Features – General

EGroupware General Features


  • Drag and drop inside EGroupware and to/from desktop (depending on browser).
  • Right click context menus and toolbars.
  • Tree views with context menus and drag and drop features.
  • Dynamic scrolling in lists without pagination.
  • Flexible list column management for resizing, enabling or disabling of columns. Automatic column width adaption according to screen size.
  • Favorites: saving of preferred filters and views for swift one-click access in the most important modules.
  • Preferences: individualizing the look and feel of the modules as well as the general behavior of EGroupware by forced, default and personal/group preferences.
  • Tagging and filtering of information by using categories on personal, group and application level.
  • Additional custom fields for structuring and storing data according to individual business processes and requirements.
  • Linking of information across applications for structuring and connecting data.
  • Flexible time zone management and multi-lingual interfaces (according to level of translation).
  • Full text search in modules as well as global search through EGroupware as a whole.

Administration and Security

  • Advanced group and user right management on module level.
  • Transparent access control system with user/group rights reporting.
  • Modern user password management with encryption.
  • History logging and deletion prevention.
  • Versioning of files stored in the file server module.
  • Active Directory and LDAP support for easy integration of EGroupware into authentication and identity management systems.

Data Exchange and Synchronisation

  • Data synchronization and exchange using CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV and ActiveSync as communication protocols.
  • ActiveSync provisioning (Mobile Device Management)
  • Flexible data import/export by user wizards and predefined widgets. Scheduled import/export available.
  • Merge print: spreadsheet and text document templates for reporting and printing (e.g. serial letters, time sheets, forms).