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Dear EGroupware users,

We’re approaching the release of EGroupware Version 17.1. Therefore, we’re happy to announce, that “Collabora Online” will be available within EGroupware starting with Version 17.1.

Furthermore, we announce a partnership with Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the Cloud. This partnership enables the integration of Collabora Online, the cloud version of LibreOffice into the online groupware EGroupware – your digital office.

The new integration allows EGroupware users to open and edit various office documents, such as text documents, spreadsheets or presentations within EGroupware. Specifically the option to edit different file formats toghether in real-time will exceed the existing functionalities by far.

The Collabora Online integration will be available for cloud packages as well as for on premise installations.

On Thursday, 05th of October, we’ll offer a free webinar about Collabora Online Office in EGroupware.

The webinar will mainly take place in German, but we’ll be happy to translate and answer in English. Please don’t hesitate to participate and ask any kind of questions – also in English.

>> Enter the EGroupware webinar room here

collabora online egroupware
Topic: Collabora Online in EGroupware
Date: Thursday, 5th of October 2017

Time: 4:00 pm (CET)

About Collabora Productivity:
Collabora Productivity is the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the Cloud, providing a range of products and consulting to enterprise and government. Powered by the largest team of certified LibreOffice engineers in the world, it is a leading contributor to the LibreOffice codebase and community. Collabora Office for Desktop and Collabora Online provide a business-hardened office suite with long-term, multi-platform support. Collabora Productivity is a division of Collabora, the global software consultancy dedicated to providing the benefits of Open Source to the commercial world, specialising in mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. For more information, visit or follow @CollaboraOffice on Twitter.

Testing Phase Collabora Online in EGroupware (Collaborative Editing):

If you’d like to test Collabora Online in EGroupware prior to the release of EGroupware Version 17.1, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to activate a testing instance for you. The testing phase will also be one of the webinar subjects. Furthermore, you have the option to catch a glimpse of the new EGroupware 17.1 functionalities in our demo. We’ll update the demo to Version 17.1 soon. After the webinar, we’ll also integrate Collabora Online there.

In case you have further questions, feel free to contact our EGroupware support team. For more information, visit EGroupware on Facebook and find news about EGroupware, our webinars and tutorials and general Open Source topics.

Best regards

Your EGroupware Team


Encryption with EGroupware: S/MIME as an alternative to PGP

Dear EGroupware users,

data security is becoming more and more important to most of the companies – especially to those who handle sensitive customer data.
Starting with EGroupware Version 17.1, that will soon be published, we’ll offer encryption with S/MIME as an alternative to PGP.

On Tuesday, 12th of September 2017 we offer a free webinar about the encryption with S/MIME.

The webinar will  start at 16.00 pm (CEST), please log in to our webinar room in time.

>> Enter the Webinar Room here

Date: Tuesday, 12th of September 2017
Time: 16.00 pm

– How do I create my own key?
– How to save the public keys of my contacts?
– How to sign or encrypt e-mails?
– I want to take part in the testing phase – how can I test the S/MIME encryption with EGroupware?
– General questions concerning encryption methods

(The webinar will mainly be in German, but as one of our developers will be speaking English anyway, please don’t hesitate to participate and ask any kind of questions. We’ll be happy to translate and answer in English.)

If you’re interested in the encryption with S/MIME and like to take part in our testing phase, please contact us: info (at) We’d be happy to provide an EGroupware testing instance to you!


Workshop at the EGroupware user convention 2017:

At the EGroupware user convention in Mainz, one of our workshop topics was “Encryption: PGP vs. S/MIME”. In case you’re interested in different encryption methods, you can access the >> presentation slides here.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Kind regards,

Your EGroupware Team


EGroupware Anwendertage 2017

EGroupware User Convention 23rd and 24th of June 2017 in Mainz, Germany

Update Programme:


We’re looking forward to your topic suggestions concerning the users convention, and would be happy to meet you on 23rd and 24th of June in Mainz.

>> German info page about the EGroupware User Convention 2017

Kind regards
Birgit Becker, EGroupware GmbH

EGroupware Anwendertage 2017

EGroupware User Convention 23rd and 24th of June 2017 in Mainz, Germany

We invite you to join the EGroupware User Convention on 23rd and 24th of June in Mainz, Germany. Visit our workshops, learn more about EGroupware and get in contact with other users.

We’re looking forward to talk to you about the new cloud hosting operational concept of the EGroupware GmbH. Find out more about the upcoming development of the groupware, our “Roadmap 2017” and take the opportunity to talk to our developers and consultants in person.

Is there anything concerning the software, that’s particularly interesting for you? Would you like to talk about your special scope of application, perhaps in one of the workshops? No matter if Community Version, EPL or Cloud: Our ambition is to intensify the information exchange with EGroupware users. We’re looking forward to your topic suggestions!

Possible Workshop Topics could be:

EGroupware: Best Practise with Application Examples

EGroupware: Applications in Detail (e.g. Project Manager)

EGroupware: Synchronisation and Mobile Access: Outlook, iPhone, Android …

EGroupware: Administration, Customisation, Development

EGroupware: EPL Universal: Nginx, Active Directory/LDAP

EGroupware: Updates to the current Version – what to consider?

EGroupware: CE or EPL – Differences and Advantages?

EGroupware: Cooperation with Univention

EGroupware: Become a Reseller

Please send us your feedback to the possible topics and add your own suggestions.
We’re exited about your ideas! You’ll soon receive a detailed programme with the option to register.

We’re looking forward to your topic suggestions concerning the users convention, and would be happy to meet you on 23rd and 24th of June in Mainz.

Kind regards
Birgit Becker, EGroupware GmbH

Dear EGroupware users,

Quite a bit has happened during the last weeks. As already announced, the whole hosting cloud infrastructure moved to the German data centre provider Profitbricks.

New Data centre and optimised Operational Concept

The move is successfully completed, all instances are now running in the new data center in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.  After an extensive research and talks to different providers, we decided to work with Profitbricks as an experienced, German cloud computing supplier. We’re happy to present you the new operational concept for more reliability today.


  1. Data storage takes place in Frankfurt in two independent storages in different fire compartments on several hard drives.
  2. Servers are virtualised and will be automatically started on new hardware in case of a hardware failure.
  3. Servers can be equipped with more ressources anytime during operation (e.g. storage, CPUs).
  4. The EGroupware hosting farm runs under the open-source system “Kubernetes”. It manages the orchestration of the containers. The hosting farm itself communicates with a “Galera” database cluster and the “NFS” server for files.
  5. Daily database backups and snapshots of the files are automatically created and saved for at least 30 days. This means, if you accidentially delete files, they can be restored.
The standards of Profitbricks and EGroupware guarantee an extended stability and failure safety for all EGroupware hosting customers.

Technical Setup of the Hosting:

Permanent Replication of all data in a second data centre in a different location

To offer even more failure safety, EGroupware now additionally runs in a second Profitbricks data centre in Karlsruhe, Germany. All EGroupware data is consistently replicated (files every 15 minutes) and stored in this second data centre. In case of a service failure in Frankfurt, hosting customers can hence access their latest data in Karlsruhe. In this case, we’ll automatically activate a reading access to your data. Should there be a longer service failure, we now also have the option to enable the backup hosting farm as a primary platform. Even in case of a longer regional interruption, we can therefore react quickly and make all your data available.

Our Graphic explains the functionality of the new operational concept:

Testing of the Backup Hosting Farm:

To test your EGroupware data, stored in the backup farm, you can access it with this URL anytime: „instance name – top-level“.

For example for our support centre instead of “”: „“ or “” for all “.net” domains. In case of a service failure, the switch from the primary hosting farm to the backup hosting farm takes place automatically.

Preview – Move of the Mail Server:

The scheduled move of the EGroupware mail farm to the data centre of Profitbricks will take place by the end of June. We’ll also establish a replication of all mail data in both data centres. Therefore we’ll also achieve an improvement of spam filtering and virus protection. Customers of the EGroupware mail hosting will be informed about this process in a separate e-mail.
Kind regards
Birgit Becker, EGroupware GmbH

Dear customer,

Dear EGroupware user,

Last week we visited Univention: 300 visitors, speeches about open source, app development, technics and IT in education, an interesting panel discussion and several expert talks at the Univention Summit 2017 in Bremen, Germany.

We particularly liked Peter Gantens inaugural adress: “Why open systems are critical for our society” – How purchase decisions and elections can be influenced with the help of user data and why transparency and verifiability are essential when we’re talking about software solutions.

The panel discussion with Dr. Joerg Liebe (CIO Lufthansa Systems), Holger Koch (DB Systel) und Peter Ganten (Univention) clearly showed, that bigger companies use open source in various fields. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any chance for innovation. Smaller firms still have to follow their example.

We’re already looking forward to next years summit!

Best regards
The EGroupware team


Univention Summit

Dear customer,

Dear EGroupware user,

The year is drawing to a close.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
Thank you for the valuable cooperation.

Our team will be on vacation from December 22nd, 2016 until January 2nd, 2017.
Should necessity require it, you can still reach one of our team members during this time.
Starting with Tuesday, 3rd of January we’ll be back in the office.

We wish you a merry Christmas holiday and a healthy and successful new year.

Best regards
Birgit and Ralf Becker and the whole EGroupware team

EGroupware hosting again receives A+ rating concerning security from SSL LABS!

SSL LABS is testing the ssl setup of domains and gives a top rating to EGroupware.

We updated the EGroupware hosting to be even more secure and high-performance:

  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) prevents a downgrade to insecure HTTP. It allows web servers to declare that web browsers should only interact with it using secure HTTPS connections, and never via the insecure HTTP protocol. Read more about security with HSTS: Wikipedia HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • Updated Ciphers for more robust Forward Secrecy. Forward Secrecy protects past sessions against future compromises of secret keys or passwords. Read more about forward secrecy: Wikipedia Forward Secrecy
  • HTTP/2 is now enabled on all EGroupware domains. HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol. Read more about HTTP/2: Wikipedia HTTP/2

Groupware security rating


The development of the groupware is going on – More about the new groupware status report, further webinars and the user test for egroupwares new tool (collaborative editing of documents)!

New free webinars

The development of the groupware is going on. We´re especially looking forward to new webinars, that will start in October. We´ll provide more information concerning the free online webinars in our next e-mail and also on and
New status report:

To inform you about EGroupwares status anytime, we recently installed a new online status report site. Click here to check EGroupwares status:

The status site shows all running services in „green“. Should one service temporarily be out of order, it will be tagged in “red”. In case of any service disruption, we´ll display an emergency number for EGroupware customers here.
Beta testers wanted!

Collaborative editing of documents is an up-to-date issue for companies and a useful practice for professional networking.  EGroupware is looking for interested users, that would like to test a new tool for collaborative editing. During the last month, the EGroupware developers have been working intensely on the new tool, now it´s time to start the user testing process. Become a part of EGroupwares beta testing team and contribute directly to the collaboration software.

In case you´re interested, please write us at:

Thanks for the confidence you have placed in EGroupware – We´re looking forward to continue the successful and confiding collaboration!

Your EGroupware Team