Educational institutions

What educational institutions and schools say about EGroupware

Max-Planck-Institut for Plasmaphysik, Institut Greifswald

Why EGroupware? We use a variety of Unix and Windows systems. Therefore only one calendar came into question, which can be used from a server with any internet browser. As a research institution which is financed by public funds, OpenSource Software plays a big role. Since we are building a large-scale research experiment, it is necessary that the most diverse groups… read more

ETH Zürich

EGroupware is mainly used for scheduling individual employees and for setting group appointments. Synchronization with external clients is also in high demand. Due to the versatile synchronization possibilities in our very heterogeneous environment (Linux, Mac, Windows, all kinds of mobile devices), we decided to use EGroupware after a long evaluation of many groupware solutions. The cooperation with EGroupware… read more

Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

Geographical independence and yet networked working is enormously important for our university, as we are spread over two locations. We need a smoothly functioning and easy-to-use software solution. For these reasons we decided to use EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL). The competent, friendly team is very easy to reach and delivers fast, uncomplicated … read more


As an application-oriented, independent subsidiary of the University of Duisburg, the ZBT supports the development of the fuel cell industry with the aim of achieving the market entry of fuel cells. We have been using the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL) in our company since 2005. All 80 employees and 20 other colleagues of the University of Duisburg are integrated as users, especially the latter work exclusively.. read more

Stadt Detmold / Schul-Informationstechnik

The EGroupware is a great medium for the smooth flow of information and communication. Based on the software, you can work independently of time and space. The functions can be used from any computer or even via smartphone, which saves time and saves financial resources. The SSL-encrypted access via a web frontend saves us the time-consuming and costly transmission of individually encrypted … read more

Gymnasium Edenkoben

Advantages of EGroupware No more appointment overlapping due to professional calendar solution Central access by all teachers possible – no information backlog Attractive price-performance ratio User friendliness Spatial independence of the logged-in users – more flexibility – saves time and unnecessary ways We experience a very good, fast, personal support. The Gymnasium Edenkoben has 1100 students and 80 teachers. The main areas of application of … read more