails are not in EGroupware Hosting, you have the option of using spam and virus filtering via SpamTitan as a service.

Various extensions

Addresbook & CRM:

  • Duplicate view with possibility of uniting contacts including all links (Infolog entries, appointments …)
  • Extension of CRM functionality: send personalised serial emails and save them directly as Infolog for documentation on each customer
  • CalDAV Sync removes tasks when user is removed from delegation


  • Switch on notifications via roles
  • Security: Deletion protection and recovery of deleted projects – Can be switched on via configuration


  • New overview page of the groups with all details and descriptions
  • Possibility to export all access rights as CSV (filter users/groups/applications)