Christian Herzog

Head of IT, Department of Physics

“EGroupware is mainly used for scheduling individual employees and for setting group appointments. Synchronization with external clients is also in high demand. Due to the versatile synchronization possibilities in our very heterogeneous environment (Linux, Mac, Windows, all kinds of mobile devices), we decided to use EGroupware after a long evaluation of many groupware solutions.

The cooperation with EGroupware GmbH is very pleasant and productive, direct personal contact to the developers, competent support, good accessibility.

The IT Services Group (ISG) at the Department of Physics of the ETH Zurich provides the approx. 500 employees of D-PHYS with the ICT resources they need in their daily teaching and research work. Since 2009 we have been working on the basis of the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL).

Christian Herzog, Head of IT, Department of Physics

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