EGroupware Community Edition contains the largest variety of the groupware applications, functions and features available - free of charge.

Upgrade free version to a full version!

  • EGroupware Enterprise Line - EPL version includes all features as well as support services. Read more about EPL features
  • After purchasing an EGroupware EPL subscription plan, you'll get access to Stylite's software repository and receive a licence key. By changing the package source of your installation you can easily upgrade your EGroupware Community Edition to the full version.
  • EGroupware Community Edition can easily be transferred to the EGroupware Cloud.

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EGroupware Community Support

Included services

  • Support on EGroupware Forums provided by other community members.
  • Please keep in mind, that people helping on Forums are using their free time and not getting paid of the help they provide.
  • You can subscribe to all mailing lists or just send an e-mail and request to be CC'ed in the replies.

Before posting

  • Search the Forum for your topic, maybe it's already answered.
  • Do not contact community members or developers privately
  • Don't cross post your issues to multiple lists.

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GNU General Public License

EGroupware Community Version is licensed under the GNU General Public License v.2.0 (GPL2).
This means in short terms: 

  • EGroupware Community Version is available and usable free of charge
  • You are allowed to modify it, as long as your modifications are published under the same terms (GPL)

Special EGroupware installation options