Security and Maintenance Releases

Maintenance Releases and Change Logs

Follow EGroupware development! New features and bugfixes are updated to EGroupware Cloud on every few days, the installation packages are build on every few weeks.


  • ActiveDirectory: fix not working integration, because of missing code after move to Git


  • Support for Ubuntu-16.04 with php 7.0.4


  • First release build with sources from Github
  • All applications: Fix file upload from file_selection dialog not working in IE and Safari
  • Mail: Fix emails with single quote in local address not getting parsed correctly (eg. test.o’
  • TranslationTools: move remaining code from developer_tools directory to etemplate
  • Mail/Addressbook/Calendar: add and use charset when sending/receiving mails with vCard/iCals, change default vCard charset preference to utf-8
  • Import/Export: Fix export with multi-select customfields does not work
  • Addressbook: adding “Lastname, Firstname (birthday)” as fileas and link-title
  • Preferences/CKEditor: Remove unsupported skins from CKEditor


  • CardDAV: fix not working creation of new CardDAV account with OS X 10.11.4 addressbook (it stays empty)
  • CardDAV: SoGo and Busycontacts without all name- or organisation components use last value for missing ones
  • CalDAV: fix exceptions (EXDATE) was exported with timezone and Zulu-time, causing eM Clinet to fail
  • ProjectManager: fix PHP 5.3 problem: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected “[“
  • LDAP: fix “Protocol error” on creating new accounts, if “Do you want to manage home directory and login shell attributes?” is set to yes, but fields are left empty
  • Admin: clear cache after admin-cli.php commands, so they become active automatically, also backported feedback for “Clear cache and register hooks” from trunk
  • Bookmark: Fix bookmark preview image not getting a right size
  • Bookmarks: fixed not displayed favicon for new bookmarks
  • Wiki/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error while searching


  • All apps: updated included Horde and PEAR packages (now including PEAR itself) to improve php 7.0 compatibility
  • Filemanager: add ability to finally delete all old versions or deleted files from a versioned directory
  • Filemanager: fix not working upload in idots template
  • Filemanger: filemanager/cli.php wrongly reported wrong passwords for setup or config user with newer password hashes
  • ActiveDirectory: fix creation of groups without description or removing of description of an existing group
  • ActiveDirectory: fixed user who never changed his password get forced to change his password
  • Bookmarks: respect Preference-Setting for defaultview (tree/list)
  • Mail: fix drag and drop of folders for mail folder tree
  • Mail: deny moving folders from one mailaccount to another as we are not supporting it
  • Mail: fix for problem when retrieving and displaying an event from winmail.dat attachment
  • EMailAdmin: new flag to allow users to change forwarding in EGroupware managed mail-servers (mandatory database update!)
  • eSync: close session for ping requests to not block other requests
  • PHP 5.3: fix PHP Fatal error when opening Addressbook app caused by using a PHP 5.4+ feature
  • PHP 7.0: minimal support, full support will come with 16.1


  • All Applications: Fix missing Ckeditor in previous packages
  • Addressbook: Fix some styling issue


  • Mail: Fix browser crashes when try to save all winmail.dat attachments into filemanager
  • Addressbook: Fix email action in context menu does not send a valid email to compose dialog for certain email addresses
  • All applications/ Tutorials:
  • -Fix discarding tutorials prompt not working if the configuration is set to sidebox
    -Rephrase tutorials siteconfiguration labels for ease of comprehension

  • Fix mail printing style
  • Admin: Add (de)activating mail accounts into admin contextmenu
  • Addressbook/CardDAV: fix contacts created with “Copy instead of move” checked in “Move to addressbook” context menu sync not correctly (already created ones need to be deleted!)
  • Mail: Fix compose dialog goes under window’s taskbar and attachments are not visible
  • Infolog: Fix not working subtraction option for infolog-value widget
  • Filemanager: Fix not being able to upload files in filemanager if user id includes space
  • Calendar/ mail integration: Fix created event out of mail has no delete button available in participants list


  • PostgreSQL/Calendar: fix SQL error on update, caused by using reserved word “user” as alias
  • all apps/Tutorials:
  • Univention: allow to migrate accounts from SQL backupt to Univention (install new EGroupware app and delete all users and groups in Univention first)
  • Calendar/CalDAV: allow to download whole calendar as one big iCal file using “https://$user:$$user/calendar/?download”
  • ImportExport: switch notifications off by default on import
  • Calendar/edit: Fix broken tooltip for participant image in conflict dialog
  • Addressbook: Fix conflict between search letter and delete a contact
  • Mail: Fix not showing mail quota for the first time load
  • Infolog: Fix infolog status
  • Mail: Fix slow loading of mail list if there is mail with winmail.dat attachment
  • Mail: Fix mail print version has very small font size


  • all apps: replace flash based clipboard with html5 solution supported by Chrome, IE, FF 41+, not working in Safari
  • all apps: update CKEditor to version 4.5.4
  • Mail: account wizzard uses now higher timeout of 3 seconds and detects office365 account automatic
  • Mail: fix for cascading forward problem (problem when forwarding mails with forwarded messages attached in inline mode)
  • Calendar/CalDAV: recurring events with non-EGroupware participants (specified by email) were showing additional participants with cryptic mailto addresses (DB update required!)
  • Calendar/favorites: Fix not working setting a group while creating a calendar favorite
  • Tracker/ProjectManager: images dragged into new (not yet saved) entries where not accessible by other users


  • Calendar: fix not working storing of events


  • Tutorials: divers fixes for different browsers, specially IE 10/11 and Safari


  • All Applications: Implement new features for showing all video tutorials accessible from app’s sidebox
  • Calendar/CalDAV/iMip: only include replying participant in iMip REPLY messages
  • Mail: Fix issue download an attachment from mail preview, crashes Chrome
  • Addressbook/CardDAV: fix not working import / PUT of birthday in vCard
  • Mail/Wiki/Sitemgr: reworked XSS tests to allow eg. font-names containing “script” and other patterns forbidden by previous test, also added new html5 specific tests
  • Filemanager/all apps: fix not working filemanager favorites in file selection popup
  • Notifications/all apps: do not block other requests while notifications are queried
  • Calendar/Mail: send meeting requests including html body like current Exchange server does it
  • Etemplate: Fix issue expose view gets opened for not supported mime-type (eg. image/pdf)
  • Filemanager/Mail/LDAP/UCS: fix not working sharing, if accounts are stored in ldap
  • Mail: disable BINARY IMAP extension wrongly reported by, causing mails to be shown in transfer encoding
  • Mail/API: map charset ks_c_5601-1987 to CP949 as the former is not supported by php(s) conversion functions
  • Calendar: disabling Apply button for IE 10/11 and Edge, because all but current tab fail to load
  • IE10/11 and Edge: catching “Permission denied” error when accessing reloaded opener
  • API: fix SQL error in upgrade from 1.8/11.1: Incorrect string value *** for column async_data
  • Timesheet/Tracker: date filters like “last week” where not aware of daylight saving time changes


  • Calendar/eSync: iOS 9.0.2 (maybe other clients and versions too) moved start- and end-date of synchronised meeting requests to date of sync
  • Calendar: use event title for mails generated via edit popup actions: mail all participants and meeting request
  • Calendar/Mail: fix edit action meeting-requests to NOT set content-disposition: attachment, as this seems to stop automatic processing in Exchange
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed event not show if user only participates in an exeception (not the master) and has no read-rights for any master participant
  • Calendar/CalDAV: could not set own status for participation in an exception, if not being a participant of master
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fix Outlook does not import invitations with wired error “organizer needs not to send responses”
  • Calendar/Filemanager: display warning when clicking on an iCal file with more then 1 event, only first one is displayed
  • Projectmanager: fix external role to NOT lose project when storing a new timesheet
  • Wiki: respect table settings (eg. border) of user in html
  • Wiki: search in comment too
  • Tracker: CRM bugfixes
  • Preferences: Fix ACL error allowing regular users to delete global categories
  • Mail: implement the sorting by AutoFolders into the retrieval of folders and fix some sorting issues
  • eTemplate: setting higher request timeout of 4 hours (was 2 hours)
  • Addressbook: allow eg. telephone apps to jump directly into CRM view of a phonenumber with”49 123 456789″&ajax=true&cd=yes
  • LDAP: fix not working connect under newer PHP 5.6 (maybe other versions too) with PHP Warning: invalid port number: 0


  • All apps: fix broken group-favorites
  • All apps: some favorites could not be deleted (reappeared after reload/next login)
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed not working adding or update of photo
  • Calendar: fixed SQL error in list-view
  • Calendar: fix not working “no filter” favorite
  • Calendar/CalDAV: update timezones to 2015e from Thunderbird zones.json
  • Mail/preferences: Add Preview Pane option into mail preferences in order to be able to show/hide mail preview pane (split panel)
  • Mail: fix PHP Fatal error under 5.3 when displaying mails containing inline-images
  • Projectmanager: fix external role to NOT lose project when storing a new timesheet
  • LDAP: fix not working connect under newer PHP 5.6 (maybe other versions too) with PHP Warning: invalid port number: 0


  • Calendar/all apps: fix since last package not working old favorites and json-encode all php-serialized preferences
  • InfoLog: fix not working “No filter” favorite
  • PostgreSQL: repairing/creating missing indexes
  • Backup/PostgreSQL: indexes were not reported for backup
  • Backup/MySQL: limited index length was not reported for PHP mysqli driver
  • Backup: backup ascii columns as such, allways check and if necessary fix indexes on restore


  • All Apps: Implement drag and drop file from desktop into CKEditor / html-editor
  • Login: catch all exceptions in session creation, to NOT log user passwords, in case of (eg. database-)errors
  • PostgreSQL/Filemanager: fix SQL error while downloading files with long name (probably other cases too)
  • PostgreSQL: fix SQL error on login with auto-create accounts enabled and user-name already exists with different case
  • Admin: fix SQL error when searching in access rights popup (probably other places too)
  • Calendar: fix SQL error on storing events containing rfc822 email addresses with non-ascii characters eg. “Hugo Müller
  • InfoLog: fix SQL errors for custom types containing non-ascii chars (eg. German umlauts or Frensh acents
  • Mail: performance improvement for mail folder-tree
  • Tracker: treat html2text properly when notifying with html_edit activated
  • Addressbook: storing of account-contact-data did not work for non-admins which are in groups allowed to edit accounts (defined in Addressbook configuration)
  • Addressbook: fixed copying a contact one can only read, gives a readonly popup with just a cancel button


  • Filemanager: fix comments show non-ascii chars as ? (requires DB schema update again!)
  • PostgreSQL: automatic shorten all content requiring it, before schema update, to not stall 14.3 update
  • Admin/PostgreSQL: shorten ACL labels used to limit admin rights to 16 char and fixed stalled 14.3 update for PostgreSQL
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: enable old workarounds for NetDrives current user-agent string, create 0 byte files when storing without
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: use full urlencoding for OS X Finder, fixes problems with non-ascii chars in file- or folder-names
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: rename of a file or directory removed other files with names only differing in case eg. “test” and “Test”
  • Univention/Admin: renaming of accounts or groups works now (failed with removed old account)


  • Univention: fix PHP Fatal error while installing
  • Mail/subscription: Performance improvement
  • Filemanager/Versioning: filesystem checks now fixes directories existing multiple times, causing them to appear empty
  • Admin: fix SQL error when search contains a non-ascii character
  • Nginx/FastCGI: run shutdown callbacks (eg. link notification processing) after sending response to user
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fix not working private flag from Apple clients


  • Update API version to 14.3, NO new features, just database optimization targeting InnoDB engine in MySQL
  • CardDAV/Addresbook: contacts containing photos were broken and iOS showed phone number labels like “WORK instead of work
  • Univention: support Dovecot as IMAP available and default from 4.0-2 on
  • CalDAV/Calendar/InfoLog: do NOT use ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE for iCal 2.0, cuts eg. description off in TB, if containing non-ascii chars
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fix iOS 8.4 problem allways creating new contacts for admins in accounts addressbook, using now default or personal addressbook
  • Addressbook: custom fields of accounts enabled via own-account-acl were not editable
  • Chat: using phpFreeChat 1.7 from Github now
  • Filemanager/Versioning: rewrite SQL query to show attic-directory (deleted files) to improve performance


  • All apps: highlighting selected favorite
  • All apps: fixed not working notification links (not opening given entry) or changing app via url
  • Mail: fix PHP Fatal error in HTML mails, when using PHP 5.3
  • Mail/Calendar: remove iCal from alarms and correctly display canceled events in mail
  • Calendar: deleting an event did not honor “Do not notify” checkbox (if enabled)
  • Calendar: fixed copied execption of an event series still contained reference to original series
  • Calendar/CalDAV: rejected meeting-requests were not returned when searching for free time
  • Calendar/CalDAV: recurence exceptions were not exported since last package (Horde_Icalendar update)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: fixed since last package (Horde_Icalendar update) not imported start, due and completed dates


  • Login/Password: handle forced password change on login page
  • Mail/CalDAV/CardDAV: update to new Horde and PEAR versions, specially Horde_Icalendar 2.1.1
  • Mail: correctly quote name / personal part containing German umlauts or special chars when searching for email addresses in compose
  • Mail: fix inline image handling for reply/forward mail
  • Mail: inline images were not shown in Thunderbird
  • Mail: fix mail compose d-n-d for emails and distribution lists
  • Mail: fix sieve rules for moving mails into folder containing non-ascii chars (Dovecot requires sieve rules in utf8, while Cyrus needs utf7-imap)
  • Mail/ActiveSync: fix priority issue on retrieval of messages
  • Addressbook: fix sending many mails from AB to mail compose causes url length limitation error in IE and some webservers
  • Calendar: iCal export of list-view contains event series and not recurrences, also fixes wrong timezone, if different between user and server
  • Calendar/iCal/CalDAV: recuring events were exported to long
  • Calendar: fixed handling of alarms when creating exceptions to have them on exception and next regular recurrence
  • CalDAV/Calendar: storing now all properties send by client and not known to EGroupware and fixed acknowledging and snoozing of alarms
  • Admin: bulk password reset: fixed missing password from email and csv, csv download is working again
  • EMailAdmin: fixed not shown (used) quota for arbitrary user in admin
  • EMailAdmin: create a unique index for egw_ea_valid table
  • Android/EPL: SmoothSync app works now on non-standards ports eg.
  • API/VFS: download as zip; increase the time limit on a small amount of files, as they may hold a big amount of data
  • Setup: support mail authentication without PHP imap extension


  • All apps: if column information is stored in a favorite, restore it along with the filters
  • All apps: keep order of select-options custom-fields (was not working for nummeric values)
  • All apss: resize history log when edit popup get resized
  • Calendar/Mail: converting mails to calendar entries
  • Tracker: mailhandling always showed content as comment (no description for first ticket), subject did not trigger correct detection of existing tickets
  • Tracker: fix slow rendering of edit popup for hugh number of tracker-user
  • Calendar: added deleted timestamp to history, to be able to see who deleted an event and when
  • Addressbook: visualize own account ACL for non-admin users by making all other fields readonly
  • EMailAdmin: fixed not shown quote for Cyrus backend (Cyrus returns no used space, if no quota set!)
  • EMail: make sure internaldate is used and displayed, when header date is not set or available
  • Mobile: fix redirect loop, if template_set was forced to something else then “pixelegg”


  • Debian 8 and Ubuntu 15.04 packages
  • Calendar: when trying to load new holidays overwrite existing ones to not accumulate old ones (slowing down calendar)
  • Mail: fix not working compose on mobile devices / template
  • Mail/Activesync: Handle problem when forward / reply on mails original message was not included
  • ProjectManager: fix missing edit & delete buttons in roles


  • Calendar: update to remove with 14.2.001 updated set end-date for yearly recuring events (other recurrence-types can not be changed)
  • eTemplate: stoping requesting more and more rows causing browser to stall, if browser does not give us height for rows (probably because it defered rendering)


  • API: caching uses by default APC(u) if available AND apc.shm_size * apc.shm_segments >= 64M, it no longer complains in cron/cli if APC is not enabled (as it should and is by default)
  • Notifications: skip email notification if we have no valid SMTP profile (eg. because there are only personal accounts and we run via cron)
  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed not working creating of new distribution lists
  • PostgreSQL: fix SQL error viewing history of an entry containing attachments
  • IE/Addressbook: fixed width for notes field


  • All apps: fix unable to remove last value from multiselect
  • LDAP/Filemanager: fix fatal error / white screen in sharing when opening a sharing url
  • ActiveDirectory: primary group was not used when filtering accounts by a group, causing eg. no accounts to be found for “Domain Users” group in Admin or other apps
  • CardDAV: fixed not working MULTIGET report, if more then 500 contacts requested
  • Calendar: fix meeting invitations to allow accept or reject in Outlook (not set “Content-Disposition: attachment” for ical alternative)
  • Mail/Sieve: require a vacation notice text on vacationnotice edit and save
  • Admin: fixed not working notification for blocked users after too many tries with wrong password
  • All apps: fixed various issues with select-boxes, also minimising content transmitted to server
  • Filemanager/VFS: moved VFS code from “phpgwapi” directory to new “api” directory


  • LDAP,ActiveDirectory: setting default sorting of accounts to ascending, as in SQL backend
  • LDAP/AD/UCS/Filemanager: group-names were displayed as “#123” instead of name
  • LDAP/AD/UCS/Filemanager: new created groups home-directory was not displayed in filemanager
  • LDAP: fixed not working creation of new groups (with empty describtion)
  • LDAP/UCS/Admin: empty groups showed all users, if selected in accounts-list
  • Univention: Samba SID was not propagated to config of SambaAdmin app
  • Admin/ActiveDirectory: filtering user-list by groups was not implemented
  • ActiveDirectory: real password change (not reset) for PHP 5.4>=5.4.26, 5.5>=5.5.10, 5.6+ (subject to minimum password age policy!)
  • Calendar: meeting requests were not recogniced by other clients as such because of lost method parameter
  • Calendar: automatic load new holidays, if there are no irregular ones for a given year, plus new Germany holidays for 2016
  • Calendar: added configuration “Use range-views to optimise calendar queries?”, to go back to algorithm before 14.2.20150121
  • Infolog: Fix favorits are not working with details/no detail filter
  • Mail: fix fatal error / white screen when parsing winmal.dat (by updating to fixed Horde_Compress-2.1.1)
  • Mail: if user never send a mail from an account select first identity with an non-empty signature, not default identity
  • Mail: setting default font-face and -size reliable and remove space in front of cursor
  • Mail: on attachment/body retrieval BINARY retrieval may fail on certain servers; if so retry and fetch bodypart with BODY instead leaving the decoding to the library
  • All apps: use now same handling for pdf, text or html are opened now in popup, fixes viewing of attachments using mobile theme
  • All apps: expose view has not a save icon
  • All apps: nummeric custom-fields (float or new integer) sort nummeric in lists
  • All apps: Add a loading overlay while an application is loading
  • All apps: fix custom-fields with multiple not displayed fields
  • API/CKEditor: update to version 4.4.7


  • Mail/idots: fix not be able to open mail folders from the mail-tree
  • Safari: fix security warning caused by auto-complete when submitting from https to about:blank
  • Notification/Mail: Fix / work around for BAD Header problem encountered in notifications for insufficiently encoded subject
  • ProjectManager: additional columns for Gantt chart
  • Sharing: fixed not accessible share, if user already logged into same EGroupware instance, also fixed WebDAV problems using a share URL
  • Calendar: fix not shown last recurrence of limited recurring event in day-view (requires database update for existing events)
  • Mail: fixed problem with space in folder names under current PHP 5.5.22 or 5.6.6 by updating to newest Horde and PEAR versions
  • InfoLog: fixed not able to remove already selected project
  • Infolog: add update script to recover any InfoLogs hidden because of missing status


  • Critical: Unauthenticated insecure PHP object deseralization allowing arbitrary code execution
  • High: Cross site scripting by circumventing content security policy
  • High: Unauthenticated local file access read and write under MS Windows
  • credits to Andreas Fischer ( and Lukas Reschke (
  • Mail: composed mails saved as draft contains again attachments, drafts created by autosaving every 2 minutes do not for performance reasons
  • Tracker: fixed memberships were not taken into account when opening private tickets or reading restricted comments
  • InfoLog: new context menu: View parent with children
  • Univention: mail app was not working for in UCS created users
  • Admin: add a description to stock groups Admins, Default and NoGroup, allow to edit that description for LDAP and ADS
  • PostgreSQL: fixed not working new installation
  • ProjectManager/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error in project-list caused by new resources column
  • InfoLog/Addressbook: refresh CRM view if InfoLog was edited without having InfoLog tab open
  • Calendar: fixed week 13 was skiped (due to daylight saving change) when using week navigation, added propper header for multiple week view
  • SiteMgr: fix not displayed template preferences
  • SiteMgr: fix accordeon to work in 14.x
  • Mobile theme: Login page style improvement


  • 14.2 final release
  • All apps: improved printing: CRM view and given number or rows
  • All apps: drag & drop files only worked on input nodes, eg. files draged in from desktop
  • Filemanager/Mail: fixed not created thumbnails for readable shares
  • ImportExport: links supposed to open in admin did not show admin sidebox with tree
  • ProjectManager: add new role with rights limited only to add timesheets
  • Home: fixed placing of portlets for FireFox and missing context menu after re-opening home tab


  • 3. release candidate for upcomming 14.2 release
  • All apps: Activate cross-browser autocomplete
  • All apps: printing of lists improved a lot, asks now how many lines to print
  • Backup: backing up bool columns now for all databases as 1 or 0, but understanding PostgreSQL “t” or “f” too
  • Mail: fix not working BCC addresses
  • Mail: fixed exception when opening vacation notice or sieve-rules for an account with a changed standard identity or later created account
  • InfoLog: allow type specific index templates (named infolog.index.rows.$type)
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed not synced recurrences, because invitation was to a group only or first recurrence was an exception
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed synced events still contained deleted exceptions
  • Calendar: fix not working tooltip (showing html tags) in year-view
  • Calendar: fixed deleting exceptions while editing a series
  • Knowledgebase: use activate_links to make sure links open in new windows
  • Admin: fix not working setting of ACL for account-selection “select-box with primary group and search”, data from contains no selection
  • Admin: Fix edit groups dialog resize problem
  • Filemanager/Expose view: enhancements
  • Mail/IE: fixed compose popup did not open again after it was closed eg. mail was send
  • Mail/Sieve: check capability if VACATION is supported by SIEVE Server before trying to set an serverside vacation absent notice
  • Sieve: coping with a dbmail bug in some versions of the Server. Server using formal syntax being reserved for client->server communication


  • 2. release candidate for upcomming 14.2 release
  • Filemanager: click on image opens expose view incl. gallery and slide-show
  • Filemanager: enhance sharing to keep session of already logged in user, when he clicks on a share
  • Mail/SMTP: fixed not working sending of mails, if secure connection setting was different from IMAP server “cound not connect to SMTP server”
  • Mail/Sieve: fixed not running/set async vacation notice
  • Mail/Sieve: remove prefix (of mail-account) for sieve save into folder
  • All application: Fix unintentional dragging happens while user try to do scrolling over a dragging item in FF(e.g. scrolling over an scrollable infolog entry)
  • Backup: fixed broken backup of tables without an auto index
  • WebDAV: fixed not working range requests causing eg. direct playing of video files to fail
  • Calendar: speed improvments for huge calendar databases
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed not synced events constructed from exceptions
  • ProjectManager: fix SQL error “unknown column pe_* in order clause”
  • Setup: allow to use Composer ( to manager requirements (instead of PEAR)
  • no longer requiring php(5)-pear, but new egroupware-epl-vendor package containing all dependencies


  • Release candidate for 14.2
  • Filemanager: Tile view for filemanager incl. new bigger Mine icons and thumbnails for OpenOffice documents
  • Home: portlets (widgets on home screen) can be set as default for all users or groups by admins
  • Home: default home screen containing video tutorials, new and calendar week-view
  • Mail: customizable toolbar in compose dialog
  • Mail: fix for Horde_Imap_Client-2.26.0 requiring Horde_Mail-2.5.1 requring Horde_Idna-1.0.1 which stalls our autoloader by calling spl_autoload_register
  • Mail: fix problem sent or copied mail ending up with in folder of wrong mailaccount
  • Univention: allow installation on backup DC too (master was working before)
  • News: fixed SQL error when deleting huge number of news items
  • All apps: improved German translations, other languages are lacking


  • Filemanager: fixed create directory icon in list and select popup, clicking on favorites in select popup
  • Filemanager: fixed directory creation in vfs root (you need root permisstions of cause)
  • Mail: update title of compose window with subject
  • EMailAdmin: disable certificate validation for Sieve, which is enabled by default in PHP 5.6
  • all apps: suppressing private (or removed) custom-fields from history log
  • all apps: preserving for current user unavailable categories (eg. private categories of other user) when editing entries


  • egw-pear: removed, as no longer necessary
  • jdots/pixelegg: moved to main egroupware archive


  • bumping API version to 14.2 and fixing wrong version in changelog


  • first beta for 14.2 release
  • Home: new dashboard like app showing lists from favorits and entries dragged there from all apps
  • Filemanager/EMail: sharing of files and directories via links with optional password (EPL only)
  • EMail: using above sharing as alternativ to mailing huge attachments
  • all apps: much improved tablet support, also usable as desktop theme for small screens
  • all apps: popups can now be resized or maximized for easier editing of big description


  • Mail: combine account and identity/signature selection, allows now to send with a different identity
  • Mail: allways showing signature in compose, unless new (forcable) preference is set to add signature after compose
  • EMailAdmin: fixed creating identities as admin when further identities are not allowed (for regular users) overwrites standard identity
  • EMailAdmin: used quota not shown in mail-account when called by an admin for an other user (only for managed mail-servers)
  • all aps: lower memory requirements of insert into document by skipping HTML processing, if there are no html (custom-)fields
  • API: report failed Ajax requests to user incl. a hint that server error-log should contain more information
  • Admin: fix fatal error in admin >> bulk password reset
  • Tracker: remove NULL values for tr_private hiding tickets and preventing their creation on database level
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed OS X addressbook overwrites account with lowest id when creating a new contact (caused crash of OS X addressbook)
  • Calendar: Add new feature to the calendar app, in order to be able to sort calendars in day and week views
  • eSyncPro: show policies and other former sidebox content in admin tree


  • PHP: fix not starting Apache after adding apc.shm_size, caused by old APC version 3.1 (eg. in Debian6) using a shm_size in MB without unit
  • Admin/Setup: ignoring doublicate rows from old backups


  • Mail: fix mail display and compose open again in full height
  • Mail: setting a font-size of 12pt for printing mails
  • eMailAdmin: allow as admin to add or edit identities&signatures for other users
  • CalDAV: big calendars with more then 500 events in result-set were missing events
  • CalDAV: fixed users participating only in exceptions of a recurring event were also shown in whole series in Thunderbird and iCal
  • Calendar: add customizable link title in calendar preferences, in order to append extra fields to calendar’s link title
  • SiteMgr: got languages containing a dash eg. “es-es” working again
  • SiteMgr: content-area got lost when editing a block only allowed in a single content-area
  • PHP: automatic set size of shared memory available to PHP APC(u) extension to 128MB, if installed and less then 64MB


  • All Apps: get text selection in lists working with Alt/Cmd modifier and file drag-out with Shift+Alt/Cmd modifier
  • All Apps: Add clear button to nextmatch search box for Firefox
  • eSync: fixed not working sending of mails after 14.1.20141021 package
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: exceptions show up in calendars of participants only participating in exceptions not whole recuring event (requires a DB update for existing events!)
  • Admin: if group was selected only active accounts were shown and show primary group in LDAP
  • InfoLog: “No filter” favorite was not resetting filters anymore
  • InfoLog/Tracker: fix missing attachments when converting a composed mail to an InfoLog or Tracker entry
  • Filemanager: fix since PHP 5.5.18 not longer working non-ascii chars in filenames, eg. German umlauts or accents
  • Filemanager: Add some new filter options to show all sub-directories and files from links
  • NewsAdmin: fix SQL error on import, if a number of news items to keep was configured
  • Calendar: Add event description to calendar event body if the event is long enough (3 times bigger than calendar view interval).
  • Calendar: allow admin to set a “default calendar view” used for first display of calendar, afterwards last selected view is used
  • Addressbook: Add ability to rename current distribution list from context menu, as well as more consistent behaviour for adding lists
  • SambaAdmin: fixed not set password hashes and disabling old Lanmanager hashes by default, also polishing UI a bit
  • Mail: Make selected email item in compose dialog editable
  • Mail: fixed icons for special use folders did not use folders set in mail account
  • Mail: on save as zip: always fetch all attachments, even inline (images); do not fatally fail on empty attachments
  • ProjectManager/Timesheet: fixed an infinit loop when trying to save a project-element, caused by timesheet notifying project again
  • Projectmanager: prevent some infinit loop during updates
  • LDAP/Univention: add support for Univention LDAP schemas


  • SECURITY: path traversal revealing arbitrary files on server fixed, please update ASAP
  • All apps: Drag and drop entries between lists to link them
  • Mail: fix copy/move of mails between accounts
  • Mail: fix for messed up plain-text signature in some cases
  • Mail: import and display of mails failed, if personal part of addresses contains valid encoded utf-8 characters
  • Calendar: make custom fields available in table plugins for document merge
  • Calendar: fixed planner by category view was showing all categories under “None”
  • Addressbook: with double-click preference set to edit, CRM-view did not open when selected in menu
  • Addressbook: Fix tab order between zip code and city in AB edit dialog
  • InfoLog: allow to (re-)set view of entries link to contacts via favorites
  • Tracker: async job data of tracker got mangled by asyncservice
  • Timesheet: fix (un)setting project for adding, editing and save&new timesheets
  • News: fix broken automatic periodical import of news
  • Filemanager: fixed super-user not able to create top-level directory, eg. /test
  • Admin/LDAP: show LDAP extra attributes shell/homedir, if enabled in setup
  • Admin/LDAP: LDAP extra attributes homedirector and loginshell were not stored (home set to /dev/null)


  • Mail: fix download/saving of mail or attachments lead to redirect loop on next refresh
  • Mail: allow to enter name+mail eg. “Ralf Becker ” in compose, automatic fix unquoted commas in entered mail addresses
  • all apps: custom fields of type “float” allow to specify maxlength,size,min,max comma-separated in length field
  • Sambaadmin: fix editing user-data


  • Mail: handle (and correct if needed) charset for subject on import of messages
  • ProjectManager: fix an other SQL error in summary
  • Apache 2.4 and RHEL 7 installation fixes
  • Knowledgebase: restore capability to send articles via mail


  • All apps: fixed diverse regressions found while testing
  • Addressbook/Tracker/other apps: custom-fields were not saved (existing custom-fields and InfoLog worked)


  • Mail: decoding of TNEF/winmail.dat as attachments, requires installation of PEAR packages Horde_Compress, Horde_Icalendar, Horde_Mapi and PHP bcmath extension
  • Mail: fetch all subscribed folders for a given account in a single pass
  • Mail: vaction notice indicator in mail showed result of other users
  • Admin: New setting for admin users with available administrator password to be able to modify mail ACL rights and vacation notices (no longer in admin context menu but under edit account->forward… tab) of each accounts via both mail and admin app.
  • Samabaadmin: fix fatal error when calling app
  • Preferences: opening forced preferences set selectboxes for not set values to first real value not “Users Choice”
  • Timesheet: fix SQL error when searching and NO custom fields defined
  • Calendar: user without edit access to event could not delete own alarm
  • Filemanager: New styling and access to list of uploading files in progress
  • PostgreSQL/Admin: adding new accounts failed
  • PostgreSQL/Mail: changing password gave SQL error
  • PostgreSQL/Projectmanager: fix various SQL errors around filtering by app-name in element list
  • Mail/Calendar/eTemplate2: fix timezone problems of times in grid or lists, if server_timezone differs from php.ini date.timezone


  • Preferences: non-admin user was able to give himself run-rights to any app incl. admin
  • Mail: automatic save as draft during compose every 2 minutes
  • Mail: support the propagation of Thread-Topic, Thread-Index and List-Id on reply too
  • Mail: resolve distributionlists upon saving as draft, infolog, tracker and storing sent message in designated send-folder
  • ProjectManager: Gantt chart speed improvements and other bug fixes
  • Tracker: fix problem with correct resolution initzialization for new tracker entries
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: handle/catch problem with failed notification initialization
  • CardDAV/Addressbook/Preferences: accounts, primary group, all, … were not selectable in personal preferences
  • Login: disabling cookie-enabled-check again, as it causes a redirect look under certain conditions and browsers
  • API/MySQL: automatic try to reconnect once, if server closed connection “MySQL server has gone away”
  • Admin: using proxy configuration from setup for update-check and retrieving EPL license from


  • all apps: fixed regressions in yesterdays package
  • Timesheet: fix lost comment when viewtype was set to simple
  • Mail: Colorize mail contents according to their hierarchy in body
  • Projectmanager: fix SQL error when filtering by an application in element list, close and reopen PM


  • All apps/IE: fix not working file upload in IE
  • eTemplate2/all apps: fixed not displayed readonly dates outside lists (eg. created/modified dates in dialogs)
  • Spellchecker: marking “browser based” (default for new installs) and “No” as safer and fixing CSP policy for web-spell-checker
  • Projectmanager: speed improvements for large gantt charts
  • Projectmanager/all apps: fix not working popups, eg. add existing action in elements list
  • Calendar: if contact is added as participant and event has not yet a title add contact as title
  • Calendar: fixed freetime search to correctly read and set times from edit window
  • Mail: fix mail compose attachment is not shown while it’s on upload progress for the first time
  • Mail: improvement of attachment area UI in compose,display and preview dialogs
  • Mail: handle problem on Mail2Infolog/Mail2Tracker when creating the header info section on mails
  • Mail: make the saveAsDraft and print functionality working in mail compose dialog
  • Addressbook: fixed diverse problem with advanced search
  • InfoLog: keep pm link when changing contact
  • Filemanager: fixed not working file drop in with Firefox
  • Tracker/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error originating from timesheet


  • Timesheet: fixed not working custom date filter
  • Mail/EMailAdmin: change minimum version for Horde_Imap_Client to 2.24.2 to fix an error with namespaces
  • Mail: Fix changing flags and (un)read does not affect immidiately on mail list


  • ActiveSync: recreate session, if session does not contain correct password, fixes broken sync on some devices
  • InfoLog: fixed selection over multiple hierarchy levels (eg. deleting a child from an opened InfoLog also deleted previously selected top-level entry!)
  • InfoLog: allways show all children when opening an InfoLog containing children in list (not applying filters or search)
  • Tracker/eTemplate: user could not empty CC field (taglist-email)
  • EMail: show add icon if hovering over email address for adding it to addressbook (instead of white tooltip, covering further addresses)


  • EMailAdmin/Mail: folders on personal accounts where not stored, automatic unsetting “use default” when changing/adding folders
  • eTemplate2: fixed regressions from not published 14.1.20140827 package


  • all apps: current user was not taken into account for private custom-fields
  • all apps/eTemplate2: fixing various timezone related issues
  • all apps: fixed column sizes and stretch (which columns change when window size changes)
  • all apps: fix problem with resizing listviews’ columns in FireFox (FF) and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • PostgreSQL/Admin/Setup: backup stopped with SQL error
  • PostgreSQL/Mail: fixed SQL error in compose
  • LDAP/AD: auto-created accounts not allways set primary group also as membership
  • eSync: limit creation of sessions to one per device and user (like already done for CalDAV)
  • Mail: keyword actions were not always displayed (eg. never for Dovecot and GMail)
  • Mail: fix problem on not applied but possibly set status filter on all message actions for flagging
  • Mail: fixed sometimes not working (un)subscribe of mailboxes, added better diagnostic and automatic (de)select children
  • Mail: fix for failed zip-download when users startfolder is not writeable
  • Mail: make to/cc/bcc fields in compose draggable and droppable
  • EMailAdmin/Admin/Cyrus: fixed mailbox creation for new users incl. Sent,Trash,Drafts,Templates,Spam subfolders, if defined in account
  • EMailAdmin/Admin/Cyrus: deleting of users did not delete mailbox on managed Cyrus server
  • EMailAdmin: folders to notify about were always stored as default for all users, if editied by an admin
  • Projectmanager: Load all sub-views at the start, and switch between them as needed. This gives faster switching between sub-views, and lower overall load times.
  • Projectmanager: dynamic loading of project tree leaves (speed up for huge number of projects)
  • Addressbook: no longer offering to move contacts to accounts addressbook, as we do not support that
  • Calendar: Fix recurrent whole day events do not pop up edit series dialog
  • Calendar/IE11: fixed calendar and other apps were not working, if doing something in the calendar in IE11
  • Calendar/InfoLog: Implement drag,drop and resize for integrated infolog events in all calendar views
  • Tracker: database update to fix new public tickets were not visible for technicians (change tr_private from NULL to “0”)
  • InfoLog: subentries are now shown only in hierarchical view and updates to them also update modification time of parent


  • EMailAdmin/Mail: fix to work with Horde_Imap_Client 2.24.1+ (Tried to access unknown attribute “capability”!)
  • Mail: performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Mail: add all aliases to vacation message
  • Addressbook: next/previous button in CRM view was not working
  • Filemanager: fixed delete button for extended ACL
  • Addressbook/Mail: Dutch translations from our translation server


  • Mail: handle broken filenames (non utf8) in attachments


  • Admin: restore backups from admin was not working (worked only from setup)
  • Addressbook/all apps: dates change every time they get stored (temporary fix as conditions causing that are not clear)


  • Admin: automatic update check displaying an icon for available (security-)updates for admins, escalating for security updates to all users after 3 days
  • EMailAdmin: if wizzard was called on error, it was not able to save fixed account (showed same error again)
  • API/Admin: fixed not working Admin >> Clear cache for default APC(u) and files backends
  • Admin/API: remove no longer fully supported method to not “store session-id in cookie”, it is the safer default anyway
  • Mail: fixed wrong folders displayed, if Cyrus administration was activated
  • eTemplate2: fixed popups eg. tracker open empty, not rendering popup content
  • Admin/LDAP: deactivated accounts could not be reactivated, as account popup was not showing selected account
  • API/CKEditor: update to version 4.4.3 adding additional skins/themes
  • Admin/Setup: restore of 14.1 backup was not working (backup file itself is correct)


  • Backup: backup could contain rows multiple times (which caused restore to fail)
  • API: fixed broken configuration, causing eg. ActiveDirectory or LDAP authentication to fail (you need to run Setup >> Clear cache!)
  • Preferences: non-admins were allowed to changed default, forced or group preferences
  • Preferences: do NOT use deny configuration for admins
  • SiteMgr: fixed sliteshow (was loaded before jQuery)
  • Mail: unlock tree again after copy/move actions
  • ProjectManager: fix broken duration units causing times to display as undefined
  • eTemplate2: several fixes in widgets


  • final 14.1 release
  • Admin/all apps: fix refresh of admin after calling site configuration, categories, etc from apps
  • Admin: custom-fields were not loaded, account was edited from admin not addressbook
  • EMailAdmin: fixed migration of Sieve to use SSL/TLS for port 5190 and StartTLS for all other ports
  • EMailAdmin: fixed mail accounts valid for groups or multiple users and switching regular accounts to or from that
  • Addressbook: fixed sorting of category tree
  • Added context menu to download all linked files in one zip file


  • Debian: aptitude install egroupware-epl now removes 1.8 community packages or updates all EPL 11.1 packages
  • Calendar/API: allow not serialized data in async jobs, only run automatic purge if we have a real number > 0
  • Admin: fixed user statistic submit to work in 14.1
  • Admin/API: remove old database based error-log
  • Mail/Infolog/Tracker: fix problem with converting mail to infolog/tracker entries, when forwarded messages are attached (message/rfc822 attachments)
  • Setup: fixed fatal error “Cannot redeclare auth_type()”, when there is a validation error on saving configuration
  • Setup: config changed in setup did not update instance cache and was therefore not immediatly available
  • Infolog: Edit adds an implicit user preference in order to remember the last chosen of infolog’s type
  • Addressbook,Calendar,InfoLog,Timesheet: switch on history / delete preventions, if there is not already a config


  • 14.1 release candidate: you need to visit setup for manual (non-package) installations!
  • many bugfixes in all applications
  • all apps: custom-fields are now stored in own egw_customfields table (no more limit on number), site configurations get now JSON serialized
  • all apps: categories and async jobs extra data is now stored JSON serialized
  • ProjectManager: only query projects visible in tree, autoload others on opening, to improve performance with huge number of projects
  • Admin: admin view did no refresh if it shows something else then accounts list
  • PostgreSQL: fixed not working installation (access to not yet existing table stalls transaction)
  • PostgreSQL: fixed not working update from 1.8, as not existing FMail tables stalled update
  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed not displayed pictures
  • Notification/Mail: make sure acc_smtp_username is used (if available), to cope with strict mailserver settings to prevent faking sender information


  • ProjectManager: fixed parent projects were not updated with changes (you had to run sync-all manually
  • ProjectManager/Timesheet: automatic change a changed project-title in Timesheet too
  • ProjectManager: fixed switching from account-type “status” to “status and times” set datasource time as overwritten time
  • Setup: re-add config for mail authentication and fixed it to always try to use a TLS connection
  • Admin/Mail: allow admins to set vacation notice for a user
  • Mail/Vacation: Make vacation be able to be set from both Admin and Mail
  • Mail: store last move or copy targets for action menu options to be used to move mails to previously used targets on rightclick
  • EMailAdmin: wizard allows now in manual mode to skip IMAP configuration completely to create a SMTP only profile
  • Mail/Sieve: Show mail sieve rules list in mail index with sidebox mailTree available
  • Mail: when changing account on compose, we no longer fake the sender, but we use the outgoing Server settings of that account AND copy the sent message to that accounts sentfolder (if set and prefs suggest we should store a copy in the selected accounts sentfolder)
  • Mail: detect and handle actions on ALL-messages for setting and removing flags and lables for the mailbox we operate on
  • fixed SQL error “Field last_mod doesnt have a default value” on update for newer MySQL versions or PostgreSQL
  • API/htmLawed: update to version 1.1.17
  • Calendar/Alarm: Move calendar Alarm from Alarm tab to Details tab and make it more user friendly to add alarm
  • Calendar: adding default alarm for regular or whole-day events, preference is shared with CalDAV clients
  • Addressbook: fixed empty edit popup, if contact contains photo and changing of private custom-fields in extra private tab
  • Admin/Filemanager: creating groups did not create group directory, but damaged VFS (can be repaired with “Check virtual filesystem”)
  • Admin: accounts could not be deactivated
  • Notifications: fixed not used SMTP authentication and selection of mail account
  • Calendar/Notifications: show notification errors, eg. mail could not be sent
  • Mail: if we use a different Identity on sending AND the identity email is different but not empty from the account email; then use identity information for From and FromName; Do not touch Sender
  • Filemanager: user interface to mount into VFS or enable versioning (requires EPL)
  • Preferences: now stored JSON encoded in database (also removed many deprecated methods)
  • Calendar/iCal/CalDAV: normalize enddates not on a recurrence-date, to recurrence-date before (not next)


  • eTemplate2: fixed accounts got lost, if account-selection did not show all accounts
  • Filemanager/InfoLog: perserve expanded rows/directories on refresh
  • Filemanager: fixed not working opening of directories on double-click or using favorites
  • EMailAdmin: only query imap or smtp backend user-data (quota, aliases, forwards, …), if explicitly requested –> improve Mail performance
  • ProjectManager: further work on clientside gantt-chart
  • all apps: favorites caused apps to reload, as the got initialised for popups


  • Mail: display an error for broken accounts and let user fix it or continue working with other accounts
  • Mail: fix a namespace issue (for additional defineable namespaces under dovecot) reported by E.Popp
  • Mail: fix for messed up signature in some cases; fix for not beeing able to delete/remave an attachment to a new mail that was attached using PRESET methods
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: Add new feature to tracker mailhandling in order to extract latest reply from mail content, instead of the entire content including the previous replies.
  • Mail: limit async notification on new mail to once every 3 minutes; control if a imapHost is set on choosen profile
  • Mail: remember last used Signature on Compose, and try to use it on subsequent compose sessions
  • Setup: fixed (partially) stalled installation, because caching could not find not yet created configuration
  • Setup: fixed not working admin account creation, if it triggers an error in emailadmin (eg. because on email address given)


  • ImportExport: Creation of new filter column before we update definitions


  • Mail: skip accounts with no imap server set for notification and foldertree


  • Mail: fix wrong port (typo) for SMTP STARTTLS in wizard
  • Calendar: fix mail to all participants; uninvited additional email in preset email addresses
  • Mail: remove option to reset cached objects; reset Cached Objects on account-edit
  • Favorites: Make favorites item sortable and store their orders as user preference
  • Mail: implement notification for incomming mails in folders if configured/set in mailaccountprofile


  • Mail: working now without PHP imap extension


  • first 14.1 beta
  • Mail: new mail app replacing old felamimail and using Horde IMAP Client as backend (no PHP imap extension required)
  • EMailAdmin: completly rewritten including a wizard to create new mail accounts
  • Admin: new navigation tree, context menus on tree and user list, editing/adding accounts via account tab in addressbook
  • Preferences: new settings and ACL dialogs accessible via context sensitve popups in top-menu
  • Pixelegg: new default template for 14.1
  • eTemplate2: new engine rendering eTemplates on clientside, all submits are now ajax, lots of improvements in all widgets
  • all apps: many improvments from EPL compared to 1.8


  • CalDAV/calendar: if requesting user had only freebusy rights, no freebusy information was regurned
  • FireFox/all apps: fixed in recent FF version popups opened always in a single popup (overwritting previous opened one)
  • eTemplate/all apps: removed custom-field widget type IP again, as it caused too many problems in various modules
  • eMail: give user feedback when setting/applying timed vacation; do display of dates regarding user time zone settings; improve information when a vacation is set for a given time-range
  • eMail: fix / improve condition for copy to send folder, on not existing send folder -> give warning on compose window
  • eMail: make evaluation of message flags case INSENSITIVE (by changing all flags to lowercase before evaluating
  • eMail: some Servers have very limited SEARCH capability; (no OR allowed/supported) try to detect and act accordingly
  • Tracker: preserve html mode if set for tracker entry, but switched off globaly later (for display of comments); When in HTML mode, comments may exceed the size limit of the databasefield, if they do: try to fix the display of the comment by checking/validating the reply-comment with our purifying method -> tag balancing, as unbalanced tags in the reply may destroy the edit-form


  • All apps: run link notifications after processing and returning control to user to speed up saving of entries with links to (big) projects
  • eTemplate/all apps: limit displayed history to 500 entries
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: add “None” to forced preferences of addressbooks to sync in addition to personal one
  • CalDAV/Calendar: sending now iMip response to external organizer when initialy accepting invitation via CalDAV client (before only status changes where sent)
  • CalDAV/Calendar: store and therefore keep external organizer if he has no common name (just email) and also store its common name
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: entries with urls containing url-encoded chars, eg. from Google calendar, were not send to clients (missing urldecoding in multiget report)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed support for limited sync-collection report used eg. by Marten Gajdas Android apps
  • WebDAV/Filemanager: reject to save files by clients using chunked transfer-encoding on servers which does not support that (eg. OS X Finder with server using FastCGI PHP)
  • Tracker: improve detection of related/existing tickets by subject when importing mails to tracker
  • Tracker: allow to deny global category, version, status, … on a per tracker base (eg. create single category for all queues but one)
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: fix broken linking to addressbook entrys for prepare_import_mail
  • eSync: fix a problem with a non working global profile, when verifying settings
  • Sieve/Felamimail|Mail:Make exclamation mark (\!) in the begining of sieve rule query escapable from always bien used as NOT conditon
  • Calendar/EMail: wrong timezone conversation when accepting meeting requests (happening if server- and user-timezone are different!)
  • EMail(Admin): inetOrgPerson schema support reported all accounts as inactive


  • Tracker: improve detection of related/existing tickets by subject when importing mails to tracker
  • All apps: run link notifications after processing and returning control to user to speed up saving of entries with links to (big) projects
  • eTemplate/all apps: limit displayed history to 500 entries
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: add “None” to forced preferences of addressbooks to sync in addition to personal one
  • CalDAV/Calendar: sending now iMip response to external organizer when initialy accepting invitation via CalDAV client (before only status changes where sent)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: entries with urls containing url-encoded chars, eg. from Google calendar, were not send to clients (missing urldecoding in multiget report)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed support for limited sync-collection report used eg. by Marten Gajdas Android apps
  • WebDAV/Filemanager: reject to save files by clients using chunked transfer-encoding on servers which does not support that (eg. OS X Finder with server using FastCGI PHP)
  • ESync: fix a problem with a non working global profile, when verifying settings
  • CalDAV/Calendar: store and therefore keep external organizer if he has no common name (just email) and also store its common name
  • Sieve/Felamimail|Mail:Make exclamation mark (\!) in the begining of sieve rule query escapable from always bien used as NOT conditon
  • Calendar/EMail: wrong timezone conversation when accepting meeting requests (happening if server- and user-timezone are different!)
  • Tracker: allow to deny global category, version, status, … on a per tracker base (eg. create single category for all queues but one)
  • EMail(Admin): inetOrgPerson schema support reported all accounts as inactive
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: fix broken linking to addressbook entrys for prepare_import_mail


  • Tracker: improve detection of related/existing tickets by subject when importing mails to tracker
  • All apps: run link notifications after processing and returning control to user to speed up saving of entries with links to (big) projects
  • eTemplate/all apps: limit displayed history to 500 entries
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: add “None” to forced preferences of addressbooks to sync in addition to personal one
  • CalDAV/Calendar: sending now iMip response to external organizer when initialy accepting invitation via CalDAV client (before only status changes where sent)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: entries with urls containing url-encoded chars, eg. from Google calendar, were not send to clients (missing urldecoding in multiget report)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed support for limited sync-collection report used eg. by Marten Gajdas Android apps
  • WebDAV/Filemanager: reject to save files by clients using chunked transfer-encoding on servers which does not support that (eg. OS X Finder with server using FastCGI PHP)
  • ESync: fix a problem with a non working global profile, when verifying settings
  • CalDAV/Calendar: store and therefore keep external organizer if he has no common name (just email) and also store its common name
  • Sieve/Felamimail|Mail:Make exclamation mark (\!) in the begining of sieve rule query escapable from always bien used as NOT conditon
  • Calendar/EMail: wrong timezone conversation when accepting meeting requests (happening if server- and user-timezone are different!)
  • Tracker: allow to deny global category, version, status, … on a per tracker base (eg. create single category for all queues but one)
  • EMail(Admin): inetOrgPerson schema support reported all accounts as inactive
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: fix broken linking to addressbook entrys for prepare_import_mail


  • Tracker: improve detection of related/existing tickets by subject when importing mails to tracker
  • All apps: run link notifications after processing and returning control to user to speed up saving of entries with links to (big) projects
  • eTemplate/all apps: limit displayed history to 500 entries
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: add “None” to forced preferences of addressbooks to sync in addition to personal one
  • CalDAV/Calendar: sending now iMip response to external organizer when initialy accepting invitation via CalDAV client (before only status changes where sent)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: entries with urls containing url-encoded chars, eg. from Google calendar, were not send to clients (missing urldecoding in multiget report)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed support for limited sync-collection report used eg. by Marten Gajdas Android apps
  • WebDAV/Filemanager: reject to save files by clients using chunked transfer-encoding on servers which does not support that (eg. OS X Finder with server using FastCGI PHP)
  • ESync: fix a problem with a non working global profile, when verifying settings
  • CalDAV/Calendar: store and therefore keep external organizer if he has no common name (just email) and also store its common name
  • Sieve/Felamimail|Mail:Make exclamation mark (\!) in the begining of sieve rule query escapable from always bien used as NOT conditon
  • Calendar/EMail: wrong timezone conversation when accepting meeting requests (happening if server- and user-timezone are different!)
  • Tracker: allow to deny global category, version, status, … on a per tracker base (eg. create single category for all queues but one)
  • EMail(Admin): inetOrgPerson schema support reported all accounts as inactive
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: fix broken linking to addressbook entrys for prepare_import_mail


  • eSyncPro: fixed fatal error caused by accidental changes for new release
  • Calendar: fixed conflict not from a resource could not be ignored (resource conflicts need direct booking permission to ignore)


  • Security: fixed arbitrary file overwrite and remote code execution reported by Pedro Ribeiro ( of Agile Information Security
  • API: support for mbstring.func_overload=0 (previously we required mbstring.func_overload=7 to correctly support utf-8)
  • Tracker: dropping unique index(es) on escalations to not limit creating same escalations eg. on different queues
  • Tracker: allow to filter by private: yes or no
  • API/Preferences: fixed can NOT unset last (forced) preference of an app, also fixed not working deleting of prefs when deleting a user or group
  • Adressbook/CardDAV: changed (down-)scaling of images to width of 240px (was 60px) to cater for higher screen resolutions
  • Calendar,EventMgr: fixed locking of events to work with current browser versions
  • CalDAV/Resources: fixed only first N resources were available in CalDAV (N = common preference how many entries to show)
  • Calendar/eSync: fixed caching causing new events on EGroupware side not to appear on device (withing time of a running ping-request)
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fixed invalid ics file for alarm exactly at the event
  • InfoLog: query custom-fields for notifications
  • eMail: completely remove the ui/bo/sofilter classes as they are not effectively used anymore


  • eTemplate: fixed error caused by handling of empty indexes, causing eg. in filemanager-select popup to display in first row / instead of filename


  • API/Admin: fixed SQL error on repairing filesystem, if one of required directories has wrong permissions
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: only advertice sync-collection report, if we track deleted entries (history-logging enabled, not working otherwise)
  • eMail/Mailhandling: introduce option >mail text only< for better control of import of mails to other apps
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fixed permanent auth request in iCal, if accountselection is set to “selectbox with groupmembers” and rights granted from group without being a member


  • CalDAV/InfoLog: fixed not working sync-collection report, eg. used by eM client


  • CalDAV/CardDAV: do NOT use Content-Length header, if zlib.output_compression is enabled, fixes problems with iOS7 eg. eTask app
  • eMail/SIEVE: finalization of providing the ability of testing the content of the mail in Server Side Mail Filtering (if the CAPABILITY required to do so is reported)
  • eMail: fix problem regarding lost control/warning when no recipient and/or no subject is provided on submit
  • API/CKEditor: update to CKEditor 4.3 (compatibility issues with IE10/11)
  • Infolog/Notification: when notifying asyncronously , make sure possible customfields are read, as search does not supply these


  • jQuery: update to version 1.10.2 to improve IE10 experience
  • CKEditor: update to version 4.2.2; add additional skins
  • Admin/SambaAdmin/LDAP: fixed for new accounts not created Samba password hashes
  • CalDAV: fixed wrong http-status for delete in inbox and announce sync-report on inbox, so clients using it get events only once
  • Admin/Preferences: changepassword hook was called twice
  • PostgreSQL/ProjectManager: fixed SQL error “pm_id is ambigues” when accessing /apps/projectmanager via filemanager
  • PostgreSQL/Calendar: clicking on InfoLog entries opened new calendar entry instead of existing InfoLog
  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed SQL error when sorting by a custom field
  • eMail: preference to show external image was only shown to admins
  • eMail: fix problem with lost connection on drafted message when using printPreview on messages with attachments
  • eMail/Infolog/Tracker: upon converting mails on send, if we attach messages get the message itself, and attach it, as we are able to display it in egw instead of fetching only the attachments attached files (as we did previously)
  • ProjectManager: anonymous access (implicit read rights for everyone) was not cached correctly and therefore sometimes failed
  • Tracker/SiteMgr: block to add new tickets
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: on connection failure while in operation, now we notify egroupware admins, and double the interval time for the queue in question (instead of disabling the queue in question)
  • Tracker: give description and replys full width for non-html editing too
  • InfoLog: add converting into a Tracker ticket to actions selectbox of edit popup
  • SiteMgr: fixed not working anonymous user and using now a random password
  • SiteMgr: allow to store or overwrite instance-specific modules in a sitemgr subdir of files directory
  • All apps: new custom-field type IP-Address getting initially set with remote IP address, and allowing to set negativ length for text fields to make them readonly


  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed all contacts were reported as NOT found and therefore not synchronised


  • API: fixed not working session encryption, by switch back to previous MCrypt algorithm and mode


  • Security: fixed remote code execution
  • API: using now httponly and secure cookies (secure only if https is used to login)
  • API: uses for new installations or on update now secure password hashes like they were used for accounts since some time now
  • Setup: uses now a session instead of storing credentials in a cookie
  • Filemanager: html downloads get now either force a download or – if brower supports – use a content-security-policiy header to mitigate risk of session hijacking
  • THANKS and credits to Marcel Mangold , Pascal Uter from SySS GmbH for notifying us about above problems and hardening possibilities
  • eMail: fix possible problem when mail-message-body (text or html part) is empty
  • eMail: fix problem for folder preferences did not overrule folders set by getSpecialUseFolders
  • eMail/Sieve: improved capability parsing
  • eMail: fix for inline image not displayed in print preview
  • eMail/IMAP: fix for failed connection for subsequent connects when using STARTTLS in certain enviroments
  • Tracker: add default version for mailhandling
  • Tracker: add possibility to use a queue-specific template (, if one exists, otherwise fall back to the generic one
  • Tracker: implement deleteaccount hook for tracker; support transfer to other user OR (if requested) deleting all entries created by user
  • Projectmanager: fix broken template selection on first load
  • eMail: limit compose window height to 1000px
  • eMail/eSync: control wait sequence for device;
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed multiget-report to correctly report not found urls
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed not working propfind-request to single resource in calendar/addressbook collection


  • Addressbook/eSync/CardDAV: fixed not working (forced) preference to display only accounts of groupmembers, causing eSync to permanently try and fail reading other accounts
  • Tracker/Mailhandling: process mail using eGroupware Mail Object and functionality (intention is to have the same behavior as mail2tracker in Mail Application)
  • CardDAV/Addressbook/LDAP/ADS: syncing all addressbooks into one now also allows to include accounts not stored like contacts
  • CardDAV/Addressbook/LDAP/ADS: prefix, middle name, suffix was messed up, if iOS addressbook “Display Order” preferences was set to “lastname firstname”
  • Timesheet/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error when selecting a timerange
  • Calendar: automatic cancel alarms from removed or rejected participants
  • Calendar/EMail: accepting mail invitations sets now external organizer as role CHAIR (externals can not be event-owners), to send replys back to organizer
  • Calendar/ActiveSync: keep external organizer and status&role of existing participants, if clients does not send them
  • Addressbook: deleting an account now also takes care of deleting or changing ownership of distribution lists (beside contacts as before)
  • EMail/all apps: fixed notifications caused EMail to loose connection to IMAP server


  • eMail/eSync: fix cut off of multiple TO/CC addresses in header retrieval (seen in eSync); return empty syncMail Object on header retrieval failure for activesync
  • eMail/Filemanager: when saving mail to filemanager, add headerdata without subject to file – comment field
  • Admin/SambaAdmin: fixed not set sambaNTPassword and sambaLMPassword hashes in LDAP (hook changepassword was called without password)
  • Admin/Filemanager: added filesystem check and repair for missing or broken required directories /, /apps and /home
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed not working sync-collection report eg. by eMclient, if server-time is different from user
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed various issues with groups/distribution lists as supported by Apple and eMclient (groups need to be enabled in CalDAV/CardDAV preferences!)
  • CardDAV/Addressbook/ActiveDirectory: fixes SQL error when clients tries to propfind groups/distribution lists on accounts-addressbook, also return “403 Forbidden” when he tries to create one, as they are not (yet) supported on accounts, if not stored in SQL
  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fix SQL error in addressbook by organisation and department
  • Tracker/PostgreSQL: fix sql error when sorting be modified date
  • ProjectManager: fix SQL error if searching for string containing numbers and underscore or percent
  • CKEditor/ASpell: hardening of jscode for IE10, as spellCheckerWin object may not be defined
  • Calendar: when moving a series exceptions where lost (regular recurrences shown again) and exceptions where moved too
  • Calendar: fixed not working filter “only group events”, to not include events of members
  • phpFreeChat: use the clearCache hook to clear freeChats ohn class cache
  • phpfreechat: enable reconnecting with the same nick, when not properly disconnected before


  • eMail/Activesync: improve behavior on connection failure. Return 503 Service unavailable/Retry After on Connection error.
  • All apps/custom fields: fixed multiple identical rows, if custom fields where set (introduced in last package)
  • Tracker: preserve edit-mode on automatic mail handling based on original edit-mode of ticket.
  • Admin/Preferences: fixed not working special char detection in passwords, if you required 4 character classes it always failed
  • Filemanager/eMail: on attaching files to emails from filemanager; if there is a plus sign within the path, we have to encode it, so the file can be found by filesize after urldecode
  • EMailAdmin/Setup: disabling certificate validation on imaps connection by default for new profiles (can be enabled in EMailAdmin)
  • Tracker: fix problem handling preselected tracker-queues when multiple queues are selected
  • Async service/Backup: updating job to next scheduled time BEFORE running it, to copy with jobs running longer then async frequency of 5min, eg. backup
  • PostgreSQL/ProjectManager/InfoLog: invalid SQL opening a new entry InfoLog entry
  • eTemplate/all apps: (silently) limit number of links shown to 1000 newest, to not run into memory_limit or max_execution_time and assuming noone will scroll further down anyway
  • CKEditor/ASpell: adaption of aspell plugin to work with IE10
  • eMail/Net-IMAP: harden get raw response against unexpected return results from server
  • CardDAV/ActiveDirectory/LDAP: fixed typo causing doublication in account-addressbook of eMclient by always returning all accounts in multiget report


  • Active Directory: several small fixes around account creation and setting passwords
  • PostgreSQL: fix for SQL error eg. on update from 1.8.001 to 1.8.004 from 9.1 on


  • eMail/ActiveDirectory: fixed not working autocomplete of accounts
  • PostgreSQL: automatic fix GROUP BY clause to contain all non-aggregate selected columns, to work around SQL errors, caused by this MySQL “optimisation”
  • InfoLog: fixed storing of InfoLog site config: fields to exclude when copying or creating subs and load custom fields in index for types
  • API: fix for wrong (unexpected array) type passed in check_list
  • eMail: reset possible default ActiveProfileID in preferences
  • eMail: if available show emailaddress of defaultprofile
  • Setup/Active Directory: setup_cmd_ldap sub_command=copy2ad now checks multivalue attributes caseinsensitive for doublicate values and new parameter no_sid_check=1 allow to use it for migrating mail-attributes without Samaba checks
  • eMail: handle problem when calculated IFrame height for preview area is too small (negative)
  • Admin/Active Directory: create new users with CN= as Windows does and allow to configure profilePath, homeDirectory, homeDrive and scriptPath for new users (in setup)
  • Addressbook/Home: mend issue regarding the display of multiple birthdays of the same contact in the home area
  • eMail/Sieve: when editing sieve rules mend double linefeeds returned by IE10 on edit of the vacation-message
  • eMail/Compose: make address suggestion selectbox scrollable
  • eMail/ActiveSync: if copy to sent folder fails, for whatever reason, only log to debugLog, do not consider the send action as failed as this would cause the mobile device to resend the mail in question
  • eMail: handle excess linebreaks in signatures when compose as plainText (when using div for linebreak mode for ck-editor)
  • All apps: allow to log user-agent and action of all changes in history-log of entries (enable in Admin >> Site configuration)
  • Addressbook/Active Directory: got prefix, middle name and suffix working for AD account, file as got disabled (as well as not supported history tab)
  • Admin/Active Directory: fixed not working display, setting and removing of “must change password upon next login”
  • Admin/Preferences/Active Directory: more understandable password policy errors and using windows defaults only, if admin has not configured something else
  • WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed basic authentication via redirect-rule to use $_SERVER[“REDIRECT_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION”] as it is used by newer Apache versions
  • Active Directory: allow to do a forced password change in EGroupware and handle reset of that flag for Samba4 too
  • Stylite template: allow to force an application to be the active one after each new login, eg. home


  • Admin/API/ADS: account creation did not set initial password
  • Admin/Preferences/ADS: give explicit error, that AD requires SSL or TLS to change passwords (not just failing with unspecific error)
  • Debian/RPM: fixed “PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function drop_add_all_langs() on a non-object” on install/update of a non-default package


  • Admin/API/LDAP: fixed not working pagination of accounts for 2. or further pages introduced by enabling caching again in last package
  • EMailAdmin: Postfix tcp-map and Dovecot checkpassword scripts supporting ActiveDirectory using multivalued proxyAddresses attribute as implemented by emailadmin_smtp_ads
  • ProjectManager: reverted fix “role_acl in list view seems not to be used …”, as it influences visibility of projects
  • ProjectManager: fixed project shown multiple times in project-list, if user had multiple roles (eg. assigned to himself and 2. one to one of his memberhips)
  • ProjectManager/Timesheet: automatic change a changed project-title in Timesheet too
  • Calendar: use “default” filter for home screen, instead of “all” which shows canceled events too


  • Addressbook/CardDAV: PUT returned empty ETag, proably causing unnecessary reloads of contacts
  • Admin: split password strength config in minimum length and number of character types, allow account backends specially AD to report password policy failures


  • Addressbook/LDAP: recreation of contact (eg. because of missing objectclass) failed and lead to deleted contact or account
  • Setup: typo caused admin account creation to fail, if “delete all users and acl” was checked
  • Setup/LDAP/ADS: script to change uidNumber and gidNumber in LDAP to match relative id (last part of SID) in preparation of Samba4 migration and using ActiveDirectory
  • Setup/LDAP/ADS: script to copy from samba-tool classicupgrade not copied inetOrgPerson and mail-server attributes
  • Addressbook/ActiveDirectory: accounts addressbook was empty, if not explicit context was set
  • Admin/ActiveDirectory: fixed only first N accounts where shown and turned accidently switched off caching in session on again
  • Setup: allow to enable account in AD via setup-cli.php and renamed –postfix and –cyrus options to more generic names –smtp and –imap
  • API: if re-connect to database fails for an existing session, stop execution with an exception, as otherwise eg. preferences can get lost
  • API: ancient APC (3.1.3) in Debian 6/Squezze has size in MB without a unit, this caused APC not to be used because of to small cache size


  • API/Addressbook/EMailAdmin: full support for active directory as account storage, tested with Samba4 and win2008r2
  • Admin/All apps: enable private custom-fields
  • Filemanager: urlencode password to cope with url special chars like forward slash or @ in passwords, requires smbcw version 1.2
  • Filemanager: store last view as implicit preference and restore it from there
  • eMail: while composing try refreshing listview for Draftfolder (this is, when email app is open, and draft folder is selected)
  • eMail/Addressbook: adapt search for emailaddresses to search in prefix, given-, familyname, org and emailaddresses as addressbook
  • ProjectManager: view all sub-entries of an InfoLog by context menu
  • Calendar: configuration to automatic create links for participants from addressbook
  • Calendar: changing an existing, recurring event to whole-day, caused an end-time on day before start
  • Calendar/CalDAV: updated timezone database to 1.2013c
  • API: allow to set a maximum caching time used instead of unlimited caching or a bigger time, eg. in egw_caching::$max_expiration = 864000; // 10days
  • Timesheet: fix for missing preset title
  • Tracker/Filemanager: new not-closed folder in VFS


  • eMail/Sieve/API: updated to jquery version from Trunk 1.7.1, to fix not working edit of Sieve rules and ease backporting
  • MySQL: got mysqli extension working and make it default for EGroupware, as mysql is now officially deprecated, existing installs need to be switched manually in or Setup >> Manage header
  • eMail: allow to delete messages immediately (on userinteraction), if OVERQUOTA error is encountered
  • eMail: reenable edit of existing sieve rules; needs doubleclick to open edit window
  • Sambaadmin: create new users/groups in LDAP with uidNumber/gidNumber matching relative id (last part of SID) to ease migration to AD or Samba4


  • eMail/Sieve: sort filter rules via drag-n-drop
  • eMail/Sieve: tell user of errors while saving rules
  • eMail/Sieve: fix bug that prevented the ssl communication with a sieve-server; if port 5190 is configured, we switch communicating to the sieve server to use ssl
  • eMail/Sieve/eMailAdmin: give hint about server port usage and its impact on connection
  • eMail/Sieve: small modification of user interface for editing sieve rules to clarify the use of :matches , :contains or :regex
  • eMail: fix bug unable to delete/rename/move selected folder
  • eMail: make sure all of an compose/view window is shown and not hidden by e.g. the taskbar
  • eMail: rework parsing of email adresses and making compose links out of them
  • eMail: handle inline forward as reply as we decide about starting the compose-dialog in text OR html mode; so for the startupmode of the editor for forwards: inline forwards are handled as replys, forwards as attachments as a new mail
  • eMail: introduce method to preset emailaddress by contact-ids (preferred emailaddress setting will be used)
  • eMail: allow user to view / change its ActiveProfileID (quite useful if you have a basic misconfiguration)
  • eMail: allow open as HTML/Plain Text on right click action
  • eMail/forwarding: fix bug in smtp_ldap backend regarding broken change of forwarding addresses introduced with capability of setting multiple forwardingaddresses
  • eMail: fix problem on compose when changing signatures, when html-mail contained anchors
  • API/phpmailer: introduce optional parameter to InlineImageExists, to be able to determine if all attachments are inline, or only some; this will be used to decide on the mimetype of the message to be sent (multipart/ related (all) or mixed (some))
  • Addressbook: allow to add a customfield to link title of addressbook
  • Calendar: create InfoLog from event
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed typo causing time range for sync into past and future to be shorter then default or explicilty set in preferences
  • Calendar/CalDAV: reduced memory foot-print by caching alarms, calendars with lots of alarms and recurring events sync now with 128MB memory_limit
  • CalDAV/CardDAV/Calendar/InfoLog/Addressbook: changed database schema to allow for up to 200 char name-part in url to support eg. Bynari WebDAV Collaborator Outlook client, plus some new indexes to speed up huge installs
  • Calendar/InfoLog/Timesheet/Tracker/ProjectManager: edit focuses now automatic on title input
  • Tracker: widget to fetch tracker-data for custom print templates
  • Tracker: fix bug regarding the save of replys that could be regarded as empty (only span with style, no content)
  • Timesheet: allow to add timesheets starting yesterday and end today (no warning end-time before start-time)
  • eSync: kill HandlePing / sync if device reports a lifetime bolow 60s
  • All apps: group grants now again return inactive users, was broken since inactive users are no longer shown in user-selections
  • API: fallback auth checks and – if necessary – updates passwords on fallback on successful primary authentication or password change, to ensure they are kept up to date
  • Admin: fixed fatal error when creating new users
  • LDAP: only check for matching system users, if a new account get added, as existing accounts can be reported – depending on configuration – as system users too
  • EventMgr: fixed typo causing an uncaught exception, when used with PHP 5.4


  • Filemanager: fixed not working “Save as” for Internet Explorer (all versions), gave PHP Fatal Error
  • eMail: increases font-size by 10% to 120% for display and textarea
  • API/Auth: when required by setup check password strength upon login; strength must be specified, and user must be allowed to change password
  • API/eMail/HTMLawed/CKEditor: tidy eats away even some wanted whitespace, so we switch it off;we used it for its compacting and beautifying capabilities, which resulted in better html for further processing
  • EMail: fixed not working update of vacation notice using IE 10 and show a failure or success message
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: fixed initial sync of more then 60 contacts created duplicates (no REPORT filters were used)
  • WiKi: attempt to make those WiKi Links who include html-special-chars work
  • eMail: handle IE10 focus issue (open attachment link on list view; multiple select on list view) when on single BrowserInstance
  • API: introduce optional parameter to pass java script to be executed after CKEDITOR instance ready
  • eMail: handle focus problem experienced under IE10 (single BrowserInstance) for forward
  • eMail: fix problem with signature change on html with styles (left over style fragments)
  • eMail: handle not checked keep local copy on message forward when no mailaddress is set; make clear not keeping a copy means: FORWARD ONLY for the mailbox in question
  • eMail/IMAP-API: trying to recover when fetching mailheaders, but resultset retrieved does not match the expected amount of message headers
  • Calendar/DragDrop: Add drag n drop capability for IE Version >=10;
  • eMail: reintroduce the ability to set a identity as default;(available only for userDefinedAccounts=false); userDefinedAccounts=true are not longer allowed to save a profile without host as active
  • eMail: handle problem popup foldertree does not show subfolders of folders with umlauts
  • eMail: handle Focus Issues (browser pops in front when in background on mail list refresh)
  • Addressbook/Export: fix fatal error regarding order by for postgresql on addressbook export
  • Stylite template: fixed not displayed framework, if a link with target was used to open it


  • Setup: fixed not working install on openSUSE 12.2/3, because last line of output from “service (mysql|apache2) status” is empty
  • API/CKEditor: allow link dialog in simple-with-image feature mode (email)


  • SiteMgr: Module to set a from global value different Expries and Cache-Control header for all pages it is contained in
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed iCal parser calculating recurrence-enddate from COUNT parameter, taking into account BY* rules (RRULE:FREQ=WEEKLY;COUNT=4;BYDAY=Mo,Mi runs just 2 weeks!)
  • Tracker: fix bug regardig nothing known about column mult_queue
  • eMail: increase fontsize by 10% for compose in plain text (textarea)
  • eTemplate/Addressbook: switch off client side email address validation as browser rule set seems to be more restrictive than rfc822 rules suggests; implement better rfc822 compliant email address validation
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed iCal import of recurring events to convert (not understood) yearly byday to monthly byday with interval 12 and daily byday to weekly byday, also fixed of by one error in enddate
  • Addressbook: fixed not working call auf addressbook_ui::(view|edit) with contact_id being a uid
  • ImportExport: do NOT complain about wrong charset, if text contains only standard ascii chars
  • eMail/egw-pear: fixed problem with unexpected (but valid) multiline response for STATUS commands
  • eMail/api: attempt to fix the focus on body issue with FF; thanks to CKEditor support
  • ProjectManager: fixed caching of ACL check, causing budget in project list not displayed, if first row contains no project with budget rights for current user
  • Timesheet: fixed SQL error when deleting a user and transfering his data to an other user
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fixed SQL error “Unknown column list_modified” if preference “Distributionlists as groups” is checked and client does a sync-collection-report
  • *eMail: work around losing focus for IE10, on message view, when on single BrowserInstance
  • CalDAV/InfoLog: fixed SQL error if client has multiple identical X-properties, eg. alarms
  • eMail: fix for CKEditor fragments shown on reply for IE9+10; focus to body handling is completely moved to html::fckeditor
  • eMail/IMAP: fix possible missing RESPONSE Code, but available PARSED response in getSummary
  • eMail: fix missing trashFolder short display name, when refreshing folder on selecting trash folder itself
  • eMail: enforce signature description if none given, on personal signatures
  • eMail: style stuff to preserve style of buttons used in eMail which changed after loading et2 Styles on top for framework
  • eMail: work around a IE10 bug/feature, which is eating away cr/lf if preceded by space in pre sections
  • ProjectManager: fixed Catchable Fatal Error project list, if you have exactly one template project
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed recuring event disapeared from device, if a rejected recurrence existed and a change from an other user caused a reload (412 Precondition Failed)
  • Calendar/ImportExport: fixed out-of-memory condition while importing large iCal files
  • CalDAV: preference to overwrite default on how many days to sync into past or future
  • API/CKEditor: switch to new major release 4 of CKEditor to solve problems experienced with IE10
  • eMail: fix bug regarding wrong identity used when changing identity on send
  • API: enable browsers native spellchecker as default for HTML Editor, if e.g.: aspell fails – to use browsers native spellchecker, you have to hold CMD/CTRL button on rightclick to access the browsers spell correction options
  • Projectmanager: showing again global categories and their color from all apps, do no remove datasource category when element get stored and no category is selected
  • Filemanager: fixing problem creating new directory with cyrilic name, also generating etag for directories as required by ownCloud
  • FMail: when toggeling between html and plain-text in compose, do NOT convert to iso-8859-1, to fix problems with non-western charsets eg. cyrillic
  • eMail: provide capability to fetch other apps entrys (subject, body, attachments) via registered method, and open compose with the given content
  • API/CKEditor: allow more space for html-editable area (by setting smaller margin)
  • Knowledgebase: switch mailing of articles to EGroupware mail application
  • Filemanager/Notifications: fixed not working link in notifications / subscribtions, if path contains eg. a space


  • Calendar: create index on egw_cal.cal_reference and other fixes on new etag implementation


  • eMail: implement the usage of possibly provided SPECIAL-USE folders information
  • Java notifier app from Stefan Werfling, added translation and egw-configuration on download
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed wrong time in notification mails caused by updates via CalDAV (not web interface), if user-timezone differs from server
  • eMail: introduce config option to define the display of your chosen identity, the list of identities in send and derived from this, the information actively sent within the mailheader regarding the identity used
  • Calendar/FMail: allow to apply replys to meeting requests
  • API/CKEditor: Version update to 3.6.6
  • eMail: fix embedded picture to large bug on compose; suggested solution from M.Dell Ambrogio
  • SiteMgr: sitewide config to allow proxys and CDNs caching of anonymous requests (Expires and Cache-Control header)
  • Filemanager: removing extended ACL for groups was not immediatly reflected in rights of current user, had to log out and in again
  • Preferences/EMail: if user changed password, update password in session correct, so eg. EMail using that password keeps working
  • Preferences/all apps: allow to specify font size unit of richtext editor: either “px” display pixels or “pt” as used in word processing
  • EMailAdmin: support for new qmailLdap schema using mailQuotaSize instead of mailQuota
  • Calendar: copying of events now preservs quantity of resources
  • Calendar: moving an event series is not preserving participants (gave error there are not participants)
  • Addressbook: fix problem regarding deleted entries found in org_view, when type filter is set to all
  • WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV: implemented support for clients sending passwords with non-ascii chars (eg. acents or umlauts) in iso-8859-1 instead utf-8: Firefox, Thunderbird, IE, Netdrive
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: removed unnecessary (double) etag generation and improved calendar etag generation for recurring events


  • Tracker: introduce new filter own or assigned; use filter ownorassigned-not-closed with notification for due or overdue


  • all apps: exclude expired or deactivated accounts from all lists and selections (beside admin app to be able to activate them again)
  • eMail: improve control regarding the unwanted selection of NoSelect Folders
  • eMail: support multipart/mixed mails with html parts to display (apple mail does that kind of emails)
  • eMail: when allowing users to edit their forwardingaddresses; allow them to edit all of them; add multiple forwards, etc.
  • eMail: limit resizing of compose and view windows to available screen height
  • eMail: now supporting umlautdomains on send; using prefs for preset font size/face on compose for reply/forward and messages with preset signature; changes regarding the targetwindow of links in HTML mails; better separation of former mail text to reply text section when forcing reply to HTML, and Source is text only; improved reply header layout on forced conversion
  • CalDAV: remove “bind” privilege (create new events right) on other users or groups calendar, if invite requires special ACL grant, which current user does NOT have
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fixed not working status change, if participant has no edit rights
  • CalDAV/Calendar/Ressources: readded missing resource- and location-calendars after recent changes in resources app
  • Calendar: added CR moving Holidays for years 2019 to 2023 (provided by R.Chacon)
  • Calendar: merged polish translations from 1.8
  • Calendar: fix not deletable favorites containing url special chars like a plus or space in their name for idots template
  • eSync: fixed not working display of log: “Access denied to file”
  • Addressbook: Understand date with wildcard (19??.02.??) as a date in user’s format. Convert to match bday.
  • Tracker: Last 3 months date filter now only includes the previous 3 months
  • Tracker: Configuration of notifications – custom notification message and signature
  • Infolog: fix problem regarding the display of wrong sums on timesheets when applying a search AND have multiple customfields set for timesheets
  • CardDAV: fixed wrong privileges for accounts addressbook, causing clients to report it read-only even for admins
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: do NOT allow to delete accounts via CardDAV, was never intended, but as it is allowed in addressbook, it was possible via CardDAV
  • ProjectManager: when (un)setting a category of an element, also need to update information, that category is overwritten, so it does NOT get updated by datasource; never update project categories from datasources
  • Filemanager: introduced maximum symlink depth of 10, to stop infinit recursion in circular symlinks (eg. two symlinks pointing to each other)
  • Filemanager: do not notify about *.tmp files (~$* and .~lock.* are already excluded)
  • Import|Export: Add ability to set filters for export definitions. Currently available for Infolog.
  • Import|Export: Implement ‘No notifications’ flag when importing iCal
  • Admin/Setup: fixed restore always converted longtext columns to text and therefore truncating them to 64k on MySQL, also fixed backup to report them correctly in backup of schema
  • All apps: merged missing translations from other apps or branches


  • Tracker: fix for template issue – tabcontrol not working


  • Calendar: added missing holidays for CR (Costa Rica) provided by Rafael Chacon
  • Tracker: Multi-select for tracker queue; Optional start and end date; Custom stati can now be closed stati; Escalation changes – more filter options, flag to not run on all existing tickets
  • Tracker: try to handle html comments correctly on display in comment-list
  • ImportExport: small stability fixes and improvements


  • Filemanager/Versioning: fix for Office (2010), which renames old version before deleting it, now they got stored again under original name to show up as versions
  • Tracker: in case there is no pref setting for show_sum_timesheet anymore, check for selected column tr_sum_timesheets to decide about gathering timesheet sums


  • Calendar: fix for problem with moving alarms on series when next occurrence is an exception in the way that it is deleted for that time; we use a different method to read the next occurrence of a series now; (as old method also fetched deleted exceptions as next occurrence)
  • Calendar/eSync: performance optimization: we only want to fetch the owners events, where he is a participant to, as we assume, events feature the user as the organizer only, are of no use in a users calendar on a mobile device
  • eMailAdministration: if account is forward only; do not query IMAP Server for Quota; as there is no real mailbox
  • Password: when using accounts stored in sql, and smtp is of emailadmin_smtp_sql (server must support this, and must be implemented that way) we do change passwords for mailaccounts as well, even the account is stored in sql, as the egroupware database is auth base for the mailserver
  • eMail: fix bug regarding the failed fetch of user defined identities; (as identities have not been fetched unless user defined accounts right was granted);
  • eMail: absent-notice via timed sieve; if using timed sieve and 6933start_date6933 and/or 6933end_date6933 and common dateformat could not be retrieved as runtime, replacement resulted in a empty string, causing the intended from/to information to be lost
  • eMail: allow to retrieve and show inline background images
  • email: allow cid as overall url schema; handle background url in htmLawed, as background is not allowed except for body, but commonly used with other tags (e.g. in td); control schema for background in hook_tag
  • eMail/Sieve: fix bug regarding the failed login to SIEVE on userDefined-Accounts
  • eMail: resolve problem with failed deletion of draftedMessages on send
  • eMail: offer last moveTo folder as direct menuaction; try to avoid to access –topfolder–


  • Calendar: fix for missing to-firstname and to-lastname replacements
  • eMail/async vacation; if failed by exception or returnvalue is false, reschedule
  • API/Translation: fix bug with missing german umlauts as first letter of words; ( as php5.3.3 with squeeze does not support splitting lines with fgetcsv while reading properly if the first letter after the delimiter is a german umlaut (UTF8 representation thereoff))


  • Setup/API: translations are no longer installed in database, but loaded directly from lang-files into tree-level cache
  • Setup: when migrating accounts from SQL to LDAP or back, also migrate addressbook data
  • eMail: improved control of ACL edit (by checking capabilities first); offer selectbox with user (and group) selection depending on the loginmethod of the defaultprofile, group selection is bound to imapClass managmentserver_cyrusimap (as of now)
  • eMail: improve import of mails; improve parsing of mailstructures of activesync send rfc-messages (reply on complex html-messages)
  • eMail: use different image to show that a image was not loaded (due to allowExternalIMGs=no)
  • addressbook/carddav: disable not supported distribution list capability (due to missing table schema)
  • eMail: set preset signature below the preconfigured mailbody (if sig was configured on top), when sending meeting requests
  • eMail: add classical admin section to eMailModule; config to control the users ability to manage acl (in fact deny it), even if the server supports it


  • Filemanager/WebDAV: support for newer ownCloud clients: getetag attribute (eg. version 1.1.1)
  • Addressbook/eMail: fixed wrong characterset when merge printing into eMail
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fix not working logging of errors into traffic log
  • eMail: allow table as inline element while balancing tags (new internal config option); try to correct common errors/problems in html-code which caused display/layout problems
  • eMail: fix misbehavior regarding the unwanted sending of a mail with no subject (despite the warning was given)
  • eMail/HTMLawed: introduce and use new make_tag_strict option 3, to exclude font from applying strict measures to it
  • Knowledgebase: fixed filemanger only showed first N entries
  • Notifications: activate links when creating a html mail from a plain-text one
  • eTemplate/all apps: fixed not working display of floating point values in input fields for Chrome or Safarie (browsers supporting html5 input type=”number”)
  • eMail: attempt to fix problem regarding pop up of draft-message-dialog regarding do-you-want-to-keep-draft on send; allow additional parameters in send_to, which might be base64 encoded
  • Filemanager: ability to create a directory in open or save-as dialog
  • eMail/merge: allow to replace reply-to adresses with senders own active address when special address ->replace@import@action<- is used within the email-template
  • Admin: new function “Clear cache and register hooks”, also called automatic when restoring a backup
  • Calendar: fix for failed 1.9.006 update: PostgreSQL needs temporary a nullable range_start column, to not stall on broken events without dates
  • EMailAdmin: display quota used (if available) in eMail-Account Management of User Data Administration
  • Calendar: ignore (unchangeable) status of groups for setting line-type of events: all users of a group-invitation accepted –> solid line for all accepted
  • eMail/eSync: when no truncation date is set, use 12 weeks as hard coded limit (as some clients die, when confronted with too many mails)
  • Calendar: sort participants by their name
  • InfoLog: switching to a group-type resets access to “public” and disables access in edit
  • Calendar: notify responsible for a resource “participating” in a private event only with privacy-cleared details
  • Tracker: fixed group selected as responsible in list results in last member selected after next login (same is true for category with subcategories)
  • eMail: restructuring of manage folder section (ACL area, no tabs, different layout)


  • requires PHP 5.3 from now on!
  • eMail: rework of handling and providing identities; usability for setting up SIEVE Vacation rules -> preselected default mail address
  • Tracker: cope with not existing name for attachments (use filename instead)
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed not working update/delete of recurring event containing exceptions (always gave 412 Precondition Failed)
  • Calendar/CalDAV: deleting of recurrences under Android (eg. CalDAV Sync app) did not work
  • Calendar/CalDAV: updated windows aliases from Unicode site and Exchange names from Sabre DAV
  • Calendar: changed default filter for new users/instances from “all” to “default” (not showing rejected invitations)
  • Calendar: passing links to timesheet, when creating a timesheet on an event
  • KnowledgeBase: Split out delete permission seperate from edit permission
  • eSync: fix for multiple issues with AS 14.1 devices like iOS6 when working with recurring appointments
  • Addressbook/ImportExport: add vCard import/export plugins
  • CardDAV: rfc 6578 sync-collection report (more efficient way to sync contacts)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: sync-collection report, thought reminder app on OS X 10.8.2 does not use it, moved logic for sync-token to baseclass and determine availablity on supported-report-set
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: sync-collection report for calendar allowing a more efficient sync
  • CalDAV/Calendar/Resources: calendars of resources can now be accessed or subscribed via CalDAV, to subscribe use CalDAV preferences
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed wrong encoded url of group with name containing spaces in CalDAV:calendar-user-address-set
  • CalDAV: show created and updated by user and date in iOS 6: new CalendarServer:(created|updated)-by properties
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: return urn:uuid as last record in calendar-user-address-set, as according to iCal4OL developer, some clients might have problems with it, also adding both full uri and just path of principal url, as calendarserver does it
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed event created in calendar of a resource, was not editable (no owner set, now creating user is owner)
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed exceptions get not deleted with series via CalDAV or eSync
  • Calendar: deny creating of recurring events, if duration of a single recurrence is longer then the recurrence interval
  • CalDAV: fixed parsing of principal urls used by iOS6 for users
  • API: only cache in APC by default, if it has at least 64M of shared memory, otherwise use filesystem
  • Addressbook/API: allow ampersand and plus in local part of emailaddress for email validation
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed truncating an existing daily event left it one day to long
  • CalDAV: allow organizer (edit-rights) update with If-Schedule-Tag-Match eg. from iOS or OS X iCal when event series was changed with “this and future” semantics
  • CalDAV: fix recurring event one day short, if number of recurence specified together with event-length, after rrule in iCal
  • Calendar: fixed not working extending of an event series (latter recurrence end-date), after schema update in last package
  • eMail: fix problem regarding the deletion of the last message in list if pagination is switched on
  • eMail: by handling links while displaying emails, always add a target _blank to force the opening in a new window (instead of redirecting)
  • Addressbook: fixed error in extended search
  • Addressbook: call doublicate check when creating a new contact from eMail
  • EPL functions: conversation to resolve selectbox or radiobutton values to labels


  • Calendar: fixed recuring event lost start-date, if single recurrence got deleted, also installed save-guard in case other code triggers that too
  • eMailAdmin/Sieve: classes and adaptions to provide timed-sieve for dovecot. this is only the stuff needed on egroupware side of the issue, there is quite some stuff to be configured on dovecot side for this to work
  • Calendar/eMail: fixed sql error when clicking on iCal attachment and probably other iCal imports
  • CalDAV: privileges in other users calendar where reported wrong, leading clients to believe they have write rights here
  • CalDAV: deleting an already declined invitation returned 403 Forbidden, instead 204 No Content
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed recuring events were returned in sync, even if user rejected (after recent database schema changes)


  • CalDAV: fixed broken URL of private events in shared calendar user has no right to view


  • Mergeprint: fix problem with not replaced app-links like #contact/nfn; fix problem with not replaced date only option on date/datetime customfields
  • Timesheet/Mergeprint: add missing datefield definition
  • eMail: fix problem when forwarding inline some mails containing winmail.dat attachments (HelpDesk Ticket 3810) (all original attachments are probably part of the winmail.dat, so we resolve the data/attachments contained in winmail.dat)
  • eMail/Tracker: fix bug regarding the manual transformation of emails to tracker, if tracker is set to htmledit
  • ImportExport: fix for fatal error in PHP 5.2 not having egw_time::createFromFormat()
  • Calendar: popup notifications now include a link again
  • phpFreeChat: fixed error: max_nick_len must be a postive number, given if a max. nick lengths was specified
  • Calendar: add duration intervalls 10, 12, 14 and 16 hours
  • API/all apps: fixed account-selection popup started with all users, not primary group, also displaying shown group in bold
  • Addressbook: doublicate check while adding/editing contacts, based on email or match of 2 out of name, first name, organisation
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: tremendious speed improvment for sync-queries on huge installations (few milisecs instead of more then 2 minutes) *** REQUIRES SCHEMA UPDATE ***
  • eMail: improve namespace/prefix detection and handling; work-around for dovecot bug/problem regarding the counters in shared folders; fix problem regarding the recognition of INLINE images (only INLINE images should NOT be listed as attachments in windowed message display); support firefox drag and drop feature for inserting images (as data url) into html edit area in compose window; handle Reply-To as intended in creating eMails from .eml files; improving profile handling, regarding the ID of the activeProfile;
  • eSync: fixed not displayed logfile for user-names with mixed case (not all lowercase)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV/eSync: deleted entries where not taken into account for ctag generation, causing deletes only to sync after other modifications
  • Addressbook: fixed not stored private custom-fields, if extra private tab was used
  • Tracker: if just a new comment was added (no other changes), no notifications where sent (bug introduced mid July)
  • Filemanager: fixed not working repair of doublicate directories
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: tracking participant status changes now in modified date and user of calendar entry (main table), fixes sometimes not synced status changes and simplifies code a lot
  • Import/Export: improvements to import – file checking, more warnings, destination addressbook checking
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: Max OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) support: automatic sync of all addressbooks in one
  • eMail/eSync: on failed connection with the mail-server return 503 Service Unavailable; Retry After; if the client supports this, he should wait until retrying; if we experience consecutive connection failure over a defined limit, return 500 internal Server Error
  • Calendar/eSync/eMail: fix not working accept/reject on calendar items (mails was working before)
  • EPL feature: view generator for addressbook, calendar, infolog, timesheet, tracker and projectmanager


  • email/IMAP: revert the static caching of the selected mailbox, as the selecting of the mailbox seems not to live through the request


  • Calendar: fixed issue of deleted first recurrence shortens event and causes it not to be find in CalDAV or eSync (“event has exceptions before startdate”), REQUIRES SCHEMA UPDATE (visit setup)!
  • Calendar: if deleting next recurrance of an event series containing alarms, move alarms to next recurrance, to not alarm for deleted recurance
  • Calendar/CalDAV: fixed not working accepting or rejecting recurrences of event series via CalDAV scheduling (eg. iOS devices)
  • Calendar: fixed since last update missing event details, notification iCal adds description with (required) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* separator, extended has description before event details and links
  • Calendar/InfoLog: fixed not working category filter for displayed InfoLog entries
  • Calendar: fixed not working deleting of favorites containing url-special chars like a “+”
  • eMail: allow to set connection timeout via preferences;
  • eMail: added translations for SIEVE notifications
  • eMail: adding missing translations, enabled preview for drafts and templates, some library changes regarding the fetch of the namespace(s)
  • eMail: fix for ->no initial border on plaintext editor textarea<-
  • eMail: fix problem with not recognized Kolab Invitations
  • eMailAdmin: use connection timeout preference in openConnection calls, and increase defaulttimeout if applicable;
  • eSync: calendar/infolog/contacts fix for dropped items on device due to sending mail flags in classes other than mail after first change on eGroupware for an item initially created on the device.
  • eSync: fix for latest Android, iOS6 and probably other AS 14.1 devices requesting a picture in global addresslist and recurring tasks
  • API/accounts/preferences: instance-wide cache of account and preference data, so changes from other sessions have immediate effect
  • Addressbook/InfoLog/Filemanager/Tracker: added or fixed formatting of certain custom field types using a single shared method
  • API/Setup/MySQL: fixed backup to correctly report boolean columns and support MySQL 5.0+ varchar(>255)
  • WebDAV/GroupDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV: removed option only used for old KDE GroupDAV resource and unknown WebDAV clients producing invalid XML, fix for community bug #3152
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: fixed not working Subscribtions (Notifications) when using WebDAV, caused by PHPs internal stat-cache


  • eSyncPro: new app to manage and provision eSync devices: (security) policies, remote wipe, logging (need to be explicitly installed!)
  • Admin/Setup: fixing high memory usage in registering all hooks
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: preference allowing to modify responsible user from devices not supporting them by setting EMail address as category
  • SyncML: fix Funambol vCard issues (community bug #1999)
  • eMail: handle attaching eml files; handle no subject when forwarding as attachment
  • eMail: fix for failed deletion of messages in Trash-Folder
  • eMail: fix problem with ->mark message as deleted<-; flag was not applied
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: not searching addressbook for CN, as match can be not unique or without an email address, causing notification to fail –> store as email address
  • Calendar/eSync/CalDAV: meeting requests contain again nice body followed by a separator and describtion, ignore empty description in eSync ChangeMessage
  • Chat: if no translation for user language available fall back to english, for slovenian language use croation language for now
  • LDAP authentication: if changing password fails bind as user, try changing is with given admin-dn, to cater for all sorts of ldap configurations
  • Addressbook/CardDAV: fixed lost cell-phone numbers, caused by SyncML update
  • CardDAV: disable category and class (public/private) for iOS, because they are not displayed and get messed up
  • Admin/Preferences: fixed not removable ACL rights for apps using NO group-acl, eg. Addressbook or InfoLog
  • ProjectManager: optional categories column for project list
  • ProjectManager: fixed merge-print of eroles with identical names will not display, because fallback to project-independent erole was not working


  • EMail: improve the handling of addresses in edit of vacationnotice (SIEVE)
  • EMail: better height control of attachment popup
  • Mergeprint in all apps: fixed missing validation message for non-existing pathes and allow to unset default of “/templates/appname”
  • EMail: usability option to enable checkbox for all folders
  • PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error using egw_db::unix_timestamp(): No function matches the given name and argument types
  • rpm/deb packages: removed “php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 14400” from Apache config, so value from global php.ini is used
  • EMail: while flagging messages, fix problem with dovecot ->too long argument<-
  • Tracker/Timesheet: support private custom-fields, existing fields stay public
  • Tracker: fixed not stored custom fields of type date or date-time, if no other change was made
  • EMail: sieve, option to disable the validation of used addresses; that way you may use mail-server internal names for vacation notices
  • EMail/SIEVE: switching from notify to enotify; enotify and variables now required
  • EMail/SIEVE: decide via capabilities of extensions if enotify and variables are available before trying to apply specific syntax; if enotify is not available fall back to (try with) notify syntax
  • Filemanager: support for ownCloud WebDAV clients which keep a local directory in sync with server (by default users home-dir with local ownCloud dir, thought other dirs can be configured as well)
  • EMail: improve the switching of signatures in HTML mode
  • SiteMgr: new accordion module: clickable headers show otherwise hidden content
  • CalDAV: expand-property reports queried by iCal from OS X 10.7.4
  • Addressbook: fixed error when adding a new organisation member for organisation(department)s containing a comma
  • Calendar: fixed EGroupware owner got notified about status changes, even if email-notification preference was “never”, now only external chairs get always notified
  • Addressbook: fixed not working resize or conversation of non-jpeg images in newer php versions
  • Filemanager: print and report templates


  • eMail: restructure sidebar, group sieve stuff as own section (if enabled AND available to the user)
  • Backup: fix sometimes not working restore (seems like an internal error in preg_match, causing Apache to run at 100% CPU never finishing) for php 5.3+
  • ProjectManager/InfoLog: visualisation if InfoLog has a parent or sub-entries (up-arrow or right-arrow like in InfoLog)
  • ProjectManager: fixed in element overwritten values got lost if datasource got updated
  • ProjectManager: allow datasources (eg. InfoLog) to set element category, update existing categories in elements to overwritten categories
  • EMailAdmin: always storing quota for qmailuser schema
  • ImportExport: Add “All users” permission option for easier maintenance
  • Filemanager/API: automatically decrement and store subquery depth limit, to work around different limits in different MySQL versions and configurations causing SQL error
  • API: HTML Editor-> disable encoding of html entities in output (this needs to set the ckeditor config value to false, since the default is true with the current ckeditor version)
  • Filemanager: for files inside /apps/appname/id, the application’s merge print placeholders are also available
  • Admin: global categories showed private categories of other users
  • EMail: suppress empty user leaf on shared folders while in manage folders
  • Password: fixed not working check, if user has right to change password, causing password link in topmenu to be displayed when not in preferences app
  • EMail: if marking a message for deletion, set the message as read too; if not trusting SEEN/UNSEEN info, always look/filter for unseen and return the counter (not only when unseen counter is set to 0)
  • ProjectManager: open project in popup when clicking on edit button in element list view (top row)
  • API: for new (autocreated) accounts, set ->can change password<- flag only if admin requires his users to change their passwords regularily (admin->site configuration->set recurrent forced password change)
  • Admin/DB-Backup: querying only chunks for 10000 rows, to not run into memory limit on huge tables
  • ImportExport: fixed not working export in IE8 (seems to choke on Content-Disposition: attachment header)
  • Tracker: use mailhandling settings to decide if we add addresses to CC or not; Settings for ALL are used (wether they are active or not), as we do not have a tracker queue at the point of data preparation for edit on new tickets
  • Timesheet: filtering by a status did not contain timesheets of sub-status
  • EMail: manage acl table; show acl table for selected folder for first folder selected when clicking on ACL tab as first action
  • EPL-Filemanager: ignore notifications to not longer exiting accounts, they count (now fixed) create a sql error
  • InfoLog/Calendar/EPL features: fixed display of tasks without time as wholeday events, should now be working with DBs other then MySQL too
  • Admin: View sessions / access log allows to sort by login ID, IP, last action


  • Addressbook: fix for postgres error on advanced search in addressbook (Helpdesk 3421)
  • LDAP: allow to specify multiple (space-separated) ldap URLs (eg. “ldap1 tls://ldap2”)
  • eMail: fix for Helpdesk Issue:3430 (Unstructured display of text when converting email to infolog)
  • eMail/eSync: try to improve speed, by using already fetched headers when applicable
  • API: support windows-1256 via iconv and prefer iconv for windows-1252 too
  • eMail/eSync: forcing a cutoffdate of 28 days, when there is no limitation set
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: set status of new tasks to NEEDS-ACTION (not started), if client does not specify a status or completion (was set to DONE before)
  • API: upgrade htmLawed from 1.1.10 to 1.1.11
  • Api: use autocomplete=off on all etemplate password fields (not all browsers support that), to avoid filling in wrong passwords while administering
  • Setup/Admin: restoring 10 rows per sql statement to speed up restore
  • eMail/eSync: handle problem in content-type handling when android4 devices sent replies as html
  • eSync/API: update access-log action for eSync, run maintenance only on logout and other changes to speed up access/update to huge access-logs, thought indexes on session_php, (account_id,ip,li), (account_id,loginid,li) will help alot
  • eMail: fix problem with display of ms-outlook 14 calendar requests (text/calendar only)
  • Filemanager: fixed clipboard icons had no tooltip (javascript error), fixes bug #3466
  • eMail/eSync: pref to control client-side behavior for calendar notifications; default is to notify only if there is no server-side notification, to avoid double notification with calendar requests (server-side AND client-side)
  • Calendar/eMail: allow to accept, reject, tentative group invitations (gave error “You are not invited…” previously)
  • eMail/eSync: handle exception on message deletion
  • Preferences: show verification errors on entering preferences too, not only when attempting to save
  • eSync/eMail: show error in eSync preferences, if non-functioning eMail profile is selected or no Trash or Sent folder
  • EPL Features/Calendar: fixed favorites containing & in their name could not be deleted
  • Versioning: fixed deleted attachments no longer shown after deleting last one (run Admin >> register hooks and Filemanager >> Admin >> check virtual filesystem)
  • InfoLog: use type or category, when creating new entries in subs-view and stay in subs-view when storing an entry in a popup


  • KnowledgeBase: improve behavior on answering questions, if there is an unpublished answer to a question
  • Timesheet: button [Save & New] keeps title (blur) set if called via timesheet submenu/icon of app ( bug #2669)
  • Tracker: split configuration and access control list into 2 tabs for better clarity
  • Preferences all apps: add validation for vfs files and directories to give user immediate feedback about wrong or non vfs pathes
  • Calendar: order search for events to link with by startdate descending
  • InfoLog: status filter in index shows now cumulated list of all status translations, if no type is selected (as context menu does too)
  • Tracker/ProjectManager: resources of tickets were shown as #Array in projectmanager ( bug #3147)
  • SyncML: Fix country name issue during SyncML slowsync (community bug #3146)
  • Tracker: add config option to exclude applinks on new tracker-bound-timesheets for selected apps
  • Addressbook/importexport: if there are no export csv definitions for a given user, do not show the csv export option in context menu
  • Admin: remove session timeout from EGroupware config and read it via ini_get(“session.gc_maxlifetime”) as config fails for many reasons, if different from php.ini setting
  • Timesheet: if linked via ProjectManager, behave identical as if project was set in own GUI, fixed setting project to none to also unset project-title and blur
  • EPL Features: configurable check for Nagios to check if a given user is logged in or idle for a given time, see


  • EMail: caching of folderObjects for session under certain conditions, to speed up EMail module access
  • Resources: fix for missing/not loaded pictures for resources in default/images/resource_icons/
  • InfoLog: remove group-types user has not any rights to as filter in list
  • Calendar: use possible attribute values regarding X-MICROSOFT-CDO-ALLDAYEVENT
  • EMail: if forwarding via SIEVE is not allowed – disable the according fields
  • Calendar/EMail: when accepting EMail invitation from organizer who is an EGroupware user but created invitation outside: if no access to organizers calendar, make organizer a participant with role CHAIR
  • EMailAdmin/Setup: fixed wrong created default profile, user profiles and signatures were ot allowed, due to changed default parameter -1 –> false
  • Addressbook/LDAP: documented how to get ACL for group-addressbooks working without deprecated rfc2307bis schema
  • Addressbook/LDAP|SQL->LDAP: fixed error during creation of new contacts, SQL->LDAP now also displays LDAP errors
  • API/eMail: catching failure to attach files, or fail on attaching empty files, or failure to encode files
  • Knowledgebase: port maintain_articles to etemplate based view. confirmation of publish/delete actions on maintaining articles
  • Addressbook: skip letter of deleted type, when creating new contact types, as it gives SQL error
  • phpbrain/knowledgebase: switch maintain questions to etemplate; enable the (re)use of existing (unpublished) answers while working with questions
  • InfoLog: fixed subs view to display only selected custom-fields of parent
  • InfoLog: explicitly name tabs in infolog.edit, to get disabeling of tabs working, even if template added custom ones
  • InfoLog/Notification: fix for ->primary link not shown in notification on first save<- (Helpdesk#3290)
  • ProjectManager/InfoLog: fixed custom type icon in PM to use status label, as in InfoLog
  • Filemanager: added merge print
  • CalDAV: fixed not working exceptions of recuring events in iCal on iOS or OS X (skipping optional and default VALUE=DATE-TIME attribute in iCal EXDATE component)
  • TranslationTool: bigger fields to add a new phrase
  • EMail: default for new installations always display html mail
  • EMail: fixed not working search in Addressbook, if LDAP backend was used ( bug #3337)
  • Calendar: fixed not savable config “Prevent deleting of entries” as “Yes, users can purge their deleted items”
  • Calendar: taking direct booking permission into account when copying events including resources (my.stylite bug #2839)
  • AsyncServices/Calendar: when multiple alarms / async jobs run at same time, they send mail with from address of first alarm/job
  • Calendar: notification always use language of current user, not of user to notify
  • InfoLog: if searching do not suppress sub-entries (user preference “List no subs/childs” set)
  • Addressbook: fixed not working changing of organisation members, also place this feature more prominent beside buttons
  • InfoLog: change status in context menu shows now labels and icons from all types and fixed bug #3359: not being able to set custom status
  • Calendar/InfoLog: fixed display of timed InfoLog entries in Calendar, if they contain an enddate incl. a time
  • InfoLog: fixed wrong placeholders for due-date in merge-print document Report-infolog-projects.ods
  • Filemanager: allow directory names including brackets for sub-directories of app-entry-dirs of stylite.links stream-wrapper by always adding two dashes eg. “(I–123)” instead of previous “(I123)”
  • Filemanager: fixed not working unsubscribe in pathes containing single quotes ( bug #3160)
  • renamed “Stylite” app to “EPL-Features”, to clearify why it should be switched on for all users


  • InfoLog: show time of duedate in notifications if set (!= 0:00)
  • InfoLog: remember filter to restore it after viewing subs or an other action-view
  • resources: fix broken import when importing with human readable names (not database values)
  • CardDAV: fixed not working deleting of existing fields and cell phone numbers for Apple clients
  • eMail: supporting deprecated text/directory mimetype (if filename extension is of type text/vcard) for opening in addressbook edit dialog.
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: add API version to pseudo session-id used to invalidate all sessions from the previous version (which eg. give database errors, because using old schema)
  • most apps: fixed rich-text editor to allow to enter < and > eg. html markup in regular input mode (not source)
  • tracker: feature to allow for a default solution for new tickets
  • Backup/Addressbook: adding limited index-length to backed up schema and fix restore of old backups without (default to 32 on multicolumn indexes including text columns)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: log failed requests with ### like exceptions to ease diagnose problems, log if clients requests accounts not visible because of account-selection preference, skip proxys if not visible
  • eSync: fixed PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method egw_minimal::invalidate_session_cache() when updating from 1.8
  • Add ical export to edit \’Actions\’ selectbox, and list context menu’
  • email: improvement regarding notification handling; using htmLawed now instead of purify as fallback when there is no tidy;
  • mail: improve refresh of messageList on message deletion
  • Expand link_to custom fields and make available all placeholders from the app.
  • CalDAV: fixed PHP Fatal Error when iCal contains invalid participant url like Lighttnings “invalid:noemail”
  • VFS/Filemanager: notify only after successful removal of files, fixes ##3100 – Subscribtion notification – even if deleting is not allowed


  • restart running Apache after each update, to force APC to update changed sources and/or Apache configuration


  • ProjectManager: fixed not working editing of projectelement via context-menu (also check registed sub-types of apps user has access to)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: add support for responsible as iCal ATTENDEE, make sure not to empty InfoLog fields not supported by iCal standard


  • SECURITY: fix for a XSS (cross-site-scripting) vulnerability, it is recommended to update ASAP!
  • Admin/Addressbook: fixed wrong timezone in created and modified times for contacts and accounts
  • Admin: view sessions and view access log was not using user-timezone but server, also causing display of wrong idle-time
  • eMail: feature to save messages that are in progress of being composed to draft every 3 minutes;
  • translations: Italian translation improvements for admin and API; provided by Ilias Chasapakis, Webtrain Services
  • translations: improving german translation
  • Calendar: update timezones to 2011n from Lightning
  • InfoLog: if one of status, percent or datecompleted changed, change others to reasonable values
  • InfoLog: icons to visualise entry has a parent or subs, using these icons (arrow left or up) in context-menu too
  • LDAP: if multiple hosts given, try them all for first working one and store choice in session to start new trial only if working one fails
  • API: fix account-selection-method “selectbox” containing selected account double (eg. in Admin >> Manage groups)
  • Home: only display apps user has rights to (were not checked for calendar, email, infolog, news_admin or if user changes positions on home, before gotten app-rights removed)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: fixed not working toggeling of completed from iOS reminder app (only sets COMPLETED, but never STATUS or PERCENT-COMPLETED)
  • Calendar: iCal import via mime-registry (clicking on iCal file in filemanager) displayed event in server- instead of user-time
  • InfoLog: new config for copying or creating sub-entries to exclude just attachments (was links including attachments and links to other apps), fixed deleting attachments in copys/subs before storing them, deleted original attachment
  • Wiki/PostgreSQL: whitespace before database-type caused creation of index on egw_wiki_pages.wiki_body limiting article length to 32k –> re-install wiki or drop index egw_wiki_pages_body
  • SiteMgr: fixed every block had identical id=”Mod” validation error
  • SiteMgr: remove CKeditor SCAYT (spell-check-as-you-type) tags, which dont validate
  • SiteMgr: properly escape block-titles containing special chars
  • SiteMgr: allow to set meta description on category level by using {description} tag instead of {slogan} or {sitedesc}, proper escaping of all placeholders
  • Admin/Setup: button to mount backup directory under /backup into VFS
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fixed typo preventing sync, if logging to Apache error-log was switched on
  • ImportExport/Tracker: timeout left num-rows set to -1, causing nextmatch to try to display full list on next login
  • Calendar/CalDAV/eSync: fixed etag generation to NOT query maximum user-modification date for each entry, fixed etag and ctag for eSync to only use recurance master, as ActiveSync event does not contain extra participant data for exceptions (virtual and real)
  • Admin/ImportExport: fixed import of already hashed passwords
  • knowledgebase: feature to allow author to publish own articles if automatic publishing of articles is denied


  • Calendar: mail all participants was attaching iCal with wrong time(zone)
  • ProjectManager: preferences to set order of bars in GanttChart
  • Tracker: fixed times column was only displayed in session after storing column-selection, also switch new summary+describtion column off by default


  • InfoLog: fixed multiple [apply] after copying an InfoLog creates multiple new infologs
  • InfoLog: make fields excluded from copying to a new sub-entry configurable and add scheduling an appointment to action
  • Admin/Setup: fixed custom translations got lost during update
  • Filemanager/Admin: ability to check virtual filesystem (Admin >> Check virtual filesystem) and some code to prevent double creation of directories
  • ProjectManager: Show Infolog Type Icon in Project Elements list
  • Infolog: preferences to receive notification as member of owner group of Infolog type
  • News: fixed SQL error happening with multiple translations
  • eMail: fix bug introduced with rev37914, sometimes an additional Mailbox Mail was introduced, as Mail was assumed falsely as mailbox prefix
  • CardDAV/GroupDAV/Addressbook: works now with LDAP backend (account only or all contacts), fixed not working update of accounts (SQL and LDAP), changed ctag generation to work with LDAP too
  • PostgreSQL/Setup/EMailAdmin: fixed Setup >> Configuration was not storing anything
  • Tracker: mailhandling fix bug regarding tracker item creator. (use known user for tr_creator when required, test on ADMIN/TECHNICIAN/USER before); use mail date for tracker item creation date/comment creation date; add some mail header information on new Tracker items (from/to/cc/date/subject)
  • Timesheet: fixed wrong sum for timesheets;
  • Tracker: feature to be able to add simple mailheader information to description and/or comments on auto mailhandling -> must be enabled by tracker mailhandling config
  • Tracker: feature to be able to show description in tracker list view (pref to be able to handle height of displayed description)
  • ProjectManager: filter elements by app
  • eMail: feature to be able to view plain message source on rightclick action
  • Translations: Italian translation improvements for email, emailadmin and calendar
  • eSync: changed SyncCache from File to Folder based. Needed to stabilize sync for Android devices running multiple syncs in parallel. Sendmail, Smartforward, Smartreply return WBXML in AS >=14.0 mode only in case of an error occuring.
  • Admin/Addressbook: do NOT mark accounts as deleted, as accounts do NOT know that state, always deleted them and allow to cleanup already marked as deleted accounts in addressbook
  • eMail: feature to be able to save Message to filemanager via context menu action
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: fixed wrong timezone used for iCal generation
  • Filemanager/FMail/Calendar: allow to open .eml and .ics files from filemanager in fmail or calendar
  • InfoLog CSV import: do not notify a 2nd time when primary link get set (UI does not do it either)
  • EMail/Calendar: for meeting requests to recuring events check recurrance enddate, not event-date, to deny importing it with “event is in the past”
  • Filemanager/Versioning: fixed not working download of older revisions of attachments, fix requires PHP 5.3 for LSB, should not break under 5.2


  • eMail/eSync: using tidy (if loadable) instead of purifier to straighten out html when retieving the displayableBody. This has a huge impact on performance with certain mails.
  • eSync/Addressbook: for all-in-one addressbook only use add-default, if it is contained in addressbooks selected, otherwise use personal addressbook
  • eSync: show (tail -f) serverside logs inside EGroupware incl. enabling/disabling them
  • Project Manager: special field to import sub-projects from CSV and re-create folder structure
  • SiteMgr: allow to specify favicon in config >> template settings (like the logo)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: continous display (like tail -f) of logs inside EGroupware
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: show addressbooks/calendars selected to sync in prefs under users addressbook-/calendar-home-set (incl. account addressbook, if enabled)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: /addressbook-accounts/ and PROPPATCH for addressbooks/calendars for every namespace but CalDAV, CardDAV or Calendarserver (displayname or *-describtion are ok)
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: store unsupported iCal properties like custom fields incl. history logging, thought they are not displayed unless you explicitly add a custom field from them (prefixed with one #)
  • Addressbook/CardDAV: fixed Apple iOS and OS X addressbook messed up phone numbers (Mobile is now mobile for both and iPhone is matched to EGroupware private cell)
  • CalDAV: fixed Outlook needs Microsoft specific x-property to recognice all-day events as such
  • CalDAV: allow to create private events on OS X iCal, fixing DAV header for new shared folders
  • Addressbook: use vCard version 3 when exporting via context menu
  • Addressbook/CardDAV: fixed sync all in one addressbook changed AB to personal, use default addressbook for new contacts if synced, otherwise use always synced personal AB
  • Addressbook: disable custom field tabs, if contact is stored in LDAP, which does not support CFs
  • InfoLog/CalDAV: fixed sub-entries created in WebGUI got identical caldav_name as parent and therefore updates of sub-entries did not work as expected
  • CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV: as all clients dislike not getting an ETag for a PUT, we sending it again even not storing byte-by-byte
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: storing Apple AB type company (X-ABShowAs:COMPANY) as EGroupware fileAs company
  • InfoLog/Calendar: renamed context menu “Calendar” to “Schedule appointment” and make preset participants configurable, allow to config prefix for sub-entries and allow times in due-date
  • Notifications: fixed not correctly reset timezone after notifying users from other timezones


  • InfoLog/CalDAV: allow updates with implicite rights of responsible user, InfoLog type is kept on update, deduct not set status of client from completed(-percent)
  • API/Login: using tabindex to control tab succession on/in loginscreen.
  • Calendar/iCal/CalDAV: if no end(-time) is given in iCal we use the default lenght from user prefs
  • Site Manager: New slideshow block
  • eSync/Calendar: fixed tz-aliases to NOT use Etc/GMT* but Olson identifiers, no more exception in AS tzblob generation, generation of tzblobs for Etc/GMT*
  • email: fix a problem with the retrieval of DOVECOT Mailboxes; shorten mail structure cache expire time; handle structure cache on move and delete


  • CardDAV: fixed sometimes not working creation of new contacts from the device, if accounts are stored in LDAP
  • CardDAV: Hack for iOS 5.0.1 addressbook to stop asking directory gateway permissions with depth=1, which might fail on installs with huge addressbooks
  • Calendar: fixed wrong time in iCal of notification, if notifying user is not in server TZ
  • email: fix double encoding problem while toggling html2text (introduced while bugfixing a maildisplay issue)
  • resources: change / introduce sorting for display of Account/Group List in ACL management; in addition groups are now sorted to the end of the list
  • eMail: allow to control the connection test link in email sidebar and/or the information displayed when called


  • API/link_widget/wiki: if searched without searchcriteria wiki throws exception, now with an empty search string use a wildcard, as we intend to find all entrys
  • Addressbook: show calendar of contact(s) as list-view with date-filter “all” via context menu
  • Addressbook: preference to open EMail addresses in external mail program, even if user has access to EMail app
  • notification: if sending meeting requests: only send the text/plain part, as outlook interprets the html part as meeting description
  • Calendar: new (forcable) user preference to notify external participants (non-EGroupware users), event owner has to set it, it is off by default, to keep the current behavior of not notifying externals
  • Calendar: button to close a single calendar if multiple calendars are shown (day, week and planner view)
  • Calendar: showing now all open calendars in the owner-selection, not just accounts. Allows to close them from all views
  • Calendar/CalDAV: Add index for cal_modified and cal_user_modified to improve performance of ctag and etag generation on big installtion
  • Calendar/Resources: do NOT unselect currently selected calendars when selecting a resource category, eg. to choose a meeting room
  • tracker: fix broken close_pending and do_escalations
  • Filemanager: allow WebDAVs (https) via PEAR HTTP_WebDAV_Client
  • filemanager: Tracker#2640 copy/cut/paste not working -> fixing a java-script syntax error
  • eMail: option to influence reply behavior for pre-selecting the editor type; simple connection test routine (can be used to reset connection too)
  • eMail: fix for ->print of messages in compose state failes with whitescreen<-


  • Infolog/Tracker: Create tracker tickets from infolog entries
  • Calendar/Esync: do not allow a minimum length of less then 1 for uid; esync: if no UID given, do not even try to fetch exceptions.
  • Import/Export: Add data preview to import test mode
  • Filemanager: delete->reset any occasion where the delete action may be stored, as it may be ressurected out of the helpers by etemplate, which is quite unconvenient in certain conditions (delete a file, upload a file with the same name to this very folder, continue uploading files to that folder: this process may lead to the deletion of the former file while uploading other files)
  • Addressbook: distributionlists, allow to add any seen contact to an available (and editable) distributionlist
  • Felamimail: handle IE (8) problem regarding toggling editor modes in compose window
  • API/customfields: fix for Stylite Ticket#2629 ->Mandatory custom field not saved<- fix for customfields (if mandatory) where not saved on first attempt, after failed formvalidation.


  • Notification: Add ability to use browser notifications+popups, when available from the browser
  • Addressbook: ablity to mail (multiple) vCard via context menu
  • eSync: ability to delete serverside profile via eSync preferences, to remove all traces of previous sync attempts of a device
  • Wiki:-fix SQL for makro WantedPages
  • -bugfix for ->fatal error/exception if search is started with no searchstring<- now we return everything / all entrys on a missing search string
  • -bugfix for ->fatal error/exception when inserting new webdav links in HTML mode<-
  • Import/export: speed improvements, Scheduled import improvements
  • -Add ability to create an export definition based on an existing import definition
  • calendar/esync: active-sync does NOT want calendar owner as participant
  • email/sieve: improve connection handling (timeout)
  • API: fixed a reported deprecated warning on logout when using CAS
  • eMail: feature to attach the VCard of the current user to every new mail sent via UI
  • news_admin: allow teaser to hold HTML, and enable CKEditor for editing (toolbar hidden)
  • calendar: allow to send a meeting request to all participants, add action to calendar event edit to choose between sending meeting requests or a mail with the ics file of an event attached.
  • infolog/esync: fix for -> tasks created on device where set to completed all the time <-
  • Infolog: Create calendar events based on infolog entries


  • Addressbook: filter by country or sort by post code of home address
  • Add ability for user to change import/export delimiter when importing / exporting
  • SyncML: re-added accidently removed accounts addressbook
  • ckeditor/aspell: added check for language availability check on extended dict (Lang_Countrycode) first, then fall back to lang -> e.g.: check on en_GB, if not available try using en
  • Mergeprint: fixed not working merge (white screen, nothing in error-log) under PHP 5.2.6
  • Custom / instance-specific translations, eg. to rename an application
  • eMail/InfoLog: mail to infolog, preference (and action) to allow the additional attaching of the raw mail message as message/rfc822 (.eml) to the entry
  • Filemanager: Firefox 3.5 gives error “Theres already a directory with that name” when trying to upload a file
  • Admin: fix white screen (fatal error) when trying to delete a user without home directory
  • ImportExport: allow to select “Old fixed definition” in preference for nextmatch export (disk icon)
  • Calendar: fixed groupmembers cant accept/reject group-invitations in listview via context-menu (error: failed because of insufficient rights!)
  • eMail: fix for text/html attachment was not recognized (neither in list, nor in preview or display) if it is the one and only part of the mail; preparational function for Link2Attachment feature
  • eMail: feature for html-mails -> convert images included as link to inline images (attachments to the mail)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV new user preference to log requests and truncated responses to Apache error-log or full responses to files directory
  • CalDAV: fixed group-invitations got lost (urn:uuid url lost one char with each new import)
  • EventMgr: sort locations by hierarchy (was not working for non-admins or in Admin >> Locations)


  • CalDAV/CardDAV: major rework fixing lots of bugs/incompatibilites and adding new features: eg. autocompletion of accounts and resources under iCal, searchable addressbook gateway for all addressbooks available
  • API/CKEditor: updating to version 3.6.2, altering editor modes and availability of toolbar options, supports now iPad and improved fallback for Android devices (not supporting CKEditor)
  • eMail: being able to set labels now, as thunderbird supports by default: urgent (red), job (orange), personal (green), to do (blue) and later (purple). If labeled the lines text will be coloured.
  • eSync/Addressbook: for all-in-one addressbook, add addressbook name as category; keep from AS not supported fields unchanged (eg. custom fields)
  • eSync/Calendar: fixed “wrong” generation of AS timezone blobs from TZID
  • eSync/EMail: added missing parameter $optionbodypreference, causing iPhones to not get attachments < 1MB
  • eSync/Calendar: handle error regarding not getting an egw_time object but no exception is thrown; may be php 5.2.x related. occurs when a NokiaE72 tries to open Outlook invitations
  • eSync/general changes in requesthandling, fixing several issues seen on android devices
  • eSync: fix for not updated calender, contact, task on device if only description or note was changed or deleted
  • eSync/eMail: make sure expected folders are reported on getFolderList (so we force our Autofolders (Sent, Trash, Draft, Template, Outbox and Spam) – if set – to be returned, even if they are not subscribed)
  • eMail: workaround for failed merge on signature retrieval, which was seen/reported as no signature on send (or compose) inserted
  • eMailAdmin: fixing not allowed userDefinedIdentities when userDefinedAccounts is allowed, fixing typos
  • eMail: bug regarding the mimetype of uploaded files; FF701 reports wrong mime type; work around this, by always checking mimetype by suffix
  • eMail: import of VCARD; opening an already imported VCARD as addressbook-entry failed, and VCARD was offered for download; Fixed -> as the expectation was/is that the already imported vcard (found via uid) is opened as addressbook entry (data merged)
  • eMail: fix for problems when trying to open attached messages twice; Solved by handling problems regarding the caching of message structures caused by problems with SessionHandler storing the structure-array
  • eMail: implementing basic server-side search for email
  • eMail/Sieve: improved vacation script handling: be more talkative to the user on rule validation errors while saving
  • Calendar: fixed MyStylite bug #2434: context menu could be used to invite yourself to any event you can read
  • Calendar: fixed many issues when moving or modifying (parts of a) recurring event (alarms, recurrance type, time)
  • Calendar: modified column position for overlapping events, allways leave some space on the left for drag-n-drop or clicking
  • Mergeprint: add {{links}}, {{attachments}}, {{links_attachments}} placeholders
  • Notification: do not notify expired or inactive users
  • Addressbook: current contact type is now used on creating new addressbook entrys (except a explizit type is requested via GET)
  • Filemanager/eTemplate: fix for MyStylite bug #2495: deleting files containing [ as first char deletes whole directory
  • Timesheet: fix reported bug #2488 (stylite tracker), status and cat change still allowed via context menu, even if the entry in question should be ->edit by admins only<- (via status admin flag)
  • InfoLog: allow to exclude fields while copying an infolog entry; done via infolog->configuration
  • Tracker: fixed report not working with PHP 5.2 (syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM)
  • Tracker: fix for lost comment, when tracker item got saved (e.g. by someone else) while you were still editing
  • ImportExport: fix for failed export on not set limit for nonadmins on standard export
  • SyncML: fix WBXML namespache issue (bug 3048)


  • CalDAV/CardDAV: added standard /.well-known/(caldav|carddav) redirects and set memory_limit to 128MB in Apache configuration


  • emailadmin: fix problem with UpperLowerCase User Names, use lower case usernames ONLY, when accessing / creating / updating mailboxes
  • emailadmin: caching nameSpace information for the session to reduce communication to imap-server with the goal of improved performance clientside and less querying the mailserver
  • egw-pear: improve connection handling regarding the validation of connectionsvia expected responses
  • felamimail: improve connection handling regarding the validation of connections via expected responses
  • email:caching structure information (per session by server and uid) and status (per server and folder per request) to reduce communication to imap-server with the goal of improved performance clientside and less querying the mailserver
  • tracker: fix missing translations for (standard) resolutions
  • eSync: ping livetime depends now on average runtime and can therefore run up to 3540 seconds
  • knowledgebase: on edit, preset the selected category for new entries
  • API/CheckPasswordAge: new approach to the issue, as we have to take into account that the timestamp of the last password change may not be provided by the auth system. We fetch the timestamp from the authsystem if the method is implemented for the auth method configured (instead of juggling with account_lastpasswd_change or account_lastpwd_change)
  • API: is_a compatibility vs. php5.3.8 resolving to instanceof operator for most common basic classes
  • GroupDAV/KDE assume KDE 4.7+ uses native Akonadi resource, while below pre-Akonadi GroupDAV resource is used: unfortunately both have contradicting requirements
  • eMail/Sieve/Vacation: set default to 7 for days setting in vacation for new vacation setups
  • phpbrain: provide class definitions for TOCLevel3-6 (if using ContentArea Feature)
  • CardDAV/GroupDAV/Addressbook: do NOT check for api version, as it caused accounts created during setup to have no carddav_name and therefore fail in CardDAV/GroupDAV (shown as “/addressbook/” in collection list!)
  • GroupDAV/KDE: access with old (KDE < 4.7) GroupDAV resource is working again (client did not find any folder, because it requies full URL not just pathes in PROPFIND response)
  • CalDAV/GroupDAV: return empty collection, as iCal under iOS 5 had problems with returning “404 Not found” status
  • Filemanager: Firefox 7.0+ gave error “There is already a directory with that name!” when trying to upload a file
  • eSync/InfoLog: InfoLog support for ActiveSync (incl. deny device to create folders and ping fixes for Moxier Task)
  • addressbook/export: fix problem of failed export for non admins, when no export-limit is set
  • SyncML: Fix WBXML encoding issue (community bug#3020 and SyncEvolution issue bug#2975)
  • EMailAdmin allow to specify smtp auth credentials for alarms/notifications only, otherwise credentials of current user are used
  • wiki: add a div with id and class to be able to apply styles for the whole wikipage; apply a left margin to improve readability of pages
  • Calendar: added windows timezones to all installations (was added in calendar update 1.7.005, but not to new installs)
  • eMail: improve connection handling and recovery on problems regarded as minor. offer user the possibility to reset the connection on failure
  • wiki: using egw-build in randomstring generator instead of possible posix_getpid call (for windows based installations) to initialize the diff between versions
  • Filemanager: Firefox 7.0+ gave error “There is already a directory with that name!” when trying to upload a file


  • Filemanager: fixed not working rename of file, if path contains a # or ?
  • API/Calendar: allow to link to accounts and allow to select accounts as participants by searching them like contacts
  • ProjectManager: added timesheet to context menu of element list, to book time on arbitray project-elements: infologs, projects, …
  • Addressbook/LDAP: fixed country handling for mozillaOrgPerson schema, which has two distinct attributes for 2-letter code and arbitrary name
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: understand Windows7 modification time attribute and setting and returning is as vfs modification time
  • calendar/addressbook/importexport/merge-print: introduction of a static function to fetch the export limit, and normalize the possible output: bo_merge::getExportLimit; apply new function to bo_mergen, nextmatch_widget, addressbook, calendar and importexport; introduction of an calendar export limit; introduction of hook to provide appspecific export_limit
  • Filemanager: treeview fixed creating of dirs containing # or ? and not working open/save as of files in dirs containing # or ?
  • API/Linking: check if we are already trying to unlink an entry, to avoid an infinit recursion, causing a segfault


  • Mergeprint uses tidy, if available, before atempting to convert html to office documents, requires now php-tidy
  • Filemanager: fixed not working context menu in treeview


  • tracker: mailhandling, fixing a problem with -> not correctly extracting mailadresses <- when adresses contained UpperCase Letters
  • email: fix for missing style color:red in notification messages
  • tracker: mailhandling – prevent to use rsh or ssh to establish connection
  • API: decodeMailHeader handle nested encoding for imap_mime_header_decode
  • API: take care of INNODB and STRICT_TRANS_TABLES for recent mysql installations
  • resources/sitemanager integration: fixed broken resources sitemanager integration
  • API: taking care of sorting AND filtering by customfields with names containing whitespace; (best way to deal with this issue, is not using whitespace in your customfield names at all)
  • calendar/holidays: fix charset for japanese holidays
  • eMail: search for attachments in multipart/alternative (as it is used this way by clients now) to indicate attachments; switch back to DATE for sorting and display (instead of INTERNALDATE and ARRIVAL); using UNDELETED as standard filter instead of ALL on search; search for UNDELETED and UNSEEN on notifications and UNDELETED for eSync;
  • sitemanager: fix PostgreSQL error reported on org-tracker (#2956)
  • WebDAV: fix for Netdrive to work correct with non-ascii chars like German umlauts
  • Filemanager: handle clipboard via ajax to copy with multiple open tabs and cuting and pasting between them
  • Filemanager: “Save as” option for files to force download and not open in browser
  • Translate basic HTML formatting (bold, underline, cursive, text & background color, bullets & lists, fonts, size) into target document’s formatting when merging into a template. Works for odt, docx and some xml.
  • WebDAV: allow locking of not (yet) existing files to create them
  • Tracker: fixed not working file write rights for assignee
  • richtext custom-fields
  • impportexport/document merge: better control of exportlimits, you are now able to exempt groups or users from any exportlimits set (backport of nathans work, with enhancements from ralf)
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: #?+ and chinese characters working now in filenames
  • Filemanager: (re)added add to clipboard action
  • Filemanager: “Save as” option for files to force download and not open in browser
  • Eventmgr: added context menu


  • Calendar: not using freebusy rights for searching calendar, as it would allow to probe for event contents
  • Loa language translation Dr. from Vimontha KHIEOVONGPHACHANH
  • eSync/Addressbook: added mapping of private cellphone to home2phone, other phone to business2phonenumber and changed role to title in mapping of jobtitle (role is no longer mapped, because no outlook equivalent, egw prefix is mapped to ol title!)
  • eSync/Addressbook: new preference to force sorting on device, eg. for use with Windows Mobile, which use “own sorting” set in addressbook otherwise
  • SiteMgr: implement login and search module via
  • email: fix for ->starting the search with enter with IE opens a compose window<-
  • email: fix bug in MailMerge; Mail-Templates with text/html only were not processed as text/html but as text/plain; now this is handeled correctly/as expected


  • API fix PHP fatal error wakeup2 is no method …, when comming from setup
  • API fix webserver_url of just a domain eg. gives PHP Warning empty delimiter …
  • PEAR/Email: fixed not working automatic install of Mail_Mime because PEAR in RHEL5 is way to old
  • Tracker: fixed context menus actions were NOT checking ACL and other context menu fixes


  • Security issues fixed: local file inclusion, sql injection, refelected xss and open redirect
  • –> we recommend to update ASAP

  • tracker: fix bug regarding tracker creator was not notified in certain cases
  • bookmark: fix broken delete on edit bookmark
  • timesheet: fix tabcontrol not working, fix for broken saving description in simple/short view mode
  • eMail: carry the preference regarding the move or copy of mails over to drag and drop dialog
  • eMail: fix for broken showHeader in Message Display window, code cleanup
  • email: if you want to see eMails as text/plain, you may want to see embedded images, as they are commonly only displayed with html messages
  • eMail: if the identity used for sending is part of the users mainProfile Identities (provided with the mainProfile by ogServer->getAccountEmailAddress ->NOT USER DEFINED<-) then the sender information is set accordingly, as it is assumed that the emailaddresses fetched with getAccountEmailAdress are known to the SMTP Server, thus allowing to be used as Sender/Return-Path
  • eMail: if profileID given does not exist, next possible valid profileID is used. This should fix problems regarding the storing of no longer existing profileIDs with the activeProfileID preference.
  • eSync: fix signature problem, when using emailadmin defined profile
  • eMail: enhancement of visual decoration of high_priority mails and messages that are flagged
  • eMail: fix bug regarding ->foldertype SENT not detected on preview of message <-
  • Calendar: fixed in readonly events custom fields were still editable
  • admin: allow to choose which kind of spellchecking you would like to employ when using the CK Editor (Options now: Yes, No, Without SpellCheckAsYouType, WebSpellChecker)
  • CalDAV: user agent detection of OS X 10.7 Lion iCal app (CoreDav instead of DavKit)
  • eMail: fix refresh behavior, regarding the reading of an eMail in previewMessageArea; timed refresh of Message list, now only refreshes the messageList Area, not the preview area; fix reload behavior on MailDeletion in preview mode (click on delete Icon within previewArea)
  • CalDAV/CardDAV redirect for iOS 4.3.1+ to autodetect accounts
  • –> requires to manually merge groupdav.htaccess changes or evtl. apache.conf (if modified)

  • Calendar: show status set for the whole series at recurrences too, unless they have an individual status
  • API: upgrade ck editor from v3.3.1 to v3.6.1 (latest release as of June 2011)
  • CalDAV: fixed and enabled iterator again, to minimize resource usage, fix for mystylite bug #1942
  • NTLM authentication: limit redirect, if NTLM auth could not be performed, to same domain, EGroupware domain, or explicitly whitelisted domains
  • Calendar: fixed various issues with history in calendar: id display, unecessary stuff loged, …
  • Filemanager popup: fixed sometimes missing first directory, eg. in favorites
  • Timesheet: using only timesheet categories (tracker initialises global cat object)
  • filemanager: do NOT notify about temporary files or lockfiles created by office programms
  • Filemanager: fixed showing of accounts in /apps/addressbook/all$, if disabled by user pref (bug #866)


  • eMail: bugfix for ‘identities are set as active profile’: status is now checked for active


  • eMail: fixed not resized grid/preview when eMail was started in a not activated tab


  • Template for mobile browsers: only show application area, all apps are available via slideout menu
  • CalDAV/GroupDAV: disabling not working iterator, causing not all events to be returned to client
  • eSync: Take care of serverside message flagging on reply and forward
  • Generate well-formed XML for Funambol and SyncEvolution clients (community bug#2975)
  • Improved support for new SyncML clients/client versions
  • many bugfixes in all areas/apps


  • jQuery: changed $ to $j to work around mootools use in Joomla templates and other js code in imported projects


  • CalDAV: handle deleted events, as not existing (404 Not Found)
  • CardDAV/GroupDAV: handle deleted contacts, as not existing (404 Not Found)
  • emailadmin: restored capability of storing setup mail server settings to first default emailadmin profile (no app, no group, no user)
  • emailadmin: restored capability of storing setup mail server settings to first default emailadmin profile (no app, no group, no user)
  • emailadmin: restored capability of storing basic default mail server settings back to config on saving active profiles that are allowed for all apps, groups and users
  • eMail: fix Bug regarding ‘could not parse mime message’ as of selection of a different folder in MainView
  • eMail: fixed ‘bug’ regarding the flagging of multiple messages tagged/untagged – you may now flag or unflag messages not regarding the flagged state of the messages in the selection
  • eMail: regard addressbook preference to hide accounts or not in ajax search for emailadresses while composing messages
  • eMail: fix missing pictures in display window (where supressed as attachment->cid was set to NIL)
  • eMail: fix for displayed message body is null: if charset reported is reported not correctly, converting to utf-8 may not succeed as expected, leaving some non utf-8 chars which may lead to problems with json_encode;
  • eSync: add substantially miore effort in determination of the preselected Profile; thus fixing strange behavior if you selected Primary emailadmin profile
  • Fix RRULE parser –
  • Fix RRULE parser (2nd part) –
  • Fix RRULE parser (UTC fix) –
  • Calendar: fixed not working accept/reject of invitations, if participant is in a group with only a freebusy grant
  • Tracker: implemented explicit file_access method, required to differenciate between read and write access
  • eMail: fix behavior for importMessage FolderSelection (additional hierarchyDelimiter)
  • eMail: feature to use merge_print on emails for sending previously prepared (and stored) emails to contacts. The email address is used as To address. If no email address is specified, email_home is used. Addressbook replacements are performed on text/html body and subject; BugFix regarding problems with styledefinitions containing umlauts
  • Filemanager: subscriptions for files and directories, to get notified about changes
  • Windows/EPL-11.1 update: fix for SQL error on update: PDO->query(‘1’) >> sqlfs_stream_wrapper::url_stat(‘\\’, 0)


  • print- and report-tempaltes for addressbook, calendar, infolog, timesheet, tracker and projectmanager
  • keyboard control of lists: Ctrl/Cmd A to select all, (shift) cursor up or down, return for default action
  • Calendar: warning if user tries to move horizont further then default 1000 days and NOT start moving horizont, to allow adding events after the horizont
  • Notifications: popup and email are enabled per default, default preference is “popup_or_email”
  • Apache: enable ActiveSync protocoll support via eSync app, if Apache configuration was manually modified you need to merge the changes yourself!
  • CalDAV/GroupDAV/KDE Akonadi seems to require redundant namespaces, see KDE bug #265096
  • eMail: feature display inline images within plain/text messages if tags are present as [cid:IMAGE.EXTTENSION@SOME.STRING] and IMAGE.EXTENSION is found via felamimail_bo->getAttachmentByCID
  • eMail: match cid to filename if the attempt to match the cid failed -> extending the fetch attempt even for non cid attachments, when nothing is found within the previous loops
  • eMail: fixed bug for not getting multiple unnamed attachments, while saving a mail to infolog or tracker
  • Admin/VFS/LDAP: on saving a group, check if group directory exists and create it if not
  • Versioning: do NOT create a new version of a file, if current one is empty
  • Versioning: fixed not working delete of old versions ( #1734)


  • fixed not working new installation


  • support for secure crypt password hashing algorithms: sha512, sha256, blowfish AND switching automatic migration on
  • selectable color for Stylite template via (forcable) user preference


  • first preview packages for upcoming EPL 11.1 release
  • new eSync application: z-Push based implementation of ActiveSync protocol
  • context menus for all major applications
  • template based printing for all major applications
  • reporting for tracker application
  • eMail: drag-n-drop, context menus, reworked UI
  • Import/Export supports now all major applications
  • new, not yet finished, hierarchical view in filemanager using drag-n-drop and context menus


  • EventMgr: Integrated new “Plattform” field


  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed SQL error when listing account, groups or querying birthdays


  • PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed SQL error when listing account, groups or querying birthdays


  • API/Authentication: add fallback to sql for mail authentication.
  • updated timezone database to version 1.2011b from current Lightning snapshot
  • API: upgrade to HTMLpurifier Version 4.3.0
  • give everyone implicit rights for home app, as taking them away makes to many support problems
  • method to reset passwords of multiple users to a random password and notify them about that, also allows to change from plaintext passwords to a different hash
  • WebDAV download: switching zlib.output_compression off for everything but text files
  • CalDAV: improved performance of ctag generation
  • Calendar/CalDAV: ctag got not updated when eg. a recurrence got deleted, causing CalDAV calendar to not automatic update
  • Setup: fixed not working deinstall of languages
  • Calendar/API: fixed not working dateformat d-M-Y with French language (Juin=Jun, Juillet=Jui)
  • Addressbook: lettersearch was not working for addressbooks in LDAP if PostgreSQL database was used (bug #2851)
  • Calendar: fixed not working “use event TZ” pref for iCal exports and allways use event TZ for calendar notifications (NOT use file export pref.)
  • SyncML/Calendar/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when searching participants (SELECT DISTINCT requires ORDER-BY-expressions to be in SELECT-list)
  • Wiki/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when viewing history (#2927), PostgreSQL needs mixed case names quoted
  • PostgreSQL: when importing/updating timezones, only query last insert id, if not already in database (gives warning for PostgreSQL)
  • Addressbook/PostgreSQL: lettersearch in organisation-view allways returned empty
  • Preferences: fixed not working setting of preferences without a logout
  • addressbook: enable advanced search for addressbook org view
  • eMail: fix for stylite Tracker Bug#1471 (adding more than 4 lines of addresses to a mail in compose-dialog shrinks the address-area to a height of 0 with IE9)
  • eMail: make sure the quotaDisplay is refreshed on Message List refresh
  • Admin: fix for reported error regarding wrong count of lines in Admin -> view error log
  • eMail: fix a problem regarding the doubleencoding of text while toggling compose from html->text
  • phpfreechat: add timeout parameter (and increase the default timeout) to workaround problems with differing server times
  • Addressbook/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when checking “use whole query”
  • SiteMgr: fixed detection of downloaded content, using Content-Type header now and adding style=”white-space: pre-wrap; text-aling: left;” to pre-tag for textfiles


  • Calendar: fixed not working “hideprivate” filter (shows own private events as private, not NOT showing them)
  • GroupDAV/CardDAV: fixed empty addressbooks issue (url in PROPFIND contained empty id –> “/.vcf” instead “/123.vcf”)


  • eMail: wrap pre tagged text within the window boundarys for better readability of text mails with overlong lines; this was part of the felamimail app.css which is not loaded anymore for the display of the body


  • Calendar: fixed PostgreSQL error on transfering records of a delted user to an other one
  • fixed not working scheduled import from vfs
  • SiteMgr: allow to import permissions from a previous exported dump (requires identical user and group names to exist)
  • wiki: fixed not working xml export using url
  • EMail: speed improvments backported from Trunk
  • emailadmin: allow to specify (configure) a different sieveHost than your imapServer
  • EMail: speed improvment by loading mails with a single request
  • EventMgr: fixed fatal error eventmgr_merge::number_format() is not defined
  • Addressbook: fixed PostgeSQL error when searching or showing accounts
  • fixed not working async service test-job
  • exceptions in async jobs no longer stop other jobs, but log the exception to Apache error_log
  • Calendar: store async job of alarm with alarm owner as owner to get eg. the correct from address
  • ProjectManager: fixed changing datasource (eg. InfoLog) title sometimes NOT changing element title
  • infolog: when breaking overlong words into fitting pieces, do not break lines that are tested positive to contain links. (reported as Helpdesk issue #1324 in Stylite tracker)
  • ProjectManager: fixed storing a project with unchanged completion=0%, wrongly sets it to “none”
  • ProjectManager: fixed not show status bar in project, if no times set for elements
  • ProjectManager: fixed ganttchart generated twice (instead reading it from temp. dir)
  • ProjectManager: fixed not working switch from real to planned times of projects in ganttchart
  • ProjectManager: use calculated start time to calculate end-times, eg. InfoLog DS returned only planned end-times before
  • eMail: ask confirmation before deleting a folder in manage folders
  • InfoLog/VFS: show sub-entries in VFS, even if user preference “list no subs/childs” is set


  • Calendar: fixed PostgreSQL error on search: Argument of OR must be of type boolean, not of type smallint


  • fixed in last version not working bcc mail addresses


  • fixed not working delete of application-global categories via “admin >> global categories” in applications
  • WiKi: Admin functionality to rebuild wiki internal link table to enable the rework of links on connected pages, when renaming a page
  • updated phpfreechat to version 1.3 to fix php 5.3 depricated warnings
  • correctly parsing of “time-range” REPORT filter, giving a SQL error before because it requires comparing as unix timestamp not strings
  • Gallery: ignoring ERROR_OBSOLETE_DATA in editAccount hook, as it seems to indecated no error, but nothing changed
  • removing memory limit from backup download, by switching off output buffering and zlib output compression
  • fixed handling of + char in VFS filenames (using egw_vfs::decodePath() instead of urldecode())
  • Timesheet from other app then calendar: fixed title to use clicked app (first link_app)
  • ImportExport: fixed translation default value not working (eg. “1|>one||2|>two||other”)
  • CalDAV/Lightning: fixed under some conditions infinit poping up alarms and user not able to add alarms
  • Calendar: fixed in some cases not updated alarms, if event got moved
  • LDAP addressbook filter for all addressbooks by “(objectclass=inetorgperson)” to not get eg. computer accounts from Samba
  • Calendar: no longer returning private events of other user while searching, as it can reveal private information
  • Wiki: fixed and documented wiki makros: PageSize, LinkTable, PageLinks, PageRefs, OrphanedPages, WantedPages and Transclude
  • preference for open application tabs of Stylite template set, allowing to set a default or even force them
  • EventMgr: Search Returns only the first 200 entries and a message informing the user to narrow the search


  • calendar: PANAMA holidays provided by rafael chacon
  • eMail: preview now requires user action (click on)
  • eMail: check before signaling that mail has an attachment, even for multipart/mixed
  • eMail: feature regarding the forward of selected messages (composeAsForward): to be able to choose in preferences if you want to be asked about the forwarding of selected messages
  • fixed “undefined function lang_select” issue, if no cookies are allowed, also showing again language selection for new installs
  • eMail: patch of Andreas Stöckel with bugfix for not working actions in felamimail treeview (when Stylite Template is active)
  • Calendar: fixed overlapping columns to result in equally wide visible parts for unlimited number of columns
  • CalDAV: Apply other users’ calendar color, too
  • SambaAdmin: try binded as $accountDN with $_newPassword, in case root DN has no rights to modify anything
  • EventMgr: files uploaded to new costs appeared also in new empty costline


  • new tag to get Andreas revert of phpgwapi/inc/ which came to late and messes up the async patch, causing SUSE builds to fail


  • eMail: fix stripping too much text, extending of a previous fix to infolog and tracker, when mail is converted while/after sending
  • Sitemgr/WebSite: rework of fix for broken Navtype TOC
  • Tracker: sort groups alphabeticaly in applicable views


  • eMail: -allow recognition of multipart/report as mails with attachments
  • -email to infolog -> fix for not decoded senderinformation; fix for stripping too much text when strip_tags stumbles over assumed broken tags ( stuff like: <1 USD/p)
  • -not filtering own(ed) emailaddresses out of drafts while reopening them for continued processing
  • -fix for possible error while saving as draft (mime message could not be opened): some servers do not return the uid of the saved message, in this case reopening for continued editing failes;
  • -avoid adding/showing NIL@NIL and the chosen identity as replyto (it will be set while sending anyway) as addressline, upon opening drafted messages
  • Sync: Allow SyncML synchronization of EGw accounts
  • SiteMgr: filecontents block uses now EGroupware proxy config and checks allow_url_fopen On, also added more info about Zend Framework install for css queries to grab only partial data of a site
  • ProjectManager: config allow non-admin to change working times was not working
  • Calendar: -invite rights, should NOT implicate a freebusy rights (users with invite rights could see freebusy times of other users);
  • -Weeknumbers in calendar views, were wrong for week-start-day other then Monday
  • -JSCalendar -> fixed week containing 4th Jan is shown as 52th instead 1st week, if week starts on sunday is selected
  • Statistics: dont give sql error in gathering statistic data, if table does not exists (eg. Gallery is not installed)
  • addressbook: -fix for attempt to remove non existing link; happens when addressbook read returns nothing, that may be caused by trying to merge an addressbook-entry with nonexisting customfields array
  • -fix for Stylite Tracker bug#1152; Links for Addressbook where not shown anymore
  • -check if typefilter is valid (type available), if not remove it
  • -postgres compatibility for distributionlists
  • tracker: -fix for ACL Bug; If technician in more than one tracker-queue on select all queues you see more tickets than suposedly allowed in list
  • -Any change to a ticket (status, resolution) marks it as unread, not just replies


  • WiKi: Edit permissions now do imply read permissions
  • ImportExport: Replace CRLF with LF so excel does not break lines early (myStylite#974)
  • CSV Export: Replace CRLF with LF so excel does not break lines early (myStylite#974)
  • Eventmanager: storing currency in main-table as 3 char string (not id) plus update script for exiting data


  • Notifications: fix dont try to notify when none is set/forced for folders to check for new mails; dont try to notify when email as module is not enabled for the particular user
  • eMail: remove invalid -at- when occurring in full name, when adding address to email; skip addresses that produce a parse error while parsed with imap_rfc822_parse_adrlist
  • eMail: some servers do not correctly report the UNSEEN counter (they report 0->, so we count ourself by filtering for UNSEEN Messages;
  • eMail: improving Information on failed send passed on to UI
  • Calendar, MailToAllParticipants: force type to plain as thunderbird (with lightning attached) seems to try to be smart while parsing html messages
  • with ics attachments, but fails with a parse error, resulting in a not displayed message in thunderbird
  • Calendar: make configurable the number of users, until day- or weekview are consolidated; 5 is set as default
  • Filemanager/Versioning: copying (or reinstating earlier versions) of files now also copies the properties (MyStylite #975)
  • Calendar: dayview allow edit popup for task pane by clicking on icon/status icon of particular infolog line.


  • Joomla! 1.5 template support (including ja_purity template)
  • eMail: improvements regarding the handling of no emailprofile available
  • new preference to disable “Your home directory” or “Users and groups” in sidebox menu
  • fixed ACL wise not working assignment to groups, gave a “Permission denied”
  • got html in rss export working again
  • creating a default news category and an automatic import of RSS feed from
  • SiteMgr: if moving pages between categories, contained blocks need to change category too
  • new English and German default website (requires re-install of SiteMgr)
  • WiKi: fix broken rename, (links in other pages, that refered to the given wiki page, did not get updated, as the reference list in egw_wiki_links did not get updated since Rev16219 (7th Aug 2004)
  • eMail: Saving as draft reopens the saved message: thus giving you full control wether saving the message as draft has succeeded, and giving you the opportunity to continue your work
  • eMail: fix for a problem reported with FreeBSD regarding the generation of random strings for temp-filenames


  • Stylite Template: Issue regarding horizontal scrollbar (Bug#8279)
  • ImportExport: fix option to choose how to handle categories per imported dataset


  • FMail: fix for sometimes not displayed folderlist in sidebox menu


  • eMail: better error handling/information to the user if copy/move/delete of messages fails
  • Projectmanager: general price-list items can now be bookable or billable for all projects
  • eMail: timezone and timeformat issues as reported in Tracker#2755
  • Fix ‘Shift Calendar Series’ issue (Stylite #8273)
  • Implemented deleteaccount hook for SyncML
  • making opend tabs and active tab persistent over sessions and reloads
  • Stylite template got an application header again
  • EventMgr: changing omse numbers to varchar 32


  • check quantity of resource to book against maximum, as conflict check only fails if other events are involved


  • Infolog: Fix problem Delegated user was not able to edit infolog entrys owned by Groups, if he was not member of that group, and had no grouprights. Implicit rights where not applied; reported in Stylite Tracker#8255;
  • Calendar: Fix notification timezone issues (#2746)
  • eMail: fixing problem with double converted date/time strings for certain DateTime Settings (reported with the user-list)
  • Calendar: Use participant’s preferences to handle status resets while moving events
  • improved filecontents module to use regular expression or CSS selector (requires Zend Framework) to extract part of a html page
  • optional confirmation checkbox and message for downloads
  • exceptions get now logged to Apache error_log again
  • scaling now addressbook images uploaded via CardDAV or SyncML to 60 pixel width like already done for web GUI
  • read access to groupmembers for account-selection “groupmembers” (only for account_repository sql!)
  • support multiget report on url with uid, as lightning uses multiget after a PUT on the PUT url, which is the uid
  • email: fix for Stylite Ticket#608: folders with umlauts (specialchars) did not display the count of unread mail
  • sorting fileselection popup always by directory on top and then name
  • core: myStylite Ticket#987: fixing a problem regarding chopped off urls when URI in question contains umlauts AND mbstring.func_overload is activated
  • fix for Nokia S60: enabling X-RECURRENCE-ID and make sure series master is synced before exceptions
  • telling IE via X-UA-Compatible IE=edge never to use compatibility modes with old versions (if set eg. via group policy for whole intranet zone)
  • fixed conflict check of resource quantity and storage of changed quantity in existing events
  • Stylite template falls back to idots for iPhone, iPad, Android or SymbianOS devices


  • Fix for Addressbook History NOT showing old or new value for some custom fields (Stylite #8230)
  • Allow SyncML-synchronization of addressbooks with R/O access as well
  • CardDAV pref which addressbooks to sync and many fixes for iPhone OS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2beta and Mac iCal and contact app
  • API/Passwordmanagement: option enable a warning for users to inform them, that their password is about to expire
  • InfoLog/*DAV: do NOT set current user for PUT in /infolog/ and do not allow to change owner of existing entries
  • other bugfixes in many apps


  • reverted bugfix in categories introducing new bug with category levels when changing parent


  • allow bcc in header print (may be set on outgoing mails)
  • allow to pick CC of tickets from addressbook
  • Feature: to allow admins a) to set an allowed password age, to require all users to change their password regularily; b) force password change for a given user on the users next login; c) better control about the password strength required; Funded by Cricket
  • added optional display of file comments in SiteMgr download block
  • Add action to undelete selected addresses. Only visible when viewing deleted addresses.
  • Add ability to create infolog entry from tracker ticket
  • fixed unbalenced number of opening and closing div-tags in some types of the navigation module, also added commented code to debug the issue
  • if user has filemanager rights, show Actions column allowing to delete or edit properties of files
  • iPhone and Mac Addressbook support aka Apple CalDAV/CardDAV autodetection
  • added support for PHP running as (F)CGI (uses ORIG_PATH_INFO instead of PATH_INFO)
  • colored calendar list view
  • history for emailadmin
  • adding EGroupware version to X-Dav-Powered-By header eg. “EGroupware 1.8.001 CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV server”
  • fixed not working delete in download block using IE
  • Add basic support for importing users from CSV using admin_cmds
  • added valid timezone set in php.ini check
  • show package changelog inside EGroupware under about
  • feature to show contact_id in list and editview; ability to sort by contact_id, ability to search for contact_id (or parts of it), so beware if you search for a contact by id, you may find more than one, since the number you search for may be part of the content of more than one field and contacts, as numbers can occur also in eg.: phonenumber, roomnumber, ZIP-Code, …
  • Allow new events in group calendars via CalDAV
  • Basic support for importing groups from CSV
  • improving birthday integration into calendar
  • wiki: make makro showemptypages [[! ~]] work
  • wiki: feature to be able to expunge wikipages for a given wiki, page and language from ui; save summary as comment
  • enable the fallback to english mainscreen_message as default/fallback, if there is no mainscreen_message defined for your language. Make sure there is one, if you want that. You may have to clear the egw_cache, to get this thing working, as caching languages as we do, makes this one a hard case
  • SyncML: Don’t use MaxGUIDSize as maximum UID length
  • infolog: fix startdate filter for infolog, if you select a single day for start and enddate, and if your infologs start at 00:00 of that day (no time specified)
  • eMail: feature to be able to import an email recieved or while sending as a tracker item; (that includes the move of some functions from infolog to bofelamimail, to make it available to more than one app); better charset detection on message body parts that do not carry a charset information (e.g.: base64 and quoted-printable messages, seem not to carry that info)
  • Add ability to set an alarm for after the appointment [starts]
  • Add wizard for creating export definitions
  • Add a ‘No notifications’ checkbox to infolog edit dialog to avoid sending notifications
  • calendar: allow to set/choose the view to be displayed in home-view
  • fixed not shown bugdet in project-list, if user has no explicit role, eg. the creator
  • ACL (default to noone) to set ticket creator
  • calendar sitemgr integration: planner module now able to preselect resources to; prevent planner with no owner preselected
  • additional logout button and new theme with more contrast (bold) for topmenu items in Stylite template
  • merged Nathans commit including my fix, as it fixes not working filemanager favorites to dirs with single quotes: only quote urlencoded single quotes, if we use egw_link_handler, if not quoting destroys the links!!!
  • Stylite template: only send admin sidebox, for admin index url (when clicked on admin)


  • fixed SQL error in install from backup, as suggested by Hans-Jürgen
  • fixed sql error reported on user list
  • improvement of import_mail (decode issue), add headerinfo to body while sending (splitting emailaddresses into to/cc/bcc) and preserving identity


  • updating API version to 1.9.002 and app versions to 1.8
  • Addressbook: added index to improve performance when unique key is a custom field
  • Filemanger: fixes for no email run rights
  • EMail: improve HTML to text conversation for editor toggle and mail2infolog
  • Addressbook: fixed copying of contact (specially when accounts are in LDAP)
  • SiteMgr: custom template directory in EGroupwares files_dir, enable URL rewriting in GUI
  • many IE8 compatibilty fixes (mostly removing IE6 fixes)
  • private addressbook was not synced
  • filesystem stream wrapper: new mount option to specify download url, instead default webdav.php
  • preference for VFS startfolder in CKEditor image browser or upload
  • Tracker: allow assigned users (or members of groups assigned) access to tickets in group or creator restricted trackers
  • infologs with parents in projectmanager templates, got now the new parent not the original one from the template
  • diverse PostgreSQL fixes
  • drastic SyncML performance improvments for huge installations
  • EMail: basic KEN support


  • Fix EXDATE issue for Apple devices
  • Using egw_time for date/time handling; handle unrecognized timezones like ‘Westeuropäische Sommerzeit’ by splitting them off, when strtotime failes
  • moved default fields for copying to addressbook_ui::$copy_fields AND using that default also if nothing is configured


  • setting NO memory limit for async service
  • Bookmarks: added support for pgsql to supply added/visited and updated information out of bm_info field; added fallback in case you are using neither mysql or pgsql
  • Calendar: Add action to list view for admins to recover events from list view ( bug #8140)
  • tracker-mailhandling: fix for (some) not imported mailattachments
  • Addressbook: Add site configuration setting for which fields to copy when copying an address. ( bug #8168)
  • eMail-> ManageFolders: fix for bug: could not add or delete folder ACL
  • Calendar: Only show open infologs in calendar ( bug #8149)
  • Calendar: Translate calendar filters for infolog – shows open by default, also understands all and deleted


  • Calendar: Fix alarm handling for recurring events starting in the past
  • Tracker: fixed not stored overdue and close pending days and got overdue working again
  • NewsAdmin: fixed double conversion of character encoding
  • CalDAV: Improve iPhone iCal support
  • Admin: not overwriting system configuration (eg. pathes) on restore, which break a running system and if called from within EGroupware update the restored backup, in case it is an older version
  • Admin: restore to current system charset, to force all restores to utf-8, and do NOT halt on sql errors in restore
  • Calendar: fixed not disabled custom field tab, if no cfs exist
  • Tracker: allow renaming of tracker queues
  • Tracker: fixed buggy read ACL implementation “user queue access control”
  • egw-pear: fixed fatal error: Cannot use object of type PEAR_Error as array, happening eg. if no or wrong credentials
  • Addressbook: If deleted addresses are kept, delete links on final purge, not initial delete (#8157)
  • Addressbook: Fix incorrect address count when searching organisations (#8117)
  • InfoLog: show infolog id in linktitle too (,if show_id is switched on)
  • Calendar: fixed printing in calendar (only first page of list was printed and some UI not disabled)
  • Calendar: moved config of calendar horizont from Admin >> Site configuration to Calendar >> Site configuration
  • Admin: fixed wired behavior in edit user, when 2 password is typed wrong
  • EventMgr: using utf-8 encoding for html merge-print
  • EventMgr: New “Sales Engineer” field (in main table like WPM Inhouse)


  • ImportExport: Keep CSV fields in definition, so editing definition doesn’t require uploading a file each time
  • Login: commiting the session, before redirecting might fix racecondition in session creation
  • improve the handling of overlong words, fix a bug regarding the check of infolog_status existing in known status for the type selected
  • fixed not working calendar notifications for types: on particiapnt responses too and on all modifications
  • CalDAV: improved performance by not checking exceptions for referencing a master which mentions them as exceptions
  • new tracker feature: ability to configure tracker to allow users to be assigned to a given tracker and creation of tickets as private
  • SyncML: Improve support of BB Funambol Client
  • SyncML: Fix old format vCard/vCalendar quoting issue
  • EventMgr: fixed wrong name of “res_id_backup” causing backup acquisition devices not to show up in reports


  • allow to change password without run rights for preferences via a new password app
  • fix for bug MyStylite Tracker#773; Menu links: superfluous Scrollbar
  • removing xajax and enabling egw_json xajax legacy support
  • Fix syncml:metinf and syncml:devinf namespace issue (#2696)


  • fixes advanced search for custom fields in addressbook
  • allow to use import/export without being admin
  • setting to be enabled to suppress ruler that separates EMailbody from signature; option/setting to be able to insert the signature at the top of a message to be composed
  • email: import TEXT/X-VCALENDAR Files on single click
  • calendar: reset status after moving events via drag-n-drop
  • suomi translations provided by mkk
  • notifications option/configuration to enforce the use of emailadminprofiles only for notifications
  • allow and validate needed (required) attribute for file uploads, checkboxes and radio buttons
  • fixed group mail addresses for accounts in LDAP


  • fixed fatal bug deleting all (non-recuring) calendar events, IF purge events older then N years is or was switched on
  • CalDAV/CardDAV fix for mangeled namespaces in REPORTs


  • infolog: Added space to imploding of email addresses in infolog email import to allow linebreaks for long email lists
  • -notify on infolog creation
  • timesheet: Set the timesheet title to the first linked entry, on new entrys
  • addressbook: Fix category search
  • -Fix save so fileas gets updated even if n_fn is set (normal edit)
  • -Add isUpdate parameter to fill in any not set fields from DB when updating fileas
  • tracker: add Status Info only
  • -Add no_notifications to field ACL to be able to control who has permission to skip sending notifications
  • bookmarks:
  • API: PostgreSQL 8.3 fixes
  • -search pattern alread contains a wildcard, do NOT add further ones automatic (eg. in extended search in addressbook)
  • -allow the ordering of applications again
  • -fixed ckeditor indent
  • email: improved handling with new stylite template
  • – fixing a problem regarding the editing of signatures
  • emailadmin: added configure options for cyrus (enable cyrus admin)
  • -fix a lettersearch problem
  • calendar: Add reset-stati-options to calendar
  • -status change permission issue
  • -Do not send notification when a deleted event is purged
  • -Allow admins to restore deleted events
  • knowledgebase: File comments of attached files are not displayed, further improvements
  • preferences: allow to propagate defaults to existing installations
  • sync: Enable Funambol clients 8.5 again; various SyncML optimizations
  • -Support Free/Busy information with credentials as part of the URL
  • -various fixes (SourceURI issue,replace and recur_enddate issue, core improvements,
  • group attendee issue; various GroupDAV improvements, group invitation handling,
  • CTag issues for GroupDAV, CalDAV delete event issue, Nokia E-Series SyncML addressbook mappings)


  • enable history logging in calendar, addressbook, infolog by default in new installation
  • Stylite template: scrolling sidebar up&down, ordering of apps via drag-n-drop, resizing sidebar and other improvments
  • several fixes in SyncML and CalDAV/GroupDAV
  • fixed not working links/images if url contains WikiWords


  • many fixes regarding Stylite template set
  • felamimail: fixed missing footer, recognice plain video messages, other Stylite template related fixes
  • sitemgr: fixed fatal error in preferences
  • etemplate link_widget, sqlfs stream wrapper: error handling if filesystem unaccessible (eg. open basedir)
  • importexport: import wizard was not uploading files
  • categories: fixed update of application global categories
  • fixed Debian 5 install: using /etc/init.d/ if no /usr/bin/services available
  • felamimail: fixed adding attachments


  • official 10.1 release
  • some bugfixes in new Stylite template


  • fixed not working attaching of files to emails
  • other bugfixes in Stylite template


  • Versioning for filemanager
  • Mail files directly from filemanager
  • CKEditor 3 with EGroupware plugin to upload and insert images from filemanager
  • History logging in calendar
  • Global search over all EGroupware applications
  • Search in all apps allow to use AND, OR, NOT
  • Bookmarks: new frontend
  • Group specific categories
  • CalDAV improved support for Lightning, iCal and iPhone
  • Stylite template set as preview to new user interface comming later this year


    *API:-Solved problem with magic_quotes_pgc and xajax request with depth greater 1

  • -fix typo that prevented the redisplay of the saved setting for inital-dot-last and intial-last email creation schemes
  • -update to Version 4.1.1:HTML Purifier 4.1.1 is a major security and bugfix release that
  • improves on 4.1s fix for an XSS vulnerability exploitable on Internet Explorer.
  • It also contains a number of important bugfixes, including
  • the removal of improper logic that could result in infinite loops and
  • fixed parsing for single-attributes with entities with DirectLex.
  • -postgres: fix for problem with db_backup/update -> no MetaColumns retrieved anymore: if tablenames are quoted,
  • remove the quotes as the use of tablenames in MetaColumns is for comparsion of content of fields in postgres
  • system tables; quoting tablenames breaks comparsion here.
  • *SYNC:CalDAV Infolg support for Evolution
    *eMAIL: -fix: display inline text attachment as attachment too, as they are part of a multipart/mixed mail,

  • and was not displayed as attachment, but indicated as mail with attachment by headerinformation
  • -some additional stuff to improve mailheader decoding
  • -remove message_org block in displayMsg as it is used only in view_message_printable template
  • -fix to make sure that MDN Send Messages are treated for previewmode as well
  • *EMAILADMIN: -fix problem regarding the ability to save smtp forwardings triggered by the user
    *TRANSLATIONS: various changes and additions


  • addressbook: fixes in lettersearch, speed regarding the merging of addressdata into documents
  • calendar: Allow upgrade of single events to series via SyncML/CalDAV
  • CalDAV improvements, Improve series event exception handling
  • email: fix sendNotify, printView and draftFolder handling
  • notifications: language issues
  • various fixes and improvements in file backend, sync, admin


  • allow special chars like #, ?, &, ” in filenames
  • fixes varius GroupDAV & CalDAV issues
  • fixes varius SyncML issues
  • allow German umlauts in domain names
  • other bugfixes in all modules


  • addressbook: Add CardDAV support for Apples latest
  • Fix addressbook_bo::find_contact
  • htmlpurifier: allow h4-6 in all definitions, allow style for divs
  • allow |align|style|width|height for img
  • upgrade to 4.1.0
  • eMail: feature to allow copying mails to other folders, (configure via prefs -> ask for cofirmation before moving selected messages)
  • use purify to clean potential malicious content out of msg/message
  • calendar: feature to allow filter for public events only,
  • nicer styling for edit series popup, moved stylites to app.css file
  • Export all-day events as EVENT to Nokia devices
  • Fix mounthly by day recurrence issues, Fix iCal export of incomplete events
  • Reset status of participants when copying an event
  • Add Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to supported devices
  • Admin: removed Admin >> Manage applications
  • api: customfields with links break certian actions in listviews,
  • fixed not working $type==owngroups for ldap,
  • fixed not exported custom fields
  • *


  • fixed wrong handling of group ACL (wrong grayed out rights)
  • fixed wrong sorted and paginated grant ACL dialog


  • some more SyncML fixes


  • Bugfixes in SyncML
  • improved performance of iCal import
  • 3 new indexes for calendar tables and improved queries
  • improved signature handling in felamimail (eg. default signatur)
  • felamimail folder list sorted now by displayed translated name and
  • new preference to show all (not only subscribed) folders

  • fixed missing information when assigning infolog to project
  • fixed global category listing (lost application)


  • fixed not working planner in 9.2.20100404


  • many bugfixes in all areas (inc. Windows 7 WebDAV)


  • fixed broken install in last version (9.2.20100318)
  • ldap account backend can limit now account lists based on application permissions (calendar)
  • support for Mandriva mailAccount schema in emailadmin
  • bugfixes in several modules


  • fixed InfoLog loosing links and attachments
  • some SyncML and CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV fixes


  • eventmgr: migrated WPM inhouse and contract status to main table
  • mergeprint: fixed bug introduced in 9.2.20100309 (8 and , got lost)
  • some SyncML and CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV fixes
  • WebDAV is working with Mac OS again
  • Further bugfixes/improvments


  • security problems found by Nahuel Grisolia from CYBSEC S.A. Security Systems:
  • + one is a serious remote command execution (allowing to run
    arbitrary command on the web server by simply issuing a HTTP request!)
    + the other a reflected cross-site scripting (XSS)
    –> both require NO valid EGroupware account and work without being
    logged in!

  • eventmgr: fixed deleting of costs, divers reporting problems
  • many SyncML and CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV fixes
  • Further bugfixes/improvments


  • eventmgr: fixing issue of timeshifting, when apply failed due to concurrent
  • save by another user; display of the unmodified attempted content data,
  • removed the option to override in that particular case, added reload option
  • addressbook: fix for failed add to organisation from org-view, when colon
  • in org_unit/org_location/organisation
  • egw-pear: fix for broken native windows WebDav Support
  • Furhter fixes/improvments


  • timesheet: fixes statuschange for whole query
  • infolog: fixes lost links, when copying entrys
  • fix for issue regarding the linking of entrys (no entry found issue (when entrys are to be found))
  • Furhter fixes/improvments


  • tracker: fixes for categories
  • news-admin: fixes for categories, fixes for apply behavior
  • phpbrain/knowledgebase: fix for the increasing of the views count for all
  • articles shown in list
  • email: improving session control for felamimail bosieve async_vacation.
  • improving addressselection,
  • eventmgr: timezone issues, fixed “missing cat_id or Contract_status attributes” bug
  • fixed SQL error, if WPM inhouse is defined more then once in different calendar
  • events / for different times
  • stylite: ongoing work for versioning streamwrapper (backend)
  • sync: various improvements (proper refresh, ti mezoneissues, newline issues)
  • general: css adaption for IE7
  • Furhter fixes/improvments

9.2.20100215-1) hardy; urgency=medium

  • Move some config options to setup, security fixes for fckeditor
  • Furhter fixes/improvments
  • 9.2.20100212-1

    • Calendar: database UPDATE
    • All users who sync their devices with SyncML have to be aware that an
    • “initial sync” will be necessary on any synced device directly after the
    • next update of an EGroupware instance.
    • GroupDAV devices should be updated automatically and there are no
    • further things to do for GroupDAV devices.
    • Which updates are affected?
    • Updates from EPL9.1 Packages to current EPL9.2 released after Feb.2010
    • Updates from EPL9.2 Packages prior to Feb. 2010 to current EPL9.2
    • released after Feb. 2010
    • Updates from any official version <= 1.6.002
    • – to future 1.6.003
    • – to current SVN versions [branch (Revision 29097) or trunk (Revision 29096)]
    • Updates from any SVN version
    • – to current SVN versions [branch (Revision 29097) or trunk (Revision 29096)]
    • Reason:
    • In current EGroupware versions (<= 1.6002) we did not fully match the
    • iCal RFC on calendar entries. This caused some hard to resolve problems
    • for syncing the calendar entries. With the next update we change the
    • contents of the calendar’s UID and RECURRENCE-ID database fields to fit
    • the iCal RFC.
    • Here’s some advice on performing the next EGroupware update:
    • – let your SyncML users perform a last sync before EGroupware gets updated
    • – tell your users to not change any entries on the sync devices until
    • the update is finished
    • – after the update, let your users perform an “initial sync” on every
    • device; this means to let the sync remove all the contents on the device
    • and refresh it with the server data; this can be done by a setting on
    • your device
    • Furhter fixes/improvments / translations


    • eMail: PreView Issues (Attachment window, tabbing order, feature to be
    • able to include/attach more than one message from a given mailbox to a message
    • on opening the/a compose window
    • Calendar: allow to set calendar favorites on (primary) group level
    • Eventmgr: changed in eventmgr.edit some fields in contract-tab for additional OMSE-number
    • implemented link-notify method to remove deleted addresses from events
    • Furhter fixes/improvments / translations


    • Fixes in eMail: eMailPreview, Compose TabOrder
    • Fixes in setup/backup: Handling of files, Internationalization
    • Fixes in Addressbook: emailpopup – layout
    • Fixes in Filemanager: pysical files where not deleted


    • Fixes in eMail: eMailAdresshandling, using preferences regarding folders from profile
    • Eventmgr Print with MSExcel always uses . for numbers
    • Fix for category display
    • Furhter fixes/improvments for Funambol


    • Fixes for session problems “Wrong domain” with basic auth clients (sogo connector eg.)
    • EventMgr: OMSE offset, bigger title and storing index state in user prefs
    • Furhter fixes/improvments for Funambol


    • CardDAV: getctag and supported-report-set support for Sogo connector
    • Replaced xajax with new version 0.5 allowing synchronious requests too
    • stylite/mobile.php supports now a 2 column layout for landscape displays
    • Furhter fixes/improvments for Funambol


    • Exception support for CalDAV (eg. display or set Status for single recurrences)
    • Fixed problems with not set timezone preference (fallback to server tz)
    • Fixed Funambol problems with SyncML (use iCal format, NOT SIF!)
    • Fixed several problems with mergeprint (dates, Excel2003 rows, …)


    • eMail: 3PaneView
    • Infolog: print and copy
    • bugfixes


    • SLES / openSuSE Mailserver support
    • bugfixes


    • special calendar app for mobil devices
    • many fixes in all modules


    • fixed problem inviting participants: permission denied
    • several fixes in EventMgr


    • calendar: favorites
    • improvments in syncml


    • email: folder tree in sidebox, import ical/vcard onclick, select all messages in folder
    • calendar: visualisation of participant status of events, mark invitations
    • improvments in syncml


    • new timezone save implementation of recurring events
    • EventMgr: fixing number-format and cell-type in excel 2003 reports
    • other bugfixes


    • some SyncML fixes
    • improved timezone support in calendar (schema update)
    • EventMgr: resource categories under location category, bugfixes
    • other bugfixes


    • some SyncML fixes
    • other bugfixes


    • some bugfixes in EventMgr, plus add. contract status in index
    • bugfixes around preferences and calendar
    • added tnef requirement and path to open_basdir


    • many bugfixes and missing features
    • EventMgr is now feature complete, with exception of a links plugin


    • many bugfixes and missing features


    • first EventMgr version (not yet feature complete)


    • divers Bugfixes
    • added phpFreeChat


    • IE Bugfixes onChange on checkboxes not working
    • bugfixes in mail handling and sitemgr’s navigation module
    • fixed problems in translation cache and automatic loading of translations


    • eGroupware EPL 9.1 security and bugfix release
    • fixes 3 security problems:
    • + FCKeditor (remote file upload)
      + tracker (XSS problem)
      + knowledgebase (SQL injection)

    • added HTML Purifier as preventive measure for FCKeditor content
    • many bugfixes


    • bugfixes


    • bugfixes


    • bugfixes and no more diff.gz


    • Use config-files from tarball instead of debian/
    • Include egroupware.cron script, install to /etc/cron.d


    • Inclusion of postinstall script


    • Initial Release of EPL
    • Renamed Package for EPL