EGroupware 16.1

Collaboration Software

The Online Teamwork Tool

Group Calendars, Address books, Tasks and Projects, Tracking System, File Management, E-mail client

EGroupware is an online open-source software for business use and provides the services which allow organisations to collaborate in a secure and function rich environment, supporting integrated project teams across and within organisation boundaries.

Interlinking any data across applications and setting up business processes through configurable custom fields are making EGroupware desirable for companies, who require the highest flexibility from a collaborative software solution.

The mobile version with smartphone optimisation enables online access to all data on the go, without any need of synchronisation - collaboration wherever you are. Try the online teamwork tool now for 30 days!

Mobile version

Teamwork wherever you are

New mobile version

Use EGroupware no matter where

Teamwork on a daily basis needs location-independent data access anytime. A distinct layout and an easy handling are essential for successful collaboration. The mobile version with smartphone optimisation enables online access to your data on the go, without any need of synchronisation.

Best Online Calendar

Perfect agenda for your office

Completely new calendar

Scheduling made easy

EGroupware developers are consistently improving the module's efficiency. The calendar, as one of the most popular apps, has been completely redesigned for Version 16.1. It offers sophisticated features and a much easier handling such as drag and drop, event related context menus and a stunning new design.

Improved look and feel

Light design - easy handling

Lighter new look and feel

Light and clear – the redesigned user interface improves the working experience and helps to navigate smoothly through EGroupware. As a groupware tool is used by many different people, it has to be highly flexible and intuitive. That´s why EGroupware offers not only a sophisticated access control management, but also an easy handling of all apps.

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EGroupware is available as a cloud service provided by our computing center in Germany.

Individual server implementations for Linux environments are available on base of EGroupware‘s installation packages.