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Brand new version with tons of new features and awesome ideas

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Choose the effortless ready-to-go EGroupware Cloud Services or install EGroupware on your own server.

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Installation packages

Each user just EUR 4,15 /month

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"EGroupware always was and still is one of the most feature rich groupware applications available."

Ralf Becker, Director Software Development, Stylite AG

EGroupware 14.1

Loads of new features are making EGroupware 14.1 better than ever: the new Administration application, a new remarkable Mail application, the new eTemplate2 engine, state-of art improvements regarding usability and security, drag-n-drop features and much, much more. Read more

Installation packages

Installation packages are available for nearly all Linux distributions! An in-house EGroupware installation can be integrated easily with other software solutions and embedded into existing authentication and security strategies. Read more

Cloud service

EGroupware Cloud is a ready-to-go service for a quick start up with your own data instance. No need for technical administrative skills or investment in hardware. Email service and automatic email account creation are included. Read more

EGroupware is the leading open source collaboration tool and the top choice for big enterprises, SMEs and teams within and across organizations all over the globe.

Andre Keller, CEO Stylite AG

EGroupware can do, you can do!

Online File Server and Document management

EGroupware provides a fully integrated File Manager application to share and distribute files and folders. The File Manager is also capable of integrating existing file stores from your network background and can be accessed conveniently by WebDAV clients.

Information sharing and CRM

EGroupware's Addressbook application functions as your personal CRM center. Find all customer related tasks, events, files, emails and incident tickets on one view. Organize your CRM workload by creating extra fields and setting up favorite filter views on-click. Get notified by EGroupware when information has changed or important matters come up.

Data Exchange and Sync

EGroupware offers a rich variety of interfaces and methods to exchange data successfully. Synchronization to mobile devices, tablets and notebooks, online connection to file server, import/export and print template solutions are available.

Service management

EGroupware organizes your service and incident management processes efficiently. Get a complete overview about service inquiries and automate your delegation and escalation processes. Create, update, discuss and resolve reported customer issues or issues reported by your organization's members.

Project and Event Management

Teams are working together over long distances and across organization boundaries. Coordination of events, distribution of tasks related to projects, access to common file stores, up-to-date information and knowledge are essential for project teams around the globe. 

Email account management

Get email accounts automatically created while setting up EGroupware users. Use multiple filter rules, manage individual signatures and out of office messages, forward emails and set up email aliases flexibly, grant access or share email accounts and folders easily. Add a highly flexible email archive solution to your EGroupware cloud package.

Software made with great ambition!