Exchange strategies

Data exchange strategies

EGroupware offers a rich variety of interfaces and methods to exchange data successfully. Data synchronization to mobile devices and notebooks, online connection to file server, import and export of data as well as advanced print solutions are the important features to support organizations optimally.

Online file server

The File Manager application makes it easy to share files and folders over the web. Connecting your desktop file explorer with EGroupware is a highly efficient way to provide and access information seamlessly.

Import | Export - flexible data connectivity

Import | Export interfaces provide stunning opportunities to handle data effectively. Whatever the challenge is - either initial data import as well as regular data exchange with alternative data sources or data export for controlling purposes - EGroupware provides an appropriate solution.

Print | Report

The Print | Report feature provides flexible printing according to your organization's CI and gives all freedom for further processing of data. Create your own set of advanced print and report templates based on Open Office or MS Office file formats.