Maintenance Releases and Change Logs

Follow EGroupware development! New features and bugfixes are updated to EGroupware Cloud on every few days, the installation packages are build on every few weeks.

Maintenance release 14.3.20150728

  • Update API version to 14.3, NO new features, just database optimization targeting InnoDB engine in MySQL
  • CardDAV/Addresbook: contacts containing photos were broken and iOS showed phone number labels like "WORK instead of work
  • Univention: support Dovecot as IMAP available and default from 4.0-2 on
  • CalDAV/Calendar/InfoLog: do NOT use ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE for iCal 2.0, cuts eg. description off in TB, if containing non-ascii chars
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fix iOS 8.4 problem allways creating new contacts for admins in accounts addressbook, using now default or personal addressbook
  • Addressbook: custom fields of accounts enabled via own-account-acl were not editable
  • Chat: using phpFreeChat 1.7 from Github now
  • Filemanager/Versioning: rewrite SQL query to show attic-directory (deleted files) to improve performance